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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Zim Goes Under-Cover

Hey pupperoos! Stormy here. Before I begin, let me encourage you to turn your speakers on/up. We have a special song to go with our post today. Thank roo. (Note: Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats has now been removed. If you're just now reading this post, please pretend it's playing. Or sing it yourself! szk)

I've been considering this whole "C(un)IA" thing and have decided to send the Army of Four into action. Going on the offense. "Commander" Bowie made an interesting post on Arwen's blog, but I must say ... your little games won't work, Bowie. Check out the Siberian Husky standards - under "Temperament", it discusses our intelligence. You will not outwit us!

I called an Ao4 meeting and gave the troops their marching orders.

Zim didn't really look like he was paying close attention, so I had to ask him if he was sure of his role. He's in a key position. He said he understood. Mom came in, so we had to act like we weren't doing anything.

I did my ol' "looking up in the air trick". :)
"What, Mom? No... nothing going on here! Hey... what's that up there, behind you?"

Whew. Close call. I asked Zim to repeat my orders back to him, as I still wasn't sure he had heard me right. Check and double-check!
"Me? What are my orders, Storm? Um... you said I was supposed to go under the covers, right?"

"Oh, yeah. Comfy! I am just the pup for this job! Not sure how it's going to help us with the C(un)IA, though!"

I had to break it to him that I said, "under-cover", not "under THE covers"! I knew I shouldn't have let him sit by Dave in the meeting!

I had him look up the word "infiltrate" in his dictionary (yes, Bowie... Zim can use one, too). Reading meaning number 3 seemed to clarify things for him, and he got to work.

"Gee, I didn't know there would be so much stuffing in here. Wait... I'm almost in. Ugh... OK ... got it! I'm in."

OK, guys. How do I look?

We assured him he looked purrrrr-fect.

At this time, I must give credit to Joe Stains for the idea. His comment on the "Spies Are Everywhere" post about the Trojan Horse maneuver sparked the whole caper! I really think we're on to something here!

OK, Zim ... get to work! You have an important mission!

"Oh... BOWIE! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty! Come on out! It's just me - another little kitty-cat! Wanna share some tuna?!?! Here... kitty...."

We'll keep you posted. We think our cold temps (currently zero degrees Fahrenheit) have sent all the kitties indoors - but maybe the tuna will lure them out.

Tail wags,


  1. Poor Zim. First he ends up as a dancing elf and now a cat costume. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against cats but I sure as heck would not dress up as one.

    That being said he does look pretty cute as a cat.


  2. Excellent idea Stormy. We could use the help on the front lines too. Looking forward to reports from under cover operative Zim.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  3. You huskies are wild! I think Zim has the right idea. Snuggle under the covers. Don't get me wrong, there's no cat sympathy here. There's sometimes a cat in a window we pass on our walk, and I lunge and bark at it every time. Drives mom crazy (bonus).

  4. Excellent camoflage! That cat sure looks awful fat though, compared to the svelt looking Zim!

    Wonderful idea Stormy!!


  5. Althea, I figure if Dave is a Lab in a Sibe suit, Zim could be a Sibe in a cat suit. It's only fair. Ha roo!

    D'Azul troops: We'll keep you posted on our progress. Hope everypup there is healing!

    Cubby: Zim REALLY needs to do less napping and more obeying my orders! But he DOES look cute under his quilt!

    Holly: Zim thanks roo. Did you see all the stuffing in there? That's why he looks like a fat cat. So to speak.

    Tail wags,

  6. Oh, Stormy, Stormy, Stormy!

    Thank you for the lovely song dedicated to me. The Stray Cat Strut, is of my favorites. While reading your post, the cats here at headquarters toasted you with their catnip mice held high in their paws. You have excellent taste for a DOG! We salute you with a good purr.

    As for your silly husky friend, Zim trying to infiltrate our species, my dear Stormy, it won't work. He may try and look like a cat, but we'd smell the dog in the ridiculous cat suit fifty yards away before he even strolled into our midst. Imagine what our sharp kitty claws would do to Zim once we captured him. Once we were through with him, he'd have to have stitches in his nose. Imagine the pain to his tender, delicate husky nose! Do you as the commander of the Army of Four accept that responsibility? Think about it Stormy.

    Oh, more thing, the CIA is onto the tuna lure. Agent Ryker sent out a dispatch twenty-four hours ago warning all felines that any free fish handouts would be tainted with dog cooties.

    To your scratching posts, cats!

    Commander Bowie

  7. Oh, poor Zim! That costume! Ugh!

    I hope this plan works!

  8. your plan is INCREDIBLE! I do believe you guys are the smartest dogs I know!

  9. Poor guy - having to pose as one of the evil recruits of the Feline Forces!

    Bussie Kissies

  10. Zim looks so cute as a kitty. I hope you guys get those cats

    ~ fufu

  11. Storm,

    What a great plan!!!!
    Leave it to a woman to get things done!

    No offense to your bros.


  12. ha ha ha ha ha! You Four sure made us laugh sooooo much in snowy Scotland this morning! Tears are running down Jeannie's face at the pictures.

    Zim in surely a Slim Husky in a Fat Cat's skin!

    Did you guys eat the cat before using its skin and fur? love and many licks Marvin xxxx

  13. Oh Zim...thank god you are a husky...cuz baby boy you are one ugggggggggggggggggggly cat...but one very hunky husky...i hope all this works for you...

  14. What a terrific disguise. I didn't even know it was you!

  15. Bowie: Your concern is so touching. You'll never see him coming. He may already be among your kind.

    Indy: We are sure of our plan! And we re-tooled Zim's disguise a bit.

    Joey: Thank roo! Your "Trojan Horse" comment sparked the whole plan!

    Buster: Zim is sucking it up for the Cause.

    Fu Fu: He does, doesn't he?

    Chelsea: Amen, sister! Ha rooo!

    Marvin: It's a good plan, don't you think? Oh... and no. It's faux fur. (That's "fake" to you, Bowie.)

    MJ: Your comment cracked us up! But it's constructive -- see today's post. He looks much better now. Ha roo roo roo.

    Tubey: Zim is a Master of Disguises! Ha rooo!

    Tail wags to all (that includes Bowie),

  16. hey you guys! I like the French talk, "faux fur" mon cherie, bonjour tres bien, oooooh la la!

    We have been experiencing a "computer" divorce situation here in snowy Scotland, but Jeannie has managed to pull back from the brink.

    She says "why do certain people in this house have to mess with the computer when they do not KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!

    She was shouting not me, I just stayed in my basket like a good boy, my Parents are ok now but some stuff is real messed up on the computer here.

    love and licks from insecure Marvin

  17. Ooh, that's scary!! I would run and hide if I saw a Zim cat (brrrrr)


  18. Marvin: There weren't any cats in the vicinity of your computer, were there?

    T-man: Fellow puppers have nothing to fear from the ZimCat!

    Tail wags,

  19. Very clever! Get em you guys!!!!!!! Those stupid cats will never know what hit them!