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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dot Dash

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim! Did you see our bee-roo-tiful friend Sitka's blog the other day? She told us all about her most recent adventures at St. Simons Island ... then showed us a cool "dash" mark her mom just discovered on her tail. She wanted to know if any of the rest of us Sibes have one on our tails.

Storm and Dave don't really have one - their tails are so nice and dark that any marks would be disguised real well. Am and I do, though. I have more like a "dot", as seen here:

...and Amber has a dash, as seen here:

In Morse code, we're spelling out "ET". Hmmm... what do you think of when you hear the letters "ET" -- "extra terrestrial"? Maybe me and Am are from outer space! COOL! I always thought Amber was born in northeast Kansas ... but no one has any idea where I came from. Wait 'til I tell Dave! This is so cool!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiibessssssssssssss innnnnn Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccce!

Play bows,


  1. I only have one word in response to this post.



    (So cool, Sibes from space!!)

  2. Cool beans! Maybe we're from the same place...my Mom does call me "Mars Bar"...it's a sign!!

    I'll have her check my tail when she gets home to see what I have!


  3. oooooh this is very creepy, all those physical symptoms there......Zim!

    I say, "ET Phone Home.............!"

    ooooooh Jeannie says ET was her favouritist film ever, and she always cries at the end of it! Dog, Hoooomans eh?

    love and licks Your Scottish Pal, Marv xxxxx

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Oh Zim my love... Wow, I a super excited that you have a tail dash/dot! That is soooo cool! And Amber has one too! Even cooler! We should form a Tail Dash Club, ha roo!

  5. that is pretty funny, except, ET loved reeces pieces and those have chocolate...so you guys are getting ripped off not getting the full ET experience.

  6. We'll have to get mom to check our tails tonight.....wait until you see what we did to get back at mom for the throne incident....I'll post more later tonight.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. Now can you pups phone home since your are ETs? hee hee hee!!!

    Lots of Licks...Ruby

    P(ee)S: maybe you've got it backwards...maybe it's TE(e) as in golf tee...your dad will like that!

  8. Oh this was too much. Mom said she never paid attention to that before and now she had to go and look at my tail to see. I have a dot.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  9. Maddox has one on his tail, too. He's recuperating at the Dogital though so I can't take a picture.

    Let me look though...yup, I have one too, more a smudge but it is pretty pretty mom says, she likes the dark red. She says my tail is pretty like a fox.


  10. We don't have any dots or dashes. You guys are just exta special I think!


  11. Our mom says the breeder that Chili came from told them that mark on the tail is our "smell-spot" and that all huskies have them. She said she thinks it has something to do with double coats and northern breeds, that smell is concentrated there for easy ID by other furballs. (& yes, all 4 of us have one, tho Miks is harder to see now that she's gotten darker, too). When Chill was little they another of his nicknames was Comma, cause that's how his smell spot was shaped.
    Bama & the RHP

  12. Zim, since I'm a hamsterberian, do you think I have a dot on my tail too??

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Oh no, Zim!

    When we read Sitka's blog I asked the Human Assistant if I had a dot or a dash. He said I didn't have either one.

    So I asked him again just now. He said maybe I have a funnel and he would check again when it's light outside. After he spends 10 minutes brushing my tail!!!

    I really don't like to have my tail held and brushed! Wooo!

    He also said if you and Amber stand together one way, you make a Morse Code A. If you stand together the other way, you make an N.

    I asked him what you'd make when you're chasing each other around the yard, but he didn't know.

  14. Zim that's too cool! We definately need to have a club. Wait till you see my tail....HAROOO! Maybe if we get all the Sibes with dots and dashes together it'll spell out a secret message from outer space. Kinda creepy!

  15. Hey, cool tail markings! My tail is pretty dark, so I don't see a dash or a dot. But I have spots on my tummy!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and the song Amber!

  16. Steve: Next time your mom takes you flying, you should look around outer space for more Siberians!

    Mars Bar: WOWZERS! Do you think THAT'S where we're from?!!?

    Marvin: My mom has never seen "ET". Can you believe that?!!?

    Sitka: I'm all for ANY club that has YOU in it! Ha roo roo roo!

    Joe Stains: Hmm... we're kind of the color of Reece's, aren't we? I wonder what that means!

    Kelsey Ann: We love payback! Ha ROOOO!

    Ruby: I wonder if that means we can go golfing with Dad now!! ???

    Maya Marie: Welcome to the club! :)

    Shelby: We hope Maddox gets home SOON! You've GOT to miss the guy!

    Holly: What a really sweet thing to say! I might be blushing. But then ... I'm red and white, so how would you know? Ha roo roo roo!

    Bama: I've never heard of that! Hmm... like a bullseye or something? "Insert snooter here; it's a Sibe!"

    GG: I'll bet you DO have one! You should check!

    Tucker: Oh, no! Brushes are EVIL! Run for your life! Don't let him catch you!
    Hmmm... if we figure out how to make a "B", we can spell out "banana"!

    Echo: Ohh, yeah! Cool - I like spelling out secret messages!

    Indy: Maybe you have one hidden in your tail feathers! Happy birthday, pal!

    Play bows,

  17. You need two more dots for a B. Maybe you could spill something on Storms and Davey?

  18. Tucker: Mom says she thought Stormy had a spot - we just couldn't see it the other day. We'll recheck her AND the Deeve!
    Play bows,