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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi everypuppy - it's me, Amber! Have you ever gone into our sidebar links and read Dave's Haik-woo? He's posted a few here in the Ao4 Digest, along with a good explanation of what constitutes a Haik-woo. He's very talented! He's a poet like Marvin, only uses a different form of poetry!

Let me share this one with you; Haik-woo #17. It features ME!

It's quite wonderful, isn't it?
Anyroo... the other day, Mom had an appointment to get her hair cut. So what happened to ME that night? I thought we were settling in to watch a Wallace and Gromit movie... but no! There ... behind Mom's back. The FURminator! Oh, it was horrible! Just 'cuz SHE got FURminated is no reason to do the same to ME! It's kind of like what happened to Chelsea! Mom had the FURminator and the comb and the brush ... and a big plastic bag! Rooooooooo! It was horrible!

The bag was full by the time Wallace and Gromit was over ... and fortunately I was released from the torture. But it wasn't over for Mom. No, sir! Can you say, "Guilt Trip"? Yes, I've been laying it on THICK! All night that night, then all day yesterday! I gave her this look:
How could you?

I decided this morning she'd been punished enough and am my normal happy self now ...

... but oh, did I lay it on! Hee hee hee.

Have a happy, brush-free day, everypuppy!



  1. oh Amber you are sooooooooo beautiful in the flower picture!

    My Jeannie got her fringe trimmed by my Pa, Keith at the weekend and it is crooked!!!! She had to go back to her Furminator and confess and have it done properly!!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  2. I am sorry for the loss of your beloved fur. My mama releases my fur to the wind when she brushes me, so at least I know they can travel and become nests for baby birds and groundhogs. That makes it a little better.

  3. Amber, You look so beeeeeeautiful in the guilt look pic! ! My sister is all bushy like that right now too for winter.

    I got furminated last night by my dad too! Yup, Chocolate Bunnies get hairs everywhere too!

    I don't need to do a quilt look today cuz its my 1 year old birthday today! My Mom says I can get almost whatever I want today.
    I am having some homemade chicken alfredo pizza for dinner and Ice Cream, and get to go on a long walkies with Frankie and bipeds tonight. Can you come to my party Ams?

    Franks wants you to ask Dave Dave if he can bring a really cool party hat and put it on?



  4. Amber, you are so cheerful looking among those flowers! And so sad in the pic before that. I hope your mom learned her lesson :)


  5. Marvin: Thank roo, you're going to make me BLUSH! :)

    Magnum: Thank roo for the condolences. It was just so SAD and HORRIBLE! We've found Sibe-fur linings in bird nests here - I like that! Just not the getting brushed part!

    Maddie: Thank roo and you CAN'T be a year old already!!! WOW! Happy birthday, sweet chocolate bunny!!! Oooh, we ALL want to come to your party -- we have a couple special dates coming up ourselves -- stay tuned! :)

    T-man: I THINK mom knows how SAD I get ... but I also think this may happen again.

    AND: for those who REALLY like my picture in the flowers -- the MaPaw Rescue group (please see link in our side bar) sells WONDERFUL things with that picture on it to raise money for their great group!!! They help so many wonderful puppies! Check 'em out! http://sibes.com/store.htm I forget how to do hyperlinks, but you can copy and paste that into your web browser!

    Love to everypuppy!

  6. Oh poor Amber. A Furminator sounds terrible. We don't have a Furminator. We do have the evil Dremel Mom uses on our toe nails. You still look beautiful in your flower picture.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  7. You guys get furminated? Wow those machines must work overtime with all you luxurious furs!

    Bussie Kissies

  8. Hey, thanks for the plug! You are so sweet and lovely.

  9. that flower picture is GREAT! I am so glad that I do not have to get fur cuts.

  10. D'Azuls: We don't have the Dremel - our regular nails get filed down from walkies. Storm, Davy and I have to have our dew claws trimmed, but Mom cuts those with a clipper. I don't like THAT, either! Roooo! (Zimmie doesn't have dews.) And thank roo for the compliment! :)

    Buster: We only have the brush called the FURminator, so Mom does all the evil stuff herself. TOO often!

    Magnum: Any time! (blush)

    Joe Stains: Thank roo! And we are thankful we don't have to get fur cuts, either. Just TONS of brushing! TONS!


  11. Amber, you dont look too happy getting FURminated. Is it painful?

    Love your flower pic. :)

    ~ fufu

  12. You look fantastic!

    We all dread getting groomed, clipped and prodded but, secretly we love all the attention we get after!


  13. Oh Ammy, you sure do have those sad and pathetic eyes! They work so well on those stupid humans.

    I LOVE the flower picture! It is sooooo pretty! Red heads are pretty cool. My mom is a red head too. But her eyes are green instead of blue and brown.


  14. My mom has been saving my fur ever since I was a wee pup - she's threatening to knit me a sweater out of my own fur sometime...


  15. dear army of four,

    i love wallace and gromit too! and o, i watched something called Below Eight or something, by walt disney, about eight brave huskys and malamutes. it made me cry! have you seen it too?


  16. Charlie & I must be the only pups who actually like being furminatored - it makes us fruity in the head :-)


  17. Fu Fu: Painful? Well, it's all in how you define pain. You have to hold still and relinquish control to a biped. (shudder) So yes, that's HORRIBLE!

    Chelsea: Thank roo! That's such a compliment coming from someone as gorgeous as you!

    Justin has been zapped into cyberspace. Stop coming here; this is a family-friendly site.

    Holly: I wish my pathetic eyes worked BETTER! Ooh, my mom is a red head, too! But she has brown eyes.

    Bogart: I don't think our mom could save all of our fur. She gets about a grocery sack's worth out of me a week. Some people spin Sibe fur and knit it into nice, warm things like mittens but my mom doesn't know how.

    Hi Fee! Isn't Gromit just so smart and heroic and cute!?!?!? I just love him! He says more with his eyes than most bipeds say with their mouths! 8 Below? No. Mom said it would make us all cry too much. :)

    Opy: We liked it at first, then we realized it was a brush! An EVIL brush! Don't like brushes - no, ma'am!