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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Zim has had a lot of exciting things to share with you lately, but I really thought I should let you know about what's going on in our garden! It has to do with this line up of Emerald Green Arborvitae trees on the north side of our back yard.

As you can see, I am fascinated by them. I asked Mom to let me get a closer look. She said, "OK," but kept me on lead for some reason.

Wow! Look at what happened at the base of all three of the trees!

I wonder what's in there!?!?


Only it wasn't "what" was in there, it was "who" was in there. OSWALD! And he ran out of there faster than I could try to rip Mom's arm out of its socket!

He ran up here and snuck out under the fence.

He sure can move fast when he wants to!

Anyroo, I found these tiny fliers laying around, left in his wake. They read, "Spacious bunny condos available - lovely view of sunsets over the Flint Hills, close to tasty pots of portulaca, purple bean vines, and neighboring vegetable gardens. Friendly residents who are kept on lead. More condos available soon. For more info, see Oswald, under the Mugho pine." This is really getting out of control!

I need to go back out on patrol. Before I go, do you know what this is?

It's the VERY last thing you want to see if you're a bunny trying to rent a condo from OSWALD!

(Hee hee hee!)


PS: Zim is working on the interview questions for everypup who volunteered to be interviewed! He'll leave them sometime today in the comment sections of your blogs!


  1. Patrol Grrrl Amber,

    You did a great job. I can't believe Oswald had the neeeerrve
    to post and leave all those signs behind, just knowing you would find them, being the alert grrl you are!

    Frankie Girl

  2. Oh Woo! Amber, you need to organize a security watch from your observation deck! You simply can't let Oswald capitalize on this new real estate scheme!

  3. Woooohooo Amber! Grrrreat way to keep guard. If you were'nt so observant your pack would've soon been saying "there goes the neighborhood". We don't get bunnies, but we have to keep a close eye out for those squirrels & possums.
    Bama & the RHP

  4. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Wooo Amber! I am rolling around laughing my furry butt off!!! You are so funny. I can't believe Oswald has set up home under the trees!


    P.S. - Tell Zim if he wants to interview me (if he has time), then I would love for him to!

  5. That's one sleazy bunny! Them bunnies better be scared!!!
    China & Madie
    P.S.(from our Mom to your Mom)
    I can understand missing starting over with gardening, it's also nice since it helps you know what you want when you do finally settle down somewhere. The good thing about being settled is you can do whatever you want without thinking if you'll end up leaving it all behind. I'm looking forward to finally being settled, I've never had that! Only 2-3 more years till retirement!

  6. P.P.S.
    We'd love some beans!

  7. Woooweee AO4! We're all SO excited!!! We were just checking out some of your older posts, (from April) and found out that you actually take inductees into the Army! We wanna join!! Please, please!! Sitting at our best attention, being extremely alert, and watching each others "sixes", while we patiently await our orders.
    The River Hill Pack

  8. Amber, I would love to see your nose if I was choosing somewhere to live.

    It would certainly make "scents" to me if your nose appeared in a rather large and looming way near my new home choice!

    ha ha ha ha! ps I loved your Quandary joke, it really appealed to me and my daft sense of humour!

    Your humour "Rocks"!

  9. Heh heh. Another snooter shot! Keep up the good work, Amber!

  10. Wow Amber, you look really serious in that last picture! Hopefully those bunnies won't come renting in YOUR yard!


  11. I bet Oswald is very scared of the sight! How do you feel about bunny condos in your yard?


  12. Oh poor bunny phou-phou...

    They know NOT what they are up against!

    Sibes RULE!

    Wags and OH so ready!


  13. Hi there you Guys and Gals!

    Just to let you know I have completed my interview with Zim on my Blog today if you want to take a wee peek!

    Happy Sunday!

    love and licks from Marvin in Sunny Scotland Yay!

  14. Oh, it's too bad Oswald got away before you could have Stormy interrogate him about the fliers. He really should talk to the one in charge before offering available property.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

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  16. Wow...that Oswald is quite the little Donald Trump isn't he??? Better get on that Amber!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  17. Hi Frankie! (And Maddie, too!) Thank roo. I can't believe the audacity of this bunny!

    Hi Echo! I'm normally all for capitalist ventures - but our yard is OURS, not Oswalds!

    Hi Bama! "There goes the neighborhood" is RIGHT! Cotton-picking cotton-tails!

    Hi Sitka! Can you BELIEVE this guy!?!? And you should have HEARD the words Mom used when she saw all the damage Oswald and his tenants have done to the trees! Oh... maybe you SHOULDN'T have heard those words ...

    Hi China & Madie! They have SOME nerve, that much I DO know! And even though Oswald has tried to follow us into the garage to come into the house, I think he's afraid of me.
    Mom will email your mom about the beans! How exciting! :)

    Bama & the RHP: I think Stormy is going to add more Troopers this week! Stay tuned!

    Hi Marvin! It makes "scents" to you? Hee hee hee! Oh, Marvin! I love your funny wit!

    Hi Tucker! Hee hee hee! "Snooter"! Hee hee hee!

    Hi Hollybollyboo! I can be VERY serious! REALLY!

    Hi Kat! Bunny condos are just NOT what I want in our yard! They are making my mom upset and I just DON'T like it when someone is upset!

    Hi Khyra! Well, when he went hopping through our yard, I did my VERY best to stop him! Mom had too tight of a grip on my leash, though. It's almost like she doesn't trust me to not try to eat the bunnies.......

    Hi Marvin! That was a GREAT interview!

    Hi Kelsey Ann! Oh, you're so smart! I wouldn't have thought to interrogate him!

    Hi Ruby! Oooooh, yes. A little Donald Trump. Well... The Oswald better not try to broadcast a reality show out of our yard on top of all his other schemes!!!


  18. oh my dogness! i sure hope the skwerrels dont decide to start renting out condos in my yard!

  19. I think you guys need to get 24 hour security on those trees and pronto!!

  20. Hey! Alternate Universe Human Woman!

    Isn't it about time you got an iPhone like my human woman? You have everything else, what's up with this?


  21. Hi Ivy! I'd keep a close watch out, if I were you!

    Hi Joe: We are! Stormy made out a duty roster, and we're taking turns guarding!

    Hi Meeshka: Stormy won't let mom get one. She said it would take too much time away from us, so she forbade it! Stormy's in charge, you know! :)


  22. Oswald is getting a little big for his britches!