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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time Off

Woo, it's me - Dave! Everypup has been working so hard! Take off early today and get some recreation time in!

I'm going to play with my favorite toy - Kong-on-a-Rope! Here are some shots from our last play session! First I played tug:

Then Mom threw it and threw it and I brought it back!

Here I come!

We played with Mom throwing it the other direction for a while, too - toward Oswald's bunny condos. I was confused at first - she usually throws it the other way. I don't know why. I caught on after a while, though.

Great fun!

Kick back and treat yourself to some rec time, pups! Before you know it, we'll be posting a new mission for the Troopers in the Ao4, and we'll all have lots of work to do!



  1. Oh my Dave that looks like fun! Love playing tug and chasing a toy! Oh it looks like you do the happy run back hop too do you? I do that and I shake my toy too it's a blast!

  2. oh Dave, that is the Lab in you, you know! Taking time out, is very important for us Labs......dream time, scheme time etc.

    And that is what makes us Labs (Sibes) so happy looking!

    I had some wonderful time off today with my Jeannie, the sun was out, we hit 70 degrees heat, yet the leaves were just fallin off the trees.

    But we were happy bunnies .....oh that reminds me, were is Oswald?

    Oh my, I bet he is not a happy bunny with you Four around hi!

    love and licks and looking forward to the Mission you have promised.

    I am ready, willing and totally unable!

    love and licks, your Lab Pal Marvin xxxxxx

  3. Hey you'all had a nice sunny day too! We were outside for a while and we got to go for walks.

    That toy sure looks fun. And you retreive too! Our weather finally got a little cooler, what about you'all?

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  4. I still can't believe that you actually fetch. You must really have some lab in you somewhere. Playing tug is fun though! As is chasing bunnies... Hace you reposessed his condos? Shouldn't he be paying rent to you guys since technically, those are your trees? Those bunnies have no shame...

  5. we are recreating at our gram's house, which means lots of treats and tons of butt scritches!

  6. we'll be ready for the mission.....now that the weather is cooler and I can stand to be outside!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. You sure look like you're having fun! You better have rec time every day if you have THAT much fun!!


  8. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Oh Dave.. the third photo of you with the kong in your mouth and smile on your face is priceless!!! You are such a good labradave!!!


    P.S. I am SOOO excited about our new mission coming up!

  9. Hooowahhh, we got our cool AO4 logo on our page, patiently standing at attention & awaiting our mission orders.
    Woo look like you're having lots of fun with your tug-a-ball!
    Salutes (& manykisses)
    Bama & the RHP

  10. Lookin' good, Dave! No leash, and born to run!

  11. I love your house. There's so much space to run about to play

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Looks like great fun, Dave! It looks like you are doing the I'm-So-Proud-of-Myself prance. We both have our own version of that! Have a wonderful weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  13. Wooo, Madie! I LOVE to play Kong-on-a-Rope! It's the perfect combination of running and tugging and chasing! and yes ... fetching. I hop and prance and FLY back to Mom with my toy!

    Marvin: I didn't see Oswald out there. I was too busy with my toy; I sort of forgot to look.
    I'm not a Lab ... honest!

    Maya Marie: YES! We're having lovely cooler weather - in the 70s! It's really great!

    Louka: I can't help myself. I love to fetch. Stormy says I'm a Lab in a Sibe suit ... but HONEST! I'm really a Sibe through and through!
    Storm said Amber is in charge of the bunny situation. I think she has big plans.

    Joe: "Treats and tons of butt scritches" sounds great!

    Kelsey: I hear you! I think we've seen the last of the really hot stuff!

    Steve: I would love to play Kong-on-a-Rope all DAY! You should get one of these - they're really fun!

    Sitka: Thank wooooooo! But I'm not a Labradave! Just a Dave! woo.

    Bama: Cool! Stand by!

    Tucker: YEAH! It felt good to RUN!

    GG: Thank woo. It's nice to have a safe place where we can play!

    Tasha & Eva: Yes! That's a good description of what I do: the "I'm-So-Proud-of-Myself prance." I just get so happy playing with my toys back there!


  14. We love you playing with your tug of rope. When you came running back with it in your mouth...that is our favorite pic.

  15. Amici: Thank woo! Can you tell how happy I am? I LOVE to play with my Kong-on-a-Rope!