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Monday, January 15, 2007

It's My Honorary Birthday!

Woo! It's me, Dave! It seems like I just had my Dave-aversary (I guess I just did...) and now it's time for another celebration! That's right! The other day was Adopt-a-Dave Day, and today is my honorary birthday!!! I'm NINE! (More or less.)Everypup is invited over for snacks and to play with dinausaur bones! It's currently 5 degrees (F) out there (Mom is too chicken to check the wind-chill!) and we have snow over ice; that being said, we'll have just indoor activities, so the Dachsies and FuFu and Cubby and T-man and Chelsea and Joe Stains and all the other short-coated breeds will be comfy!
Who wants to come to my party!?!?


  1. NIne, more or less, COOL! I'm a more of less kind of guy to, although I'm only nine months, more oor less.

    Murph the Dog

  2. Harrrr Happy Birthday Dave. The pirate crew be coming to yer party if we break free of this ice.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  3. well, Happy Birthday again Dave! Jeannie tells me you are like The Queen, she has two birthdays, her real one and an official one!

    I always knew you had royal blood!

    love and licks Marv the Cool Dude from Scotland xxxxx

  4. still trying to connect to the DWB website, to vote for you! Having probs getting logged on!

    will try again tomorrow, love Marvin and Jeannie x

  5. Murph! I was nine months old once ... but that was WAY before I found my fur-ever home. I like nine better.

    Cap'n Mav: Careful not to slip! Storm and I did a little slippin' on the morning walk - it's pretty bad when we Sibes slip!

    Marvin: I thought you called me a queen at first! whew! But to be compared to royalty - how COOL! I do wear a purple color - which is supposed to signify royalty. Woo.

    See everypup soon!

  6. Dave, my dearest freckled nosed darling,

    I will most certainly be at your party!

    It's 3 here right now and we have about 4 inches of lovely snow. The humans are freezing, and I, and my siblings are totally diggin' it! We took turns yesterday laying in the snow and then coming in the house to shake on the human woman. She was not pleased. But we had a great time!

    Count me in. I'll bring the sled and we can pull the smaller, non-northern breed doggies (and fufu) around in it!

    Woooo, sounds like fun!

    Your ever-adoring Malagal,

  7. Yo Dave,

    Birthday Wishes from me and Lares (aka my brother the floppy eared doofus). Make sure you get an extra special treat for your birthday. We always get Frosty Paws on special occassions.


  8. ahem! (coughing shyly before making a grand announcement!)

    I, Marvin, have just written another masterpiece and your Army is mentioned right at the beginning of my Opus.....(not sure about the Cat reference there but still.....!).

    So when you all have a moment away from the celebrations, take a sniff around my Blog for a cultural break from all the birthday stuff!

    love and many licks from Big Headed Marvin xxxxxx (oooooh I would never call you a Queen.......! How funny, it made Jeannie laugh!!)

  9. Happy Birtday to Woo!
    Happy Birthday to Woo!
    Happy Birthday Dear Dave!
    Happy Birthday to Woo!


    who celebrates her Arwenversary on Mother's Day weekend.

  10. Anonymous5:46 PM

    you look very cute in that last picture! yes us dachshunds hate cold weather! i get the shivers and mom puts a coat on me!

  11. Hey I'm nine too! How come you're so much taller than me?

    Happy burpday!

    Bussie Kissies

  12. Happy honorary birthday Dave. :)
    Are you having a pawty at your place? I wanna join..

    ~ fufu

  13. I'll be right there! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being so considerate of us cold ones. I'll bring Dakota, too in case you need someone to play outside with. She loves the cold!

  14. we really really want to come!! I swear it feels just as cold here!!

    happy birrrrthday!!!

  15. Happy Happy birthday, Dave! We want to come to your party! We need to leave soon because ice, sleet and maybe even snow are headed our way! We only asked one little thing of the huskies and that was to keep the snow north of us. *sigh* We guess you thought it would be *nice* to share with us. But it's great that you got snow on your birthday! What a way for you to celebrate!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  16. oh man...partying with the AOF ...i cant imagine anything more fun...but..i am short haired but i want to be a husky...so Can I PLEASE play out in the snow....

  17. Happy Birthday Dave! That's our dad's name too, so we know you must be a great dog!!

    Steve and Kat

  18. Thank woo everypup for the birthday wishes! I just wish our roads weren't a solid sheet of ice so you could get here! Even Storms and I slipped on walkies!

    Holly: It wouldn't be a party without my favorite Malagal!!!

    Althea: We got special cookies, but no Frosty Paws. It irritates Amber's tummy so none of us get any. Is that fair? Yeah... I don't think so either. Woo.

    Marvin: Your new poem is killer-great! And I'm glad I misunderstood the whole "queen" thing.

    Arwen: You have a lovely singing voice!

    Hershey: We have double-coats, so we don't need another one!

    Buster: Ha woo! Good one! I'm taller 'cuz I'm from Texas.

  19. Tubey: Thank woo!

    FuFu: I was going to have a party, but I think the ice kept everyone away!

    Cubby: Don't slip!

    Joey: Snuggle up in your blankets! And tell Tanner to share the heater!

    Dachsies: Texas shouldn't be that cold!!! Stay warm, little friends!

    MJ: It's too slippy out there! Just snow is OK, but that ice is SLIPPY!

    Steve & Kat: Thanx, little puppers! I was named after Dave Thomas of Wendy's Restaurants!

    Luv to all,

  20. Dave Dave,

    FrankieGirl Here!

    Maddie and me are IN for the Dave-aversay celebration! Happy Happy
    Day Dave. My Mom just loves that last pic of you...and the one with the Dino Bone. I am gonna see if she will get me ones of those, and I will bring it ok!

    Frankie (and Maddie)

  21. Oooh, I want to come, I want to come! I'm so jealous, you have cold weather AND snow! Yesterday it was 70 degrees here! And we've had NO SNOW!

  22. Happy Belated Honorary Birthday Dave! So sorry we missed it, stupid mouse stealing cats!
    Birthday Licks, M&M