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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Following Doctor's Orders!

Woooooooo, everypupper! It's me - Dave! Before I tell you my news of the day, I wanted to congratulate some more Troopers in the Army of Four for their outstanding work!

Our buddy Staff Sergeant Sherman of the Dogs of Jackman Avenue was quick to post in. He's done a fantastic job; check it out! Jackman Avenue is in good paws!

Tail Gunner Steve, of Steve, Kat & Wilbur has been hard at it! Being a Tail Gunner is historically a VERY dangerous job - be safe out there, Steve! I wonder if your mom would let you wear that cool scarf you wore when you went flying while you're performing your 4Runner Tail Gunner duties? You just looked so cool in it! Woo.

The whole Kapp Pack, to include their houseguest Hennessey, have outdone themselves. Kelsey Ann, Canyon & Sky have perfected some outstanding cute poses. Those are really helpful - especially for us Siberians! They just melt bipeds' hearts!

Marvin has also briefed us up on his accomplishments to date. He has been training hard and is really putting a lot of miles in. We're counting on him to cover the entire UK, so his training is right on target! Way to go, Marv-man!

A couple more Troopers left questions in our comment sections and we'll respond to those by COB today. Be sure to check back later!

When I went to the vet's the other day, my Dr. Dixon recommended that we increase the amount of Omega-3s in my diet to help combat a bit of a knee problem I've been hiding. I'm already on Cosequin DS to help my joints, but now we're adding a pump of "EicosaDerm" to my supper-duppers. I might have torn a ligament or something, and this will help with tissue repair. Anywoo, there was some concern about whether or not I'd like it.

Here I am, trying it:

Mmm... supper-dupper time!

And here's how I responded:

Woooo, what's this oily stuff?

Can you see my left front footy-foot? Here's a closer shot for you:


Needless to say, I love it. I couldn't get enough of it - and wanted to lick every single drop of it out of my supper-dupper bowl. What can I say ... I'm a good eater.

Keep us posted on your mission progress! In the meantime, I'll keep being a member of the Clean Bowl Club!



  1. oh so sorry to hear about your knee problem - but you should never hide your knees, they are the best thing about you Dave!

    Thanks for the mention, my Jeannie was quite tired today 'cos of all the trooping about we did yesterday, but hey, I think I have got the UK totally covered now.....!

    My Wednesday Tail Wag today involves you Four Wagging your tails furiously to put out the fires in California.....I got a mind meld from the Supreme Commander Stormy, that CALIFORNIA, needed our help so I have been using my initiative!!!!!!!!!!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

    oh and keep following your doctor's orders! please!!

  2. Oh Dave, I'm so glad you like your medicine. That's awesome! You gotta take care of those knees cuz...you're the bees knees!! :)


  3. Hey I hold stuff with my paw too! Works every time! Hey Madie did a Nose Patrol post today, I think she was on to some spies!

  4. Thanks for the link! Make sure to vote for Canyon mouse in the MaPaw contest. We love the pic of you with your foot in your bowl.....very cute!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  5. So how does one join the Army? Please let us know, we might be interested in joining-up and shipping-out!

    M & I

  6. Nice to see all the troopers doing their jobs. I guess I need to get off the patio, out of the nice cool weather, at get to my mission.

    Sure looks like you like your new omega 3! We use the flaxseed oil cuz of Samuel and Kona's allergies to fish oils.


  7. we loooove our fish and flaxseed oil supplements, they are delicious!

  8. Oh.. I hope that oil helps in your knee problem Dave. You sure lick your bowl very clean. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  9. Hey Dave, good luck with your knee. Isn't it great when medicine actually tastes good!

    Shiloh & Cheyenne have decided that their recon work was actualy an undercover mission to check out several dog parks. They were very confusing to any enemies, as no one could tell them apart from all of the other white dogs. Smart, hMMM?

  10. Woos, Dave,
    Anytime a husky has to hold their food bowl down with a foot cause they're licking it so hard it's slipping away, whatever's in that bowl has gotta be good! Hope it helps you a bunch. Dave, I notice you have a really nice deep purple collar - I wear one just like it!

    A-rooos, Dave,
    I have a trick knee, it ended my career as a showdog. Maybe some delicious tasty stuff like that would be good for me too??? My humans want to me to play nice & not jump around a lot, but hey, I'm a 2-yr.old husky--what did they expect?

  11. What a fantastic job all the Troopers are doing! Its sad that you have a bad knee, Dave. Hope the new supplement helps. Tasha has to have some stuff like that too. It really helps along with the weight she has lost! Belly Rubs, Eva.

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  13. I wish you well with your knee. Hope you medicine makes it all better. I'm getting lots of naps and cookies.

    Sorry I missed out on the mission. I'll have to report in when I can get back in my window.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  14. Mom is always saying to us 4-legged & the 2-legged members in the family, "Take all yur medicine so it will help you." Even when we had Norris the horsie before they retired him (he is 25+ yrs. old) he was on sumthing for his joints. Daddy said when he took the medicine he acting like a teenage horsie. Dave, hope you are feeling in tip-top shape very soon.

  15. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The two paws and snooter in the bowl at one time made a GREAT photo!!! Sorry you are having a knee problem. Perhaps Holly can kiss it and make it better, ha roo

  16. Wow, you must have liked that stuff! You look like me licking your bowl!


  17. Whew! I'm glad it wasn't something that tasted yucky. They should make all the medicines taste like CAKE! I hope it fixes your knee.

  18. Yikes! Poor Dave! Well at least if he's got sore knees he can have some yummies added to his dinner.


  19. Marvin: My knees are my best feature? Really? I always thought it was my freckles... Ha wooo!

    Marley: Oh, you sure made me and Mom smile with that comment! "The bees knees"! Wooooo!

    China: Your nose patrol mission was a big success!! Way to go!
    I wanted to get every last BIT out of my bowl!

    Kelsey Ann: Thank woo - and we will!

    Moxie & Izzie: We'd love to have you join us! Storm left you a message on your blog about how to join!

    Holly: Do you think the flaxseed oil helps?
    Oh... and don't rush the mission! It's important to be well-rested!

    Joe: I didn't know so many other friends were taking stuff like this!

    GG: Thank woo! And I'm trying to help Mom! She doesn't have to rinse any of our bowls before they go in the dishwasher! Woo!

    Guinness & Shiloh - and Cheyenne: Great thinking on the mission! Sometimes Storm and I can confuse the bipeds - if it's dark. And so can the redheads. Of course, the neighbors can't seem to tell any of us apart - are they blind? The kids can, though; maybe the little ones are the smarter ones!

    Star: I think you look bee-woo-tiful in purple! And since I'm Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind, I know these things!

    Jack: You should have your Mom ask your vet! It can't hurt - and it tastes WONDERFUL!!!!!! So does my chewable Cosequin DS! I love all food.

    Eva: Fortunately, all of us in the Ao4 proper are at ideal weights - except Zim, who is a wee bit on the underweight side. That does help a lot with stress on our joints! I'm glad Tasha's supplement helps her feel better!

    MayaMarie: Thank woo and we've missed you! HOpe your recovery is going well!!!

    Cosi: Thank woo! Mom and Dad take fish oil for their joints and heart, too - but the vet said I shouldn't take the people kind. Some of the people kind has mercury or added vitamins that are not good for us K9s.

    Sitka: Woooo! Are you teasing me? Aw, shucks, Sitka! Woooo!

    STeve: I LOVE it! Of course, I like my plain kibble, too. I think you and I have lots in common!

    Echo: Like CAKE!?!? That's a great idea!

    Sherman: It's REALLY yummy!