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Friday, November 02, 2012

Photo Finish Friday!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim, here with Photo Finish Friday!  I went through iPhoto this morning and found some of the cool pix from the week that I wanted to show you.  Ready for a miscellaneous mix?  Let's go!

Up first - Dave!  Mom thinks he looks especially snuggly here:

IMG_1394 Davy

Yeah, really.  Rest assured, Mom took a quick photo, then got down on the floor and kissed his freckled nose.  Dave loves that.

Me?  You all know what I love.

IMG_1610 Zim
"Let's go on an adventure ... let's go on an adventure ... "

I was laying the Harp Seal Look on my mom, combining it with a mind-meld message.  Pretty good, huh?

Here I am, out on a walk:

IMG_1650 Zim

I've seen a lot of my neighborhood kit-cat pals go down there, so I always check for them.  You just never know!

Our friend Nora B. Webster asked if I had gone to any happenin' Manhattan hot spots lately.  I did hit Starbucks, as I showed you on Saturday.  That was pretty cool.  Here's a shot of me on the way there:

IMG_1820 Zim

Oh, yeah - see that small monument right under the "1927" sign?  That's the Ten Commandments!  Back in 1999, an outside group pressured our City (read here, if you're interested) to remove the statue from in front of our City Hall (where you pretty much had to look for it to find it).  Manhattan Christian College gave the Tablets a new home - and ever since, they've been right here, right off the main drag, where everyone can see them!  For the record, I think that backfired on that outside group ...

Moving right along ...

Here's a cool special effects photo of me and Dave!

IMG_1916 Zim and Dave

Don't judge us - Mom was holding treats!

Here's an "awww" shot for you:

IMG_1877 Dave

Just call him "Mr. Snuggles".

Here's what I do while Mom and Dave do that:

IMG_1890 Zim
Cinnamon Bun In Sepia Tone

Is that "sepia"?  Or "sleeeeepy-a"?  Ha roo roo roo!

One last question for you on Photo Finish Friday - it's from Dave.  He wants to know ...

IMG_1975 Dave
"Does this photo make my paws look big?"

What can I say?  He's from Texas.  That should explain those whoppers.  I mean ... umm ...

Have a great weekend!

Play bows,


  1. I always feel so good after I've visited you! Love all the cool shots your mom got. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  2. Zim, you are howlarious! Our mommy wishes she could kiss Davy's freckles too!

  3. Well you have done it!! My MOM is all gushy over the Dave, big paws and all. Dave I swear if you lived closer I might be a little worried. We both like that the Commandments are where more can see, backfire indeed.

  4. Aww those are great pictures dave and zim!! I loved your big paws I bet your momma feels safe with you guys around!
    stella rose

  5. We loved this guys, well nice. Do your paws look big? Everything from Texas is big. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. great finish on the week, Zim! at first we thought you were mind-melding for a treat...we had one ready! it did work out nice that the statue at the college is out now where everyone can see it :) we think we smell the popcorn in the last picture :D (you and Dave both have cute pawsies) have a great weekend! we gotta take a nap now...something about the sleepy-ya picture...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  7. You have very different personalities, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. I think your paws look like they're the perfect size to hold you up, which is all that matters! Cinderella says that she think Dave looks like lots of fun to snuggle with. Maybe you should think about that, Zim. ;)

  9. love the freckles, feet and cinnamon buns!!! :) have a great weekend

  10. I could kiss both of you boys on the nose and I would also kiss Davies feet if he would let me.


  11. Oh great pictures.

    Tee-hee - I love what happened to the 10 Commandments. I always wondered what had happened to them.


  12. Anonymous7:38 PM

    well purrfect as always, seeing you guys like hanging around, together, with Mom , and Zim on his adventures...great end to a stormy week, paw pats, Savannah

  13. Dave I think your paws look just the right size. I get the "Boy you have a big nose thing" all the time. What I'd give to have them say I have big feet instead of a big nose.

    Happy Friday my friends

  14. Oh my goodness! I have so much to say.

    1. ZIM! Get away from that big hole in the street. Don't you know there are monsters down there? I pull so so hard to get away from those. They are VERY SCARY. Please DO NOT go near those again.

    2. OH JOLIFFE HALL AND that super huge MCC sign. Mrs. Master was so glad to see that.

    3. How come your mom picks starbucks over Radinas? Did you know Master worked at Radinas when he was in college? I hear their chai tea is delicious.

    4. I agree with you about laying ACROSS THE ROOM. No snuggling. Blech.

    5. Mrs. Master is a huge sucker for freckles and snugglers. She thinks she wants Dave to come here sometime.


  15. Those giant feet almost leapt out and smacked my face. Shall we call you Bigfoot henceforth?


  16. Um, yes Dave, it does. But we love you anyway!