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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Salute - Midnight!

This week’s Sunday Salute goes out to our friend Midnight, currently of Redmond, Washington! (She and her family recently moved there from California!) Midnight owns an “old” (ha roo roo roo) high school buddy of our mom – and her husband and son. She is a 4 1/2 year old Lab mix - her mom says, “the mix is the mystery, but we think she's part Pit because she has the jowls of a T-Rex”. (Sounds like she and the Jaws of Steel might be related.) Her honorary birthday is February 14; it serves as a reminder to her dad to get her mom a present for Valentine's Day. Ha roo roo roo! Funny bipeds! At least he remembers the important date – Midnight’s birthday! Her mom says that she is absolutely the sweetest creature on the planet… and we know for a fact she is also VERY hard working. Check out these pictures of Midnight dealing with her first snow! We don’t know how her dad would have shoveled without her! What a tremendous help! Hey Dave, is the Labrador a Working Breed?

Oooh, snow!Fling it, Dad! Fling it!YEAH!

Midnight’s got a great adoption story! She came from the animal shelter in Camarillo, California – just north of Los Angeles. Mom's friend told us, “We went there in the summer of 2001 looking for a puppy. They had two, they told us, but puppies are very popular, so they would be holding a lottery. While we were waiting for the lottery to begin, my son began chatting up a woman who was waiting as well. He told her how much he wanted a puppy but how his mom would only let him have a girl …. ANYWAY... when the lottery occurred, she won. We came in second. But they had two puppies--siblings. A boy and a girl. So the woman Paul had chatted up said, ‘Well, I'll take the male since this nice boy really wants the female.’ That's how we got Midnight!” Wow! Great work, Paul! And that lady was sure nice to let Midnight get to the right home!

We noticed Midnight has a baggie on her foot in the pictures and asked about it. She had a big growth on her paw; the vet said it was not malignant, but it just kept growing! He said if Midnight had it taken care of now, it would heal better – so her mom had the vet remove the growth. Poor baby!!!! She's wearing a bandage now, so whenever she goes outside, it must be wrapped. Her mom said they finally resorted to plastic trash bags to keep everything dry, because nothing else worked. Midnight doesn't care at all (what a good girl; we know what fate would await something like that around here!!!). Her sutures were scheduled to come out Saturday. In the picture above, you can see the baggie isn't slowing Midnight down one single bit!

This special girl can do "give me five," "dance," "roll over," and "say I love you." COOL! And "gimmee kisses." She has a CAT, and is gentle with “Digger”. Her mom says her only bad habit is smelling Digger's fanny and told us cats REALLY don't like that. She also helps herself to the occasional snack out of the litter box (kitty tootsie rolls). Over all, Digger and Midnight get along fine. Their mom told us, “The cat is a hoot. She just kind of rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath, 'dogs!'” Um… Midnight? You might want to go through our archives and check out the posts about the C(un)IA and how you can’t really trust these guys!

We loved seeing Midnight’s snow pictures – though we’re expecting snow today, we’ve had mostly sleet with a dusting over top of that. Judging from Midnight’s pictures, Redmond, WA, looks like a mighty fine place right about now – the Bureau of Tourism should thank you for your advertising job! And we hope your dad appreciated your help shoveling!

Midnight – we salute you!
The Army of Four


  1. oh welcome to Midnight! Jeannie says she looks just like me when Jeannie adopted me apart from the tail arrangement!

    She is a sweetheart!

    love and licks from Marvin xxxxxx
    In rainy, yet again, and windy, yet again and boring weather now, Scotland xxxxxx

  2. That Midnight sure is a good helper! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!!

  3. Welcome Midnight, you look a bit like our old Major. We are sooo jealous of your snow. Don't trust the CAT, Don't trust the CAT, Don't trust the CAT....

    The D'Azul Siberians

  4. Midnight sure did a good job of keeping her dad focused on shoveling all that snow. We hope she got some treats and hugs after all that hard work. We also hope she keeps that snow very north of us! Hey, we live in Houston; how much more south do we have to go??

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. midnight is just adorable! that picture her sitting is too cute.

  6. Midnight is cool! Except for the cat poop thing. Mom says that is blecky. Maybe she is intercepting CIA secret communications that way...

  7. Midnight reminds me of a yellow lab who used to own us. Her 'dad' used to toss snow in the air for her too. We still miss her.


  8. hey you guys....and gals and red heads etc

    check out my blog

    you are headines!

    may the best blog win!

    love and paws across the water

    from Marvin xxxx

  9. Midnight sounds like a great friend!
    What a nice story

    Mama says she will keep the baggie idea in mind if we ever need it.

    Sheesh..thanks for nothing


  10. I love her name, and what a beautiful place to live. She must have lots of fun on that big deck with all those woods nearby.


  11. Midnight looks very cute. :)

    ~ fufu

  12. Marvin: She does kinda look like you, doesn't she?!?

    Tubey: Doesn't her snow look GREAT!?!?

    D'Azul Sibes: Did you get snow on top of your ice? (Don't trust the cat, don't trust the cat ...)

    Dachsies: Oooh, treats and hugs! I hope her bipeds read that and reward her for her hard work!

    Joe Stains: Isn't her baby picture TOO cute!? What a gal!

    Cubby: Our mom thinks it's "blecky", too..... but I have a feeling we might give it a try, if we had the chance. I mean ... bunny nuggets are such a delight; kitty tootsie rolls have got to be beyond those!
    Oooh, yeah! C(un)IA intell intercepts. Yeah!

    Harrowjet/Judy: Snow tossing is great fun! Sorry for the loss of your yellow Lab friend. Thanks for visiting our site!!!

    Marvin: You're too cool!

    Chelsea: Hopefully your mom will forget. You know how bipeds are!

    T-man: It looks like she lives in a dreamy place, doesn't it!?!?

    FuFu: Midnight IS cute, isn't she!!?

    Play bows all,