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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpin' Up

Woo, it's me - Dave. I guess by now a lot of you have heard the news. The bee-woo-tiful Hollybollyboo has thrown me over for Summit the Super Mal. I can't blame her - he's really quite the guy. And he's a big Malamute like Holly. That got me to thinking ... maybe if I started pumping some iron, I could get all big and strong like a Malamute instead of being a nice, medium-sized sprinter of a Siberian. Which is what I am.

I went downstairs and headed into the workout room to see about using the equipment in there. First, I checked out the big weight machine. That's how Dad gets his strong muscles - maybe it'll work for me!

Let's start over here on this station.

I can work lots of different muscle groups here.

Wait a minute. How do I get up here?

I gave it a try from the other side.

Nah... didn't look good from there, either. I decided to go over to the bench press area.

I'm sorry, but that bench is WAY too narrow. No way I'm going to get up on that!

Hmmm... what's that over there on the floor?

AH! Little hand-held weights!

Oooh, they're kind of slippery!

I grunted and panted and everything, but they were a tad slippy ... and heavy.

And I don't have hands, anyway. You know ... for the hand-held weights.

I considered getting up on the Elliptical machine, but couldn't quite get my feety-feet aligned on the paw-pads.

I threw in the towel and headed back upstairs.

When I got up there, Zim reminded me that Mom has some little dumbbells that she works out with. Amber made a joke, but I can't remember what it was. Something to do with the dumbbells and who Mom works out with. I dunno. Even Ammy's jokes can't cheer me up right now. All I can think about is winning back Holly! It was just really nice of Zim to help me out.

Hey, Dave! Try one of these! They're lighter and have a cool rubbery coating on them! They're easier to grip than the ones downstairs.

Isn't he a great guy!?! My brother always has my six. He was named after a Drill Sergeant, so he knows about doing PT and all.

Thanks, Zim; do you really think they'll work?

I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but then Mom set down another even smaller one. Color-wise, it looked like something I'm very familiar with and I knew just what to do!

Oh, yeah! I'm all over this!

Mom took it away from me. She probably doesn't want me to over-do on my first day working out ... don't you think?

(It does look a lot like my really cool real dinosaur bones, doesn't it? There's a stack of them right behind me!)

This working out is really tiring. I hope I did a good job; I've got to get Holly back! Amber suggested a poem, but I've already written her one. Zim said if the working out thing doesn't pan out, I should pick some flowers for her. Stormy had an idea of what I should do "for" Summit ... but that's not my style. I never go looking for trouble! If anypup has any more ideas, please let me know! I'll be in the bedroom sulking if anypup needs me. Woo.



  1. Oh Dave...it will all be OK! You don't have to change a thing about yourself to make yourself any more loveable!

    Zim has some great ideas though.

    I say you should do what I do with Lexi when she pays attention to the other dudes in the neighborhood - totally ignore her. Then she starts missing my attention, and lo and behold, she's at my gate!


  2. Woo. Poor forlorn Dave! Don't you worry buddy. Holly will come to her dog senses and realize you're the best pick of the litter. How about a nice heart shaped box filled with yummy doggie biscuits? Surely she won't be able to resist that! I'm sure the big dude would NEVER think of something like that.

  3. Oh Dave...I just can't believe Holly would dump you for some other pup...you are such a handsome boy and sweet too!!! I think you are perfect just the way you are!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. My Dearest Darling Dave,

    I would NEVER throw you over for any other pup!! Summit is very nice and handsome, and we did have a great time together, and yes, he is closer to my size. BUT, NO other doggie could ever hold my big heart the way you do! In fact, I think my heart is bigger than normal because I fell in wuv with YOU! I will never love another doggie when I have my darling, adorable, freckle nosed, love at first sight DAVIE!!

    Have no fear, you are still my one and only true love! I look forward to the day WE can meet, and I can ask YOU to play and give YOU paw, and let YOU see the pretty spot on my tummy!

    Your forever Malagal,

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  6. Whoops, better remove our last post, now that Holly posted howl much she wuvs woo! You don't need suggestions anymore... : )

    Wow, Dave, that's some heavy-duty looking equipment, and just for the record, we both think you look just right, exactly as you are! In fact, your freckles are down right adorable.

    Wooos & A-roos to yous,
    ~Star & the Jack a-Roo

  7. Wow, if I went into that workout room, I'd be completely overwhelmed. What do you do with all that stuff? WOW!


  8. Dave Dave,
    Youv'e always had the power, you don't need to do those silly strenuous workouts. Sort of like Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers. Only it's your cute Pickle Nose that will win Holly back , she's just going through a little phase or somethin'!
    Anyways, I will always be here too!

