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Monday, January 29, 2007

Cat Tracks!

Ha roo, it's Zim! Some good news to report today - we had sub-zero temps over the weekend. That seemed to keep the Ice Cube Thief away and what snow he hadn't already taken out of our yard is still there. What a light-weight! Afraid of the cold!?!? Ha roo!

Our friend Frankie (one of two bee-roo-tiful all-white Sibergirls in our lives!) asked a really good question on my "Who Took My Snow?" post. She wanted to know, "Do you ever see any CATS in the snow walking around?" YES! And I have evidence! Kinda.

The other day when I was helping Mom clear snow off the upper deck, I thought I saw a bunch of paw prints down in our snow. We hadn't BEEN in the fenced-in yard, so they sure weren't OUR prints!

Hey... what's down there?

I peeked over the railing intothe back yard. I didn't see any CATS... but I did see this!

Yeah... somebunny's been in our yard, alright! And not just the BUNNIES! See that trench right up the middle of the picture??!!?? Cat tracks. The C(un)IA has been marching right through our backyard. Looks like a whole army of them, too. Well, I know where their not-so-secret Headquarters is and I'll get a picture of THAT and post it for everypuppy to see! In the meantime, you cats better stay OUT of our yard! (...Unless you have total dirtbags for bipeds and they don't let you in the house to get warm and you're just trying to get warm under our deck or something .... not that I trust you... but something in me doesn't want to see you all cold & all...)

Thanks for the question, Frankie! I have seen them walking the perimeter of our yard, I just haven't had the camera with me when I spot them. I need to start taking the camera with me on Guard Duty.

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zim,

    Keep up the good work.

    You look really cute in the picture with snow on your nose.


  2. Wow, a whole army of cats outside. Even more reason to stay safe indoors under my blankie!


  3. oh your snow looks soooo pretty! I am so envious and your photos are so good too Zim!

    Thank you for your good wishes on my Chat Box, we cannot download any new pics at the moment so Jeannie is fed up as her latest ones she says were her best.

    Computer has been threatened with sledgehammer like yours was a few weeks back.....!

    She is so fed up as she cant post fresh pictures, so my Pa has given her his digital camera......!!!!!

    He wanted to get a new one any way, so hopefully new pics coming soon!

    But I just love your snow, wish I could play with you in it, it looks magical. love and sad licks Marv xxxxxx

  4. Darn those cats! You are a very sweet boy Zim, just beware, you let your gaurd down and pow, they do something in their true evil cat style. Heck, they're already trying to deploy the sneak attack on you, in your own back yard! Still, nice of you to let them get warm!
    Face Licks, M&M

  5. Maybe the cats were actually looking for the bunnies, instead of you guys??

    Better safe than sorry I say, so just be sure to keep an eye out. You know how sneaky they can be.

  6. I hope the cats and bunnies are not meeting with the evil Dyson to conspire against Huskies.

  7. You need to get your cat disguise out again!!

    Plan into action!


  8. holy cats! seriously! Mom saw a cat in our neighbor's window the other day, RIGHT across the street from us. I don't know when it showed up, but this is the first we have seen of it. I don't think this is a coincidence.

  9. (Bow)wow, you guys do a great job on watch.

    I fall asleep more often than not...but if there's a cat prowling I sense it, even if I can't see it.

    Those stupid cats think they're invisible to us or somethin'...Duh.

    Cat IQ = single figures. If that.

    Keep up the good work in protecting your family from fallin' foul of feline felonies.

    (did ya like that? did ya? did ya? maybe a tagline for future Ao4 tours of duty?)

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  10. oh! wut good trackers you are! those prints in the snow look reelly skary... good thing there are four of you to take on the evil hoardes of the cat bunny snow stealin war machine!

  11. Althea: Thank roo. :) I have to do what I can to get my nose nice and cold. It comes in handy when I want someone's attention.

    T-man: We'll keep you safe, pal!

    Marvin: It's almost gone now - but Am said we might get more soon.

    M squared: Don't worry - I know not to trust 'em now. But I mean ... it's REALLY cold out there and I don't think little kitties should be OUT there!

    Holly: They could have been going after the bunnies - but we've got contingency plans for lots of uh... contingencies.

    Magnum: Oh, wow. We never thought of that! Scary!

    Chelsea: I am SO ready for this!

    Joe: (shudder) You're right to be concerned. We don't believe in coincidences!

    Tin Tin: Ooooh... "protecting your family from fallin' foul of feline felonies..." I like that! I like that a lot!
    We left you a message on your blog, by the way - but it disappeared! ???

    Ivy: It IS scary, but we think we've got it covered. If we have problems, we know we can call for reinforcements from HULA!

    Play bows, everypup!

  12. Zimmy!

    Those Arrrrrrrrrre Cat tracks! ACK! And like T-man said, it appears to be a whole darn Army of them. You four better keep a verrrry close eye on their intention. They are surely not up to any good!!!!! I just don't trust them.


    Be Careful, they are so sneaky!
    Luv, Frankie Girl

  13. Zim,
    You better keep those cats away! We know what it's like to have to share a house with a cat and you don't want that!

    Steve and Kat

    PS. Do you mind if we put a link to your blog on our blog?

  14. Frankie (& Maddie!): Cats ARE sneaky - you're so right! We'll be careful, though! We're smarter -- Stormy said so!

    Steve & Kat: Beware of your Wilbur cat! I saw those pix of him going after Steve! And YES, we'd love it if you'd add our link - thanx!

    Play bows,