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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hi everypuppy, it's Amber! :) Stormy wanted me to thank all of you, on behalf of the entire Ao4 for your comments on yesterday's post! One of the things a few of you pointed out was that Zim's cat suit didn't really quite ... fit. And you're right. He looked lost in there, didn't he? But very brave! :) We took your comments to heart and made some alterations to Zim's cat disguise - and I think if you look at the following pictures, you'll see it's really quite good now!

Here he is without the suit:

And now here he is with the suit on.

Very good, don't you think? Here's another snow shot:

It would appear from our studies that cats like to nap as much as Siberian Huskies do, so we got Zim in a couple different nap shots. Here he is, sans cat suit (oh... for Bowie, that's French for "without"):

And with the suit on.

And here are perhaps the most bizarre nap shots we have of him ... without:

and of course, with his clever disguise.

I think it's working very well, don't YOU?

Hee hee hee! Stay tuna-ed 'til tomorrow, when we'll reveal how Zim will work around Bowie's notion that he'd be able to "smell the dog in the ridiculous cat suit fifty yards away."


PS: I was just kidding! :) Many thanks to our friend Mango the Cat from the snowy state of Oregon for sharing her pictures with us! And to her mom, we all say grazie! (Yes, Stormy also teaches us Italian at the SZK SSS!)


  1. What a transformation! You guys should work in special effects or something!

  2. Wow, I woulda never recognized him in his cat suit! And I have never slept in the tub, I'm gonna have to try that.

    Murph the Dog

  3. Sleeping in a tub? Hmmmm....

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Whooaaa. Zim is one sneaky Sibe.

  5. Zim is a master of disguise!

    James Bond eat your heart out.


  6. Woh Zim, if you ever come up to me in a cat suit let me know in advance so that I dont scream and run away first ok.
    You look real convincing as a cat.

    ~ fufu

  7. Ooh, you almost had me fooled!! I thought Zim really did that...


  8. Wow! I was so impressed witht he disguise there for a while! Especially the matching pictures!

    Are you sure you aren't just trying to throw those C(un)IA cats off by "saying" it's really Mango in those photo's?? Hhmmmmmmmmm...


  9. LOL (zzz in bath tub). At least he doesn't zzz on the toilet bowl

  10. Hi guys, well we must say Zim's cat suit was a real success! Who would have known!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Zim truly is a Husky Master of Disguise,

    He changes from Pirate to Cat before our very eyes.

    We love him best though in the Tub,

    That picture deserves Four Tummy Rubs.

    love and licks, Marv in Snowy Scotland

    ps Jeannie says I am ridiculously over excited about a silly little bit of snow!

  12. That is a CATastic disguise. I got all excited this morning cause I saw a "red" cat in our bathtub and thought it was Zim in disguise coming to visit me. But then I realized it was just my feline brother Spencer. Imagine my disappointment.


  13. Cubby: Thank roo! We thought it was pretty good.

    Murph: We don't know WHY Zim does that. Maybe to better understand cats?

    Buster: Go figure!

    Magnum: Hee hee hee! He IS sneaky, isn't he?

    Chelsea: Zimmie likes being equated to James Bond! You're very sweet!

    FuFu: :) Zim will let you know! :)

    T-man: He's very convincing!

    Holly: Stormy said that's part of the plan! The C(un)IA will just never know! You're very smart!

    MJ: The tub thing is weird enough! I'm afraid of the bathtub!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thanks! :)

    Marvin: Another great poem! You're so nice!!!

    Althea: Too bad it was Spencer! I know Zim would LOVE to come visit you!


  14. amazing! I am baffled by the pics, but mostly why in the world would you sleep in the bathtub?!

  15. Perfect! We had no idea that wasn't Zim!!!!!!!!!!