    Frankie Grrl

  9. Dave

    If Hbbb REALLY khared, she would have MalMinded her hu-mom into getting her butt to Kansas - I mean - Nebraska and Kansas are the same place -

    Woo need to get your hu-mom to do what Summit The Now BLOGGIN' Super Mal's hu-mom did - drop by Hbbb's part of the world and WOO her!

    If that doesn't work, khome to PA for the Springtime!

    And I said, hey ramblin' boy, why don't you settle down
    Manhattan Kansas ain't your kind of town
    There ain't no purple and there ain't nobody like me
    I'm the number one fan of the Sibe from Kansas you'll see

    BTW, I live near DILLSburg - what better place for a pickled nose fella to visit!



  10. Dave, it's probably one of those brief whirlwind romances and she will come back to you in time. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. You could serenade her! Mommy says that you have the perfect voice for it. Even if she says that she would never throw you over, you could still do it because it's romantic and a good thing to make sure that she remembers what a sweet, thoughtful guy you are!

    Zim is really cool, looking out for you like that. And Amber's joke was funny, even if you couldn't remember the exact wording!


  12. oh dave, I am so sorry you got the boot! I hope you find some way to win her back! have you thought about some sort of woo-ing telegram?

  13. Oh no Dave, dont sulk... I think you're very handsome doggie. Maybe you can eat more to gain in size

    ~ Girl girl

  14. Oh sad sad Dave!! Sorry to hear about your girlfriend problem. But then we read Holly's comment above and it seems that your still the dog! We had a suggestion for you if it hadn't worked out - how about going out with a smaller girl (wink wink) and then you would look bigger and wouldn't have to mess withthose scary looking machines in the gym!

  15. See, we knew Holly would always love you. Your Pickle Nose is terribly handsome - how could she resist? Cheyenne & Guinness are willing to be your grrlfriends too, cuz you're so very cute and write awesome poems

  16. Well, Dave, just hope she checks out this post, you are looking extremely fit and handsome in the room of Torture there!.....!!

    Or play hard to get and mysterious, that usually gets 'em!

    sorry we are late commenting stooooopid internet provider was down last evening!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  17. Hi everypuppy - it's Amber. Davy wanted me to thank roo for all the really kind things you said, the suggestions you offered up, and your over-all support.
    Frankie, you said some really, really sweet things and you know that Dave Dave has a VERY special place in his heart reserved for you! I think you might be his very first girlfriend he has!
    Jazz, Cheyenne, Guinness, Ruby, Star and Khyra: he was also VERY touched by your remarks; he said each one of you would be wonderful girlfriends.
    Holly: I asked him about a message for you, but all he would do was howl "Wooooo, Hollybollybooooooo!" He's very sad; I think his feelings are a bit trampled. I'll try to spend extra time cheering him up today.

    Love to everypuppy!

  18. Okay, so your heart is broken.
    You sit around mopin', cryin' and cryin'.
    You say you're even thinkin' about dyin'.
    Well, before you do anything rash, dig this:

    [music up]
    Everydoggy plays the fool sometime
    There's no exception to the rule.
    Listen, baby,
    It may be factual, may be cruel
    I ain't lyin',
    Everydoggy plays the fool....

  19. Hey there Dave...Summit here. I just wanted to drop by to let you know that you still have all of Holly's big heart. I'm just a youngster and I think she's like a big sis to me. It was fun to see her and talk to her about corn fields and stuff, but she made it clear to me that you are the guy for her. Just don't go breakin her heart cuz now she's got a decent sized little bro watching out for her.
    Paw out for a friendly shake?
    You guys ROCK and I am all about everybody being friends.

  20. Well I'm pleased you've resolved this.

    Myself, I wouldn't go getting involved with just one dog because these sort of things do happen.

    Now when you have lots of girlfriends, and we are all happy, there is no problem.

    And Amber is so beautiful. I don't even mind Guinness and Cheyenne offering to be your girlfriends. See, how cool am I?


  21. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Wooo Dave...

    I read this when you posted, but am just now getting a chance to comment. What a great great great post! I loved how you showed us all of the equiptment. You are so smart! You should know that HOLLY will always be yours, silly pup!!


  22. Yeah, that "Listen, Davey" was a good catch on your mom's part. I missed that.

    Of course, the song wasn't my idea! It was the Human Assistant's. His favorite part is "Well, before you do anything rash, dig this."

    I'm really glad that the song doesn't apply to you! And really sorry that your mom got stuck on it.

    I guess she and the H.A. are kinda music-melded sometimes. What can you do?

  23. Hi-Woo Dave,
    I hope you are feeling better cuz you still have Holly's heart. Hope you can be friends wif Summit since you are not competing over her. Great workout gear!