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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The C(un)IA's Not-So-Secret Headquarters

Hey pupperoos! Stormy here! Before I get started on today's post, we have some cool news! Remember our friend Rocky? Yeah, the guy who not only knows how to open the magic cold box, but who also devoured an entire Gingerbread Village -- that's him! Guess what??!!?? He has his own blog now, Rockstar and Company -- and he has a big announcement to make! Stop by his blog and say, "Ha roo!" And tell him the Ao4 sent you!

As Zim has mentioned, while he was on his under-cover mission to infiltrate the C(un)IA, he discovered their not-so-secret HQs. I knew I could count on him! We took the camera on yesterday afternoon's Forced Road March (as promised!) and Zim showed us the entrance. Here he is, showing Amber.

Down here, Am. They enter through here.

Then I came over to inspect. It's quite the innocuous-looking entrance, but lots of evil doings are plotted in there! Zim explained that he saw several members of the C(un)IA slink through this access point.

Excellent work, Drill SGT Zim!

Some of you may be wondering where Dave was while we checked out the C(un)IA's HQs. Not to worry - he was there, just manning the camera. He's working on a special post tomorrow for the Dachsies.

Be on the lookout in your own AO for more hidden entrances to the C(un)IA's no-so-secret HQs. They could be all over the place.

Tail wags,


  1. It looks like you've got nice weather there with the snow melting and sun shining. Keep up the good work on the kitty search.


  2. Excellent tracking job!
    Cool pictures too.

    Keep us posted on the happenings so we don't let those C(un)IA cats have any control!

  3. Good job finding the secret entrance! I will watch for them around here too.

  4. Way to go Zim! Don't go down there though whatever you do! We think you should "mark" their intrance, it would keep other cats from going down there if they think it belongs to us dogs!
    Face Licks, M&M

  5. Cats.......! wish I could help you suss them out.

    I chased a few today down the street, horrid furry freaks!

    dribbling Marvin xxxxx

    Remember, I have told you before, Cats Taste Like Chicken............


  6. I'm glad you're ever vigilant! Wooo!

  7. hmm I have been keeping an eye out lately and I saw ANOTHER cat sitting under the neighbor's car. Can cats drive? Dad said he saw one sitting under Mom's truck the other day, what if it cuts her brake lines?! I am telling you, we are on high alert around here these days!!!

  8. You're hot on the trail!

  9. Good job Ao4. Here they come over the fence. We patrol every day.

    Sgt Preston and Pvt Silver

  10. T-man: VERY cold, but sunny! Most of the snow is gone, but it's coming down again now!

    Holly: Thank roo. We all must remain vigilent!

    Magnum: Thanks! Keep your eyes peeled!

    M & M: Excellent idea! I try to mark as many things as I can while we're on our road marches.

    Marvin: Good for you, giving chase! The cats don't know where you live, do they? Be careful!

    Tubey: Thank roo!

    Joe: That sounds SCARY! Stormy said she saw a cat on TV once who could drive -- Toonces. http://www.catass.com/toonces/ We need to be VERY careful! She said she doesn't think they're smart enough to know how to cut the brake lines ... but I'd exercise caution if I were in your collar! Be careful, Joey!

    Cubby: We'll find 'em! We will!

    SGT Preston & PVT Silver: Thanks, pals! How are your wounds from your paw-to-paw combat with the last cat who dared enter your AO?

    Play bows, everypup!