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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Would You Rather Be Doing?

Greetings, readers. It's me - Storms. With a capital "S". Unfortunately, we're getting pounded with storms with a small "s" today. I really don't care for me with a small "s". Mom said I should try to think about things that make me happy to get my mind off the thunder and lightning. I had a really fun time a couple days ago, playing with my cool camo bone toy in the backyard ... so I am trying to think about that.

I ran after it and pounced on it a few times, playing "keep away" from Mom. That was fun!

Then I took it over into the shade of some Feather Reed Grass and tried to rip it up.

It's a real sturdy toy! I didn't rip it open, but I sure had fun making it squeak! The little dog who lives behind us heard the toy squeaking and started barking. He's left outside all day and has nothing to do.

That poor guy! I should show him my cool camo bone!

I went over to the retaining wall and struck a pose with my toy in my mouth.

Hey, little fella! You OK over there?

The little guy out back said he'd rather be running around our yard, playing with Mom and my squeaky camo bone. I can hardly blame him. That's what I'd rather be doing, too.

How about you? What would you rather be doing right now?

Tail wags,
Storms (capital "S", feeling a tad better now.)


  1. We're supposed to get storms here soon...I hate storms. The thunder turns me into a little girl.


  2. That poor neighbor pup. :( Makes me sad to think about it!

    I would rather be running in my yard without a lead...I'm sick of my fence being down! Mom and Dad need to hurry up and rebuild it!


  3. well right now we are at home sleeping, which is not so bad. BUT it would be pawesome to be at the dog park with Mom and Dad or at Gram and Gramps eating endless treats!

  4. Awww... we feel bad for your neighbor. There is a dog that lives across the street from us and he has to stay in his garage a lot. Sometimes we can see just his paws sticking under the garage door. Mom worries about him and considers calling the animal people on him but hasn't yet.

    Right now we are blogging from our kennels since Mom and Dad are at work, so we would rather be wrestling on the bed!

    Steve and Kat

  5. oh poor Stormy with the Storms with a small S. We don't get many storms like you, cos we live in what is called the "central lowlands". But you have my sympathy as I hate thunder and lightening....the few times I have seen and heard it, I have run away!!

    And poor little fella next door to you, we have one of those too here in Dunblane. Except it is a poor little female. We have a wierd guy neighbour who has a wee dog who probably is very sweet, but it never gets walked or petted or loved.

    Jeannie breaks her heart over it.

    She says the man (weird guy!) is totally joy less when he is with his dog.

    sorry I have gone on a bit here, just makes us both so mad the poor wee dog is so bored and "barky" all day left alone in the house.

    I must do a post on it, perhaps tomorrow.

    love and long winded licks, your friend Marvin

  6. oh forgot to say after all that guff there, Jeannie and me would like to be showing the poor wee doggie owned by weird guy next door, how to enjoy life and have a good dog life with lots of walkies, love and fun, and good food!

    xxxxxx Marvin xxxxxx

  7. ps Jeannie has a name for the weird guy next door to us, she took the nick name from the "Friends" series (of which she is a total addict!!!!)....

    she calls weird guy next door to us, "Ugly Naked Guy" as in "Friends" although as she says thankfully she has never seen him naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and never wants to! Phew, this is getting to be a bit of a saga, I will shut up now! Just Ugly Naked Guy really gets us stirred up, with his cruelty. We rang the SSPCA about him way back when his other dog was dying, but there was nothing could be done. ;0(

  8. Oh no, I hope those (s)torms aren't coming our direction. I might have to find my way to the nearest closet.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  9. I've always been very brave around storms but Shadow doesn't like them at all. She hides underneath the dining room table.
    I would rather be outside romping in the snow, the wind whipping through my fur. ::sigh::

  10. I'm not that fond of little s storms either. But I do love playing "Keep away"!

    I would rather be playing in the magic Snow Pile with mommy, right now. The Magic Snow Pile is wonderful. I'll ask mommy if I can send you some snow by mail
    She says no. Mean mommy.

  11. How sad for your neighbor pup to ber so lonely!

    I love that third picture of you! You look sooo beautiful!


  12. We're getting quite a lot of rain lately. I would like to come and play with you too Stormy. That's so much more fun

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Hi Storm
    It's so sad when doggies are left alone in the back yard with nothing to do all day. My mum would love to make the hoomans live like some of these poor doggies. My brother, Hobson is real scared of storms too. I help mum look after him.
    Love from Hammer

  14. Sherman: I try to be brave ... but sometimes it's just too much!

    Marley: I know. He deserves better than that!
    Hope your mom and dad get busy with that fence repair!

    Joe: Those things sound good!

    Steve & Kat: Wrestling on the bed sounds fun!
    It's heartbreaking to see how some bipeds treat our kind!

    Marvin: Here in KS, we get some house-shaking storms! They are scary!
    Sorry about the little guy next to you; why are people so needlessly cruel?

    Kelsey Ann: I hope they stay away from your house!!! I've tried our closet, but there is a window in there and the lightning gets in.:(

    Echo: Poor Shadow! I totally understand where she's coming from!
    SNOW! Snow sounds AWESOME!

    Louka: Magic snow pile! Magic snow pile!!!

    Holly: You are so sweet - thank roo!
    Sometimes I feel bad playing out there, 'cuz the little guy starts barking. He had nothing else to do! :(

    GG: That would be GREAT to have you come play! You could even do zoomies in the back yard. Maybe you'd meet Oswald!

    Hammer: That's exactly what my mom thinks, too. Maybe that's what awaits those people = if you know what I mean!
    It's really nice that you try to help Hobson!

    Tail wags, all!

  15. running in ponds, smelling skunk holes, sniffing bushes, and badger's butt holes, etc etc etc

  16. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Wooo Storms.. I am so sorry that the small "s" storms rolled through. However, those photos of you were BEAUTIFUL! My favorite one is the 3rd one down! Simply Beautiful and awesome lighting :)