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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Salute - Our Dear Friend McKinley

McKinley, the mighty hunter

Welcome to our Sunday Salute; we have some sad news this week - our dear friend McKinley has passed away. You may remember Big M little c from other salutes to him and his big sister, Nikki.

McKinley, digging to Oz

McKinley's mom, Pam, told us that he took ill on the 1st of January with Biliary again, or complications from it. (Biliary, also called Babesiosis, is a nasty disease carried by ticks found in South Africa; he fought several battles with it, despite being on Frontline as a preventative.) McKinley fought the disease for several days, was in and out of the vet's office a few times, but could not win this time. Sadly, he was taken just a month shy of his third birthday.

McKinley, the Award-Winner

McKinley's mom told us, "Of all the dogs that I have ever had he was the one with the most character. Always busy, always up to something, always keeping us on our toes and always something to say." We could tell a LOT about his wonderful personality from his pictures! What a wonderful, sweet, FUN pup!

Big M little c, Quilt Inspector

We truly believe he is in a peaceful place now - where he can splash and dig and chase bunnies (but never quite catch them) to his heart's content. He's play-bowing and doing zoomies with those who went before him - playing, drinking and eating from a bottomless dinner bowl!

We salute you, McKinley! And to your loving family, Pam and Dave, sister Nikki and the kitties who live with them, keep Big M little c's memories in your hearts! His spirit will always be close! May your memories comfort you forever.

The Army of Four


  1. Run free, McKinley! You will be missed.

  2. Zoom to your heart's desire, McKinley. You live on in the hearts and memories of those who love you.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  3. Rest well McKinley.

    Cap'n Mav and the rest of the D'Azul Crew

  4. What a sad story. So young.

    Rest in peace.


  5. Beautiful McKinley,

    Your spirit shines on here on earth within your loved ones hearts.

    Play and eat and do all the zoomies you ever wanted to and then do more.

    Such a beautiful Sibe baby...

    Sad Woooo's
    & soft Sibe kisses.

    Frankie the White Siberian
    & Maddie the Chocolate Lab

  6. Poor baby. Such a young one, too...

  7. Oh... That's so sad. I hope McKinley is in doggie heaven now.

    ~ fufu

  8. There are just too many lately. This is so terribly sad. He was just a baby. So young. It is quite unfair. Now I have lots of tears.

    Pam will be in our thoughts for sure.

    Run free McKinley. Wear your silver harness with pride.

    A very sad

  9. Another Diamond Dog passing over the Rainbow Bridge, what sad news.

    Please Tell McKinley's Mama we are thinking of her here in Scotland.

    So, so sad. Zoom on McKinley, RIP

    Marvin and Jeannie xx

  10. Hi everypup,
    We sure appreciate your kind words about McKinley. His time here on Earth was just way too short; we can only think that God must have admired his antics like we all did and needed him really bad in Heaven. It's kind of an honor if you think about it that way. But we know his humans' hearts are beyond sad. God speed, Big M little c!
    The Ao4
    PS: His bipeds will be reading your comments, so we thank you again for reaching out! We're sure it helps!