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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Coronation!

That's right, pups, there's been a coronation right here in Kansas! And a coup. And another coronation. WHEW! It's been wild!

Ha roo, everypup, it's me - Zim. Wowzers, do I have incredible news to share! It involves some guy named the Kaw King. I think it might have to do with that Johnny Kaw guy that I reported on a long time ago. Here's what's been going on:

A couple weeks ago, Mom said the Kaw King had to be replaced in the Master Bathroom. Now, that seems like an odd place for a coronation to me, but I've heard some people refer to there being a throne in there ... so who am I to argue? I think it's behind me here, as I'm doing my "Super Zim" pose:

Super Zim

Anyroo, so the Kaw King was replaced a couple weeks ago. I think Mom had something to do with it. Then this weekend, Mom and Dad were doing all kinds of projects, like replacing electrical outlets outside, and Mom said something about having to admit that the new Kaw King wasn't working out. Dad agreed. So somehow, there was a coup, and Mom ousted the old Kaw King. Whoa! Don't mess with Mom! I came into the bathroom at one point to see if I could lend a paw, and this is what I saw:

Hey, Mom! What's this thing on the floor?

She said it was the Kaw King's gun. WOWZERS, you wouldn't think he'd leave something like that laying around, would you? Mom said it wasn't loaded, though. I wonder how Mom got it away from him? How cool!

What's this other stuff?

I wanted to check everything out and make sure Mom was OK. I think maybe Mom saw my post the other day about how I helped out when Abrush and Aroller were here, though, 'cuz she started muttering all kinds of stuff about how her first clue that the first new Kaw King wasn't going to work out should have been that it cleaned up real easily with just water and how maybe I shouldn't help with the new Kaw King. I was a tad concerned about her at that point; I didn't see the King anywhere! Nothing she said made any sense to me! But she went on about this new Kaw King being really hard to get off of anything and she didn't want it on "somepuppy's snooter" (wonder who she meant!) and said, "Excuse me, please," which is how Stormy trained her to ask us to back away. Fine. I had other things to do, anyway.

Me, moving on to another important task

So... the Kaw King who was installed a couple weeks ago is gone and the new Kaw King is in place. Mom said today will be the big test to see how he does in hot water.

The King is dead; long live the King!

Play bows!


  1. Wow, your mom seems really tough! Removing one Kaw King so soon after being installed, and then appointing a new Kaw King! I sure wouldn't want to be in hot water with her!


  2. I agree with Holly! That's one heck of a royal coup if you ask me!

    Mom says that we have Kaw King too in our bathroom...he must have many different lands over which he sees. Our Kaw King is sort of yellow and there is talk of his replacement, though. I will have to keep my eye out on what happens next and report on any changes!


  3. The Kaw King is in hot water? Poor King... You won't have to bow to him and pay him tribute, will you? That would be a little demeaning for a Sibe...

  4. oh I am in total awe now! Let me get this right......

    Your Mama first of all removes a King from your new bathroom......

    then she replaces the King with another King????????

    oh my, so what you could say now Zim, is that Elvis (aka The King) has definitely left the building... (aka Your Master Bathroom)....

    oh my, "a little less conversation and a bit more action please".......

    or, "ahem"

    "It's now or never,
    come hold my master bathroom tight......
    stay with me my darling,
    be mine tonight.
    Its now or never,
    my bathroom won't wait.

    When I first saw you,
    with your sleek lines so tender
    My bathroom heart was captured
    my shower surrended........
    I'd spent a lifetime
    waiting for a bath time
    Now that your near
    my shower is here at last.

    Its now or never,
    Come Kaw King me tight,
    Bath with me, my darling,
    Wash with me sweet Sibes tonight.
    Tomorrow will never be too late,
    its now or never,
    my master bathroom won't wait.

    Just like a willow
    I would leak an ocean,
    If we lost the bathroom,
    we would flood the ocean......
    Your accessories delight me,
    let your Kaw King invite me,
    for who knows when,
    we will Kaw King again.

    Its now or never.....
    come bath with me tonight,
    Just heal me my darlng,
    complete my bathroom alright?,
    tomorrow will be too late,
    its now or never,
    my Master Bathroom won't wait.

    An Ode to Kaw King.......wherever and whoever he may be.....

    Long Live the King!

  5. The Human Assistant says that sounds a lot like the history of Mexico he was reading last night.

    He also says he is 1/16 Kaw, according to his mom.

    I never know what he'll say next. Or whether to believe him!

  6. You may not be able to figure out where your mom sent the Kaw King, but gosh, you WERE in the right room - the one with the throne, right? Keep an eye on that throne, someone is sure to sit on it and then you'll know who the next King is!

    Wooos and a-rooos,
    Star and the Jack a-Roo

  7. I know about the Kaw King...he visited here when dad had to fix the rotten wall in our shower....boy does the Kaw King really stink! We had to hold our noses.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  8. BTW, our pup-date is posted....thanks for letting us participate in this mission...we enjoyed it!

    Kapp Pack

  9. Dear Zim,

    Quite a Saga! My person still has quite a Smile from reading this Story. I wish to thank You and your Flock for always sharing such good Stories and Jokes and General News with Us All.

    Best Barks,

  10. wow, Mom and Dad just put in a new kaw king in our kitchen too because water was dripping down below on to the cleaning stuff! Kaw King must be powerful to reign in kansas and arizona!

  11. Oh I like the super Zim pose.
    Hum.. I've never see this Kaw King in my home before..

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Goodness, your mom sure does not mess around! Our mom wants your mom to visit her to replace the Kaw King in our throneroom, cuz dad was supposed to replace ours and he hasn't been able too. She says our Kaw King is bad and not doing a good enough job. She's replaced it several times and it keeps turning on her. She mutters a lot about it too.

    Zim, Mom says that she loves your Super Zim pose and you have the cutest snooter ever, so keep it out of the Kaw King gun's way.

  13. I think we may have some Kaw King - but I think Master calls it something different. It does not come within Mistress's department so she doesn't know what this other name is.

    Anyway whatever it is called it needs replacing because everytime she goes in the show there is water on the floor. But Mistress is messy like that anyway.

    Pippa (xx for Amber)

  14. First, I love your Super Zim pose! Second, wow, no one should mess with your mom! She wrestles guns away from kings! That's amazing!


  15. Yur mom is talented to tackle jobs wif the Kaw King! Mommy isn't good wif tools, just her crafty stuff. Our daddy is the fixer-upper & always doing sumthing to our house - working on the Kaw King, the throne in the bathroom, working on the radiators. He said there is always sumthing to do in a house. I try to help, but my main job is watching Juneau so he doesn't gets in trouble with stuff in his mouth. So I take him out in the side run & watch what he does. I'm told that I'm a big help in that.
    Hiya Zim,
    I just thought of sumthing that lil me could do on a mission. I can act cute & be a diversion while Cosi & the older guys finish the mission. I can also squeeze in smaller spaces where the other big guys do not fit. How does that sound?

  16. 16 Paws up to the AO4's mom, dethroning & disarming the Kaw King? Love your Super Zim pose, but surely you have a pic of the "Super Mom" pose!
    Don't mess with the AO4 mom!
    Bama & the RHP

  17. Kaw King is scheduled to visit us soon too. Somehow Master Bath started at the top of our home destruction list and ended up on the bottom. Mom's not quite sure how that happens!
    P.S. I didn't know Kaw King has a gun! Woo - I better leave Mom's plants alone for awhile!

  18. Holly: Mom is scary-tough!

    Marls: It was incredible!
    The Kaw King seems to reign supreme all OVER the place!

    Louka: I bow to no one! Though I do play bow to everyone! Ha roo roo roo!

    Marvin: "The King has left the building!" Ha roo! You're so witty, Marvin! We ALL really enjoyed your song! Ha ROO!

    Tucker: Mexico, eh? All I know about Mexico is that our friends K and Kali live there ... and that's where some mighty tasty things like free-holies come from! I'll have to ask K is he knows the Kaw King!

    Star & Jack: We'll keep a close watch on the throne; Thanks for the heads up on that one!

    Kelsey Ann: Ammy did a lot of sneezing after the most recent coup, so I think the newest, reigning Kaw King is pretty strong smelling. She has a very sensitive snooter! The kind that couldn't stand up in hot water wasn't as odiferous. Go figure.
    You guys did an outSTANDING job on your mission!!!

    Dear Miss Tansy! I'm not as intense about it as Amber, but I LOVE making people smile! Yours must be fond of royalty, for her to find such joy in this story! Ha roo roo roo!

    Joe: The Kaw King reigns supreme!

    GG: I am ........ SUPER ZIM! Ha roo roo roo!

    Guinness and Shiloh: Apparently, Mom's been battling with the Kaw King since she was in high school. She says it's one of her hidden talents.
    My little snooter is CLEAN, honest!

    Pippa: Mom replaces our Kaw King every couple of years, apparently. Only when she de-throned him a couple weeks ago, his replacement was inferior. I think she obsesses about it. Mom's a Type A.
    Amber sends her love!

    Kat: Mom is almost as scary as Stormy! ALMOST!

    Cosmos: Mom says if she pretends real hard, she can pretend using the Kaw King's gun is like a craft. Mom's strange sometimes.
    Keeping Juneau out of trouble is a VERY important task!

    Juneau: Diversion by acting cute?!? Excellent skill! Yes, your help in that area would be MUCH appreciated!
    And squirting in where us bigger pups can't fit would be very helpful! Great thinking, little pup!

    Bama: Mom is invincible! I think that's a mixed breed.

    Echo: Yes, Kaw King DOES have a gun! Beware! It makes an awful squeeky noise, too!

    Play bows, all!
    Super Zim