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Saturday, November 03, 2012

I Might Have Found It!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me - Dave!  You know how Zim is always looking for the perfect job?  (I mean in addition to all the duties we have around Ao4 Headquarters!)  Anyway, I may have just found THE thing he needs ... for some kind of job!  I was taking Mom for a special "Just Mom and Dave" walk the other day when I spotted it!

IMG_1897 Dave
"I've gotta show this to Zim!"

I knew Zim would love it!  And with all the construction around town, I figured he could use it to join in on the action!  I gave it an hour, then let Mom know I needed to stretch my legs again - and asked if Zim could come with us.  Ha woo.  Mom's pretty easy like that.

I hustled back on over to where that cool vehicle was!

IMG_1896 Zim and Dave
"This is it, Zim!  What do you think?"
"This is so cool!  What's behind it?"

Zim was mighty impressed with my finding!  He went to check around back ...

IMG_1895 Zim and Dave
"There's some sort of cool trailer thing we could pull it on!"

... and I went to check the front end.

IMG_1898 Dave
"Should I kick the tires or something, Zimmie?"

We were pretty favorably impressed with it, and I thought we should load it onto the trailer and pull it home.

IMG_1894 Zim
"Yeah, good plan!  Lemme see what I can do!
Ooooh, look!  I've got the perfect Batman shadow going!"

Zim said there was just one thing left for us to do.

IMG_1893 Zim
"OK, Dave!  Hop into the driver's seat and fire it up!  I'll be your ground guide.  Should be a straight shot backwards!"

Hmm.  Of course, there was one slight problem with his plan.  I don't know how to drive those things.  Can anyone out there give us any tips on making it go?  Zim said Mom turns the radio on to make the car go, but we couldn't find a radio anywhere.

We still think this will be a great job - it's just that our plans have stalled out a bit.  ... so to speak.



  1. Zim that looks like an excellent job for you. Oh think of all the fun you could have and all that you could get done. And in the Spring when your mom and dad do all that wonderful stuff in your yard, BAM there you are to lend a paw in a BIG way. But first me must get it started. Have you tried putting your head on the steering wheel? I saw my MOM do that last week when the Blazer would not start. It didn't work so well, turns out it needed a new battery. But MOM's friend had something called JUMPER cables and then it started and then we went to buy a new battery and MOM put it in and zoom it starts right up. So maybe get a Jumper and away you will be going. Have a beautiful day guys.

  2. Wow that would be real fun. Imagine the mayhem you could cause in that. No traffic jams in that thing , you could push everybody off the road. Just up my street so to speak. Have a super Saturday guys.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. apposible thumbs guys. The humans made those things for critters with opposable thumbs

    Anyway, the plan is: Humans know how smart we are and so in order to feel just a little smarter than us, they invented things that need oppossible thumbs.

    Get a set of those and you could handle that critter with style.....


  4. That is a cool thing that I think would come in really handy in the garden. Hope you figure out how to turn on the radio.


  5. Looks like a good toy to play with ;)

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Is there a button? Or a key? We don't know anything about those either!


  7. Well boys, did you find a cat that you can't turn on? MOL! Let's hope the other Cats in Manhattan are turned on and fired up tonight!

  8. Just get in and try scratching and pawing at buttons. Something might go on. I don't know about the things on the floor, but I know you have to turn that big circle a lot. Good luck and wear a seatbelt.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. yoW! Dave, that is such a cool find! Zim could have a bone burying business for the neighborhood pups! Hmmm...it says Cat on it so you'd think we'd know something about getting it to go...but...well, we're always in our carriers when mom drives us anywhere. Say, that machine has a similar cage/carrier on it - maybe if you just get inside it will go!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  10. I have been a construction cat so I could probably give you a hand Davy!


  11. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I'm seeing it now Zim, you in the driver's seat...pawing the wheel...gettin' stuff dug up...pawsome, Savannah