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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zim's Mission Report

Hey everypup. It's me, Zim. Yeah... back from being under cover. I'm not feeling too hot right now so I'm going to keep my briefing ... uh... brief.

I've found the C(un)IA's secret Headquarters. Not so secret anymore. I didn't get a picture (that cat suit didn't have a pocket for the camera!) but they are meeting in the storm sewers. I saw one enter right near the end of our street. So .... Bowie. We know where you're hiding out! You have no secrets from us!

I haven't really felt like doing anything since I've gotten back from my mission. I don't even feeling like playing with my toys.

Nah...I don't even feel like playing with my real dinosaur bones. (sigh...)

I just feel like rolling around in the sheets...

Or maybe napping in the sunshine. The wonderful, warm sunshine.

Yeah... that feels nice. Just for a little cat nap.... it feels so nice and warm, like I like it.

OK... this is Dave. I'm taking over the posting... I'm really worried about my little brother. A "cat nap"?!!? "Warm"? I think he caught something on his mission. Something BAD. He just hasn't been the same pup! I think it's something ... something called .... Cat Scratch Fever! (Paws up to Ted Nugent for warning us all about that one!)

Anywoo.... I'm going to run some tests on Zim to make sure he's OK. And yes, after seeing Stormy's picture with the fish yesterday, I think I better do her, too. And Amber. We're all going to get tested. I'm going to go fire up my new Cat Scan 5000. I'll have the Lab results for everypuppy on Monday. (Please refrain from making Lab jokes -- you know who I'm talking to!)

Think canine thoughts for us.


  1. Uh oh, maybe going out in the cold will snap everyone out of it. Good luck, Dave.

  2. oh dear! how do you cure cat scratch fever? Does the Nuge come over or something?

  3. Ohhh no - we anxiously await Zim's Lab results ! :-)


  4. Catscan...cats can do what?

  5. Hurry!!! Run into the snow, run into the SNOW!!!

    You will feel so much better after rolling around it the nice cold white stuff.


  6. Oh my goodness - maybe there's a cat in there! A cat in a Zim suit!

  7. cat scratch fever sounds just terrible! maybe you need an exorcist!

  8. Hey woo guys: We got lots of inches of snow yesterday and overnight - just like Amber said.
    Magnum and Holly - there's plenty of snow and cold to help bring him around. We plan to spend lots of time in it today!
    Joe - First I have to diagnose them! If it IS CSF, I'll visit the Nuge's web site to see if he has a cure posted!
    Opy: I'll post the results Monday!
    Bruce: Catscan do nothing GOOD, that's for SURE! Woo!
    Holly: See above. Did you get as much as we did!?!?
    Cubby: We'll check it out! I'll grab him by the neck and throw him around to make sure it's him!
    Ivy: We'll see what my Cat Scan 5000 has to say!

    Luv to all,

  9. ooooh I am nervous.....awaiting the Lab reports etc from Zim

    I am a Lab / collie apparently (I had very sociable parents it seems!) hope I come out well in Zims tests.

    or perhaps I have got it all wrong, this is what comes from having "mixed up parents"

    love and many licks, Marv the Mixed Up Lah xxxxxx

  10. Marvin: The girls tell great stories about our great-brother Booter, an Aussie/Lab mix. Us boys never met him, but the girls say he was ALL the best of Labs and Aussie Shepherds! You are all the best of Labs and Collies, no doubt!

  11. Oh dear, I hope my Zim is okay. Dave please do your best to make him better.


  12. Oh no, not Cat Scratch Fever!!!!! Malechai got in the eye when he was a wee pup, it wasn't good, watch for abnormal tail chasing & catnip urges! We're sending heeling vibes you way!!!!! Let us know what your cat scan 5000 finds, we may need to be ran through ourselves! Again, STUPID CATS!!!

  13. I hope Zim is not turning into a cat...

    ~ fufu