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Monday, October 22, 2007

Mission Status

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Stormy, Supreme Commander of the Ao4. I'd like to congratulate the Troopers in the Ao4 - our latest mission is coming along splendidly! We've had some great p-updates from Tasha and Eva, China and Madie, saw Girl Girl doing some great hamsterberian-type training ... and I know the rest of you are working hard, too! (Forgive me if I've left someone off who has posted a mission p-update; it's been wild around here lately!) Anyroo... yesterday, our feline friend Tia reported in! She and Sitka have completed their part of the mission - and did an incredible job! I listened to her briefing, hanging on every "meow" and watching her body language closely:

Yep, yep ... great work, Tia!

Wait! What was that? SGT Zim! Check this out! You aren't going to believe it!

I couldn't believe how Tia (and Sitka) had fooled everyone! I called Zim in to check it out - he's the only other member of the Ao4 who speaks Cat!

Oh, wow, Storm! I can't believe it, either! The Chiefs are going to beat Oakland!

He's a great guy, but sometimes his focus is off. "Sitka's mission report, Zim!"

Oh, yeah! That's remarkable, too! Great work, Tia and Sitka!

Tia - you and Sitka have done an amazing job! Great work, Troopers!

How is everypup else doing? Report in when you can!

Tail wags,
Supreme Commander, Ao4


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Wooo Stormy and Zim! Tia here - I am so glad you understood my message to you. I believe it is important that all of us troppers keep everyone updated! Tasha and Eva did an excellent job on their update too. I thought I needed to chime in a few meows :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of you both checking out the puter. That makes me smile big!!!

  2. Progress is being made here in hot, humid PA. Shadow's very good at the undercover stuff. Nobuddy would believe she'd be on a Sibe's side so she's the perfect recruit.

  3. P.S. Mom pointed out now that our nails are shorter we can sneak up on the enemy! Woo....I think she's got a point there.

  4. I totally agree, they have done a fabulous job! I'm still working on mine and will give my pup-date soon!


  5. Oh way Cool, we get to see first hand the brain center of the Ao4,
    where it all happens. We think Zim is just multi-tasking?!

    Great Photos of you two.
    Frankie Grrl and Maddie

  6. I've been working on my assignment! See my blog for an update!


  7. We are going to post our mission pup-date tomorrow. Wait until you see how sneaky we've been.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  8. ummm I dunno about CATS guys!? can you trust them?

    I hope your football team had better luck than my steelers.

  9. Oh, the troopers are doing great on the mission. I love Tia's meowing report

    ~ Girl girