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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Video of Dave and Zim

Woo, everypup, it's me - Dave! Thanks for all your kind words yesterday about my knee; I'll go back in and respond to each and every one of them after I take Mom on our walk. Rest assured that I'm really feeling good, and still run around and jump like a pogo stick and all. No one knew I had a problem until the vet was giving me a leg massage. She said I'm "stoic". Woo.

Mom shot a couple videos of me and Zim yesterday. I thought I'd share the short one with you today. I'm on the left; Zim is on the right.

That's Mom's leg supporting my real dinosaur bone. Mom's good at holding toys but really needs to work on her video-taking skills.


PS: For those of you who upload vids through Blogger ... does it take forever? Just curious!


  1. Good luck with your knee, buddy!

  2. Mom says that those are two supercute snoots, and I agree!

    You certainly are stoic, Dave!


  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Woo look at those snooters. Humm, I hope this is a tease for a longer video tomorrow, ha roo!

    Dave, I am glad your knees are getting some good attention. We read your post yesterday but did not have a chance to comment.

    And yes - uploading a video on blogger takes FOREVER for us.... sometimes it comes up quickly, but 9 times out of 10, it takes forever and we give up!


  4. That is cute! I'm glad you aren't in pain, you need to take it easy! Amber takes GlycoFlex for her joints and it seems to help a lot.

  5. oh please do not talk about uploading videos through Blogger and the time it takes.

    Jeannie tried to upload one today, in the time it took to upload, she cleaned the bathroom, dysonned the downstairs, had a shower, blow dried her hair and straightened it, put on her make up (and my goodness that takes a time I can tell you at her great age and no botox!!!!).....dusted, cleaned the kitchen and put the washing machine and the dishwasher on......

    And the darn video was still processing, in the end she cancelled the whole thing and took me for a walk.

    Blogger Videos take forever and ever to upload, so it is not just you!

    Your snooters are lovely though!

    Short but sweet! (the video not the snooters!) Jeannie says thank you to your Mama for the email, she did not log in for a couple of days to Yahoo and only just saw it! Glad we could make you laugh!

    love and laughing licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxxx

    ps I have posted about a hero who is dead but could have been a good trooper in the AO4 if he was not as dead as he is now......

    love Marv xxxxx

  6. Cool video! I do that to Madie too!!! Heehee Oh and we have no trouble uploading with Blogger it's just as fast or seems faster than YouTube for us but we have a super duper fast connection.

  7. Great video!!


    PS. We tried uploading a video to Blogger, but it took so long, we gave up.

  8. We're so glad you're feeling good! Meeka said the vet suggested he start taking something for his popping joints. Mom uses Photobucket for her videos and photo montages on the blog. She said it's pretty painless.

  9. Yes, the videos do take furever!!!!! I agree with Marley, your snooters are supercute!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. super snooters! mom just wants to kiss them. she's such a grrl. yep, it takes a while, but it gets there eventually

  11. Mom does our videos through videoegg, it doesn't take too long to upload.

  12. Oh I see both your nose.. You boys got cute nose. ;)

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Haroo Dave

    Check out our blog...we saluted you Dave:)

    Princey & Summy

  14. Love the Snooter vid! So sorry to hear about your knee, but we're all glad it doesn't seem to be bothering you and you're gonna get some good care for it.
    Bama & the RHP

  15. Wow that was short! But sweet.

    Mom says it depends on the video. She usually starts the upload and comes back to it. It takes about the same amount of time to upload to Google vids so it's OK with her.


  16. I gave up on Blogger uploading and used YouTube. I like to rest on my Mama too.

  17. Tucker: Thanks, pal!

    Marley: Ha wooo!

    Sitka: I know which snooter is your fav!
    And thank woo for your kind words on my knee!
    Glad it's not just us and the Blogger vid thing!

    Indy: Does "taking it easy" include doing zoomies?

    Marvin: Glad it's not just us! We left the vid trying to load while Mom had coffee and we went on walkies ... and it was still "processing". We went back to VideoEgg.

    China: We have a super fast connection, too - cable modem - but it STILL takes too long! Oh well!

    Steve: Same here!

    Echo: I take this and the Cosequin DS now. I don't mind - they're both yummy!

    Kelsey: Ha wooooo!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I think I'd like your mom!
    We got Blogger vid to work ONE time!

    Joe: Yeah... we ended up using VideoEgg, too!

    GG: It's up close and personal with our noses! Woo!

    Summy & Prince! Woooooo! You are so SWEET!!! Thank woo, friends!

    Bama: Snooter video! Ha woooo! You'll see in Friday's vid how much my knee doesn't bother me!

    Sherman: Sometimes short is profound.

    Magnum: Mom's are good at resting on!

    Luv to all!

  18. we four dogs and a cat, platoon of four are still trying to get pictures in but we fail, but barlow biker has two of us and barlow bark has one of uslove sppeedy ssadie ssandy jjpp and dduke

  19. Hey that's neat footwork in the photo.

    We can't see the vids at all. Think mistress needs to do a bit of computer sorting. That's her department though, so I'll say no more.