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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calling All Troopers in the Ao4!

Ha roo, everytrooper! It's me - Amber! I know some of you think of me as the sweet, kind and gentle, joke-telling, giggling member of the Ao4. Well, OK, I am. But I am also Stormy's XO (Executive Officer). She asked me to handle the list of new inductees in the Troopers in the Army of Four!

This is my serious XO look!

OK! We've heard from Bama, that she and her River Hill Pack would like to be Troopers! And my very handsome friend Pippa, and Russell, who also is quite handsome. Maddox - you said you and Shelby would like to be abducted. Hmm... I'm going to assume you meant inducted, as we don't kidnap pups and force them to join our army. Hee hee - oh, sorry. Stormy told me to be serious. We have added all of you to the list of Troopers! Congratulations! We have a very cool animated gif file you can put in your sidebar, to link you up to the list; please email us at SibeTracker at yahoo dot com (you know what I mean here... right?) and we'll email you the code! Ours is currently right above our profile - isn't it cool?!?

Anypup else? Also ... MJ, you are already on the list! Email us for the code! Koobie? Yes ... if you say, "Yes," it does mean you're in the Army. Of Four. Let us know what you decide!

If you're already a Trooper in the Ao4 but don't have the animated gif in your sidebar yet, shoot us an email so we can set you up with the code!

That's all for today. New mission coming soon. In the meantime, I just checked our Weather Control Device and there are snow flurries in Siberia! :)

Executive Officer, Army of Four


  1. OOOooooooooooo We can't wait for new orders!!!!! Since we are at Fort Irwin now maybe we can borrow some tanks?
    Oh and Welcome to all the new Troopers!
    China & Madie

  2. Cool, new orders! I have been pretty lazy lately with the ever-lingering heat, so a new mission is just what I need. Our weather has FINALLY started to cool down. There are frost advisories just north and west of Omaha!!


  3. We can't wait for our new assignments XO. BTW, you look so very cute when you look serious. You always have a certain sparkle in you eye.

  4. Ohh-woo can I join, can I, even Cosmos, cuz he would feel left out if I could & he wasn't?!?! Thanx for all of your get well wishes to our mommy. She is on the mend & we're back to blogging. Maybe joining the A04 you can get my butt in gear so I'm no longer a rambunctious puppy & I will be a good puppy. I was a bad lil guy yesterday, I do admit it. Check out my blog. I heard on the TV that is good when you can admit that your realize what you have done. Oh, did I!

  5. You can never have too many troopers! We'll be waiting for our orders!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  6. This should be interesting. I'm in. (This won't interfer with the Penn State football games and all the pawties I'm invited to, will it?)

    Trooper Koobuss

  7. worse of allnews, something that ARMY and all the new recruits need to work on....did you know that utah has the worse upwqard temperature change of all the rest of the world{greenhouse affect} when the flood comes remember sadie sandy duke jassperbell and speedy from uuuuuttah

  8. Woohaw (or is that Hahwoo?, we can never remember...) Anywoo, we are so honored, and ready to report for duty! Woo aren't going to pin any medals on our chests though, are woo? We don't like gettin stuck. Sounds like we are in an illustrious class for boot camp. We're gonna make our mom send our email to get our supercool logo for our page right now. All in unison, "Hup too, Mom, Front & center & at attention! We have an order from the XO to get our Cool new AO4 for our blogsite. We'll be awaiting our orders. do we need to stand at attention until we get them?
    Since I'm still a pup is it okay for me to still close my comments with "manykisses" or is that too sissy for the army? Maybe I should change it to something like "Sirs, Yes SIrs"
    Bama & the River Hill Pack (team?)
    (Drill instructor-Bama
    Point man-Cracker
    Company Morale-Mikki)

  9. Yeah.. we're getting more trooper in the team. Pawsome..

    ~ Girl girl

  10. Woo, this is way cool! Can I have the honour to join too?


  11. oh your serious look quite frightened me there Amber!

    I am a already a proud Trooper! Welcome to the new recruits!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  12. Hi Guys
    Welcome to all the new members. We are always ready for our new mission so bring it on.
    By the way that is a great serious pose there Amber.
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. China & Madie: We will definitely welcome any resources you can lay your paws on! HOOAH!

    Holly: There's a taste of cool in the air here, too! It's got all of us psyched up and ready to GO!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Cool! Oh ... and Shiloh! :) You're so sweet!

    Juneau: You and Cosi are most welcome to join! Shoot us an email!
    I wish I could give your mom a sweet, gentle smoochie. My mom says that can make anything feel better!
    Stormy said a pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do.

    Kelsey Ann: Stand by! Orders coming soon!

    Koobie: Duty first! Football second!

    Mr. Barlow: Interesting. Of course, they're calling for an overly cold winter here.

    Bama: We're glad you and the RHP are on board! Storm said to keep using "many kisses", as it will lull the bipeds into a false sense of complacency. Let them think we're just sweet, innocent little puppies!

    Girl Girl: Isn't it great?!? Of course we only have ONE outstanding Hamsterberian!

    Precious: Yes! That's great! Email us for the code! And welcome!

    Marvin: I AM scary! Hee hee hee!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo. I had to practice it!

    Love and HOOAH!

  14. Hey AO4,
    Texas just reporting
    in sir all is fine
    over my neck of the woods.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  15. Hi Texas! Oooh, it looks like you're having a GREAT time at your place! I love the pix of you and all your friends at the RSPCA event!
    Thanks for checking in!