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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cat Scan 5000 - Lab Test Results

Woo! Dave here with some great news! I think we were all getting mighty worried about Zim last week, afraid he'd contracted Cat Scratch Fever (CSF) from some member of the C(un)IA. As promised, I fired up my new Cat Scan 5000 and tested everysibe in the Ao4. I mean... Althea made a great point with her comment about Stormy and her fishy toy! That really looked ... uh ... fishy, didn't it? So best to test everysibe!

I tried to get pictures of me running everysibe through the machine, but it was too hard to focus on my very important job as a certified Lab technician AND run the Cat Scan at the same time. Here's the label on my machine, though:
Pretty cool, isn't it?

I ran Stormy through first. She said that as the Supreme Commander of the Ao4, she had to show her troops there was nothing to be concerned about and to prove to them that she didn't have CSF. The arrow between canine and flickered back and forth and back and forth and ... well, you know. But then it settled in on the image at right! It printed out a report about how smart she is and what a good leader she is, what a great teacher she is to her pack-mates, and that she is the epitome of a Siberian Husky! Wooo!

Amber was next. She wasn't real thrilled about it, but once I convinced her it wasn't a bath tub, she was good to go. The arrow on the meter sprang to life and settled on this icon at right for Amber! The report was that she was a very happy puppy with an incredible sweet spirit. It didn't mention her ability to spot a squirrel from 100 meters, but I think we all saw that through pictures yesterday! It said she is a master of communications and an excellent snow-ologist! It also mentioned that she is very loving and funny, but is not keen on baths or brushing. I tell ya, the Cat Scan 5000 is one VERY accurate machine!

I ran Zim through third. (This is also the order our dinner bowls always go down, too -- Storm, Am, Zim then me.) Oh, you should have SEEN that arrow fly around! It was about ready to jump out of the machine! Then I heard Amber say, "Relax, Zimmie, and think about that snow out there!" That must have helped, as the arrow flickered just a few more times ... then settled on the image at right. Yeah... that seemed to sum up what the Z-man is all about! Playful, yet a dreamy pup who puts himself into a lot of dangerous situations! It said he's willing to go the extra mile for the cause. That's our Drill SGT Zim! He just went SO deep under cover that it was hard for him to come back to reality! But he's OK! 100% CANINE! Wooooooo!

You may be wondering how my own Lab test came out? Please see image at right. It said I am a very laid back pup, who has nothing to prove to anyone. (As in I don't have to prove I'm not a Lab in a Sibe suit!!!) Happy just to be invited to the party, I don't go looking for trouble - preferring just to kick back, nice and mellow-like. If trouble comes knocking, though - count on me to defend my pack-mates! It said I am very snuggly and like to give hugs by leaning up against bipeds. It also said I love to play-wrestle with my brother, play with toys, and have a tendency to retrieve items. WELL... OK, it's all true. But that doesn't mean I'm a Lab!

Mom cleared the snow off the upper deck yesterday afternoon and Zim got to help her. I thought a picture of him hard at work would settle everypup's concerns about him!

I can dig it, Mom!

That Zim! He's OK! Thanks for everypup's concern! AND special thanks to Ivy for the offer to contact somepup who knows somepup who knows Super Ivy! (That is SO cool!!!) I think the Cat Scan 5000 results show that we're all free from CSF! Woo.



  1. That's good news for all of woo!

  2. My darling Dave,

    Whew! I'm so glad everypup is ok!

    And Dave, I totally agree that you seem very snuggly! I could really go for one of those hugs!

    And don't let anypup give you any poo about being a Lab in a Sibe's suit. Abby and Samuel love to retrieve things too, and I know for certain THEY are Sibes. I like to retrieve too, but I just don't take the toys back to the humans. I hoard them for myself.

    Good thing you got the Cat Scan 5000 in case there are any more problems, you will be prepared!

    Your dearest Holly

  3. Thanks the Dog Star that you are all o.k. I've been worried sick about those cats and Zim, hoping all was well. Our treacherous kitty did some good for our side this week-end, but I'm still wary.

    We got snow too--yahoo.


  4. What a relief. The snow must have helped Zim return to Siberian reality.

  5. Thank wooness you guys are all ok. We thought Zim seemed more himself in your last post, that CSF is nothing to mess with though. Maybe next time you all shouldn't have him go so far undercover, since the poor guy gets so into his work & all. What a dedicated sibe, way to go Zim!
    Face Licks, M&M

  6. Good news there. Our new pup had been playing with a cat named Boots at his birth home but we will teach him the truth about cats. He is settling in well.

    the Siberians of D'Azul

  7. Glad you guys are Feline Free, certified by the labrador results!

    Bussie Kissies

  8. Dave, thank goodness everyone is clean at your place. However, I think my cousin Chief is definitely infected, check out the photo on my blog! My aunt patty said Chief even shared his FOOD with the cat/!?!?! is he a lost cause?

  9. Yeah, everyone is ok and Zim is not turning into a cat. :)
    I'm so happy for you guys.

    ~ fufu

  10. Dave,

    Excellent work with the Cat Scan. I'm so glad to hear that my Zim is not a cat and the rest of the Ao4, of course.


  11. Good news guys!!
    Jazz and Dixe
    P.S The choice of icons on the right rock!

  12. Hi!

    I'm so glad everybody is fine! :)


  13. Tubey: We're all very relieved!

    Holly: Abby and Samuel play fetch, too? That's cool. And it makes me feel better. I AM a very snuggly guy! Woo.

    Pippin: Thank woo for worrying about us - 'specially Zim! Stormy says it's OK to make friends with cats -- just don't trust them!

    Magnum: We definitely think the snow helped!

    M&M: Yeah... maybe there's such a thing as TOO far under cover?!!? He really puts himself 100% into his work!

    D'Azuls: I hope Boots didn't try to brainwash the little guy!

    Buster: That's LAB results, not LABRADOR! I am not a Labrador! (Not that there's one single thing wrong with Labradors... but I'm a Siberian!!! Really!)

    Joe Stains: I'll be right over to your blog! I hope your cousin is OK!

    Fu Fu: Thank woo! It's good to have friends who worry about us!

    Althea: Woo! Fear not! The Z-man is good to go!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank woo! The Cat Scan 5000 works on all breeds; that must be why it has Snoopy icons. He can convey such a wide array of characteristics and emotions, can't he?

    Jay: Great to see you and thank woo!


  14. Hey,

    Glad your lab tests went well, Aof4.

    I've retreated to the Wilderness Wolfie Lodge, and I'm trying to figure out to transform squirrel DNA into snowflakes.

    Yours in tail wags and woos,


  15. Arwen: Wow! Snowflakes from squirrel DNA!?!?! Brilliant! Remember, I am here for you if you need a Lab assistant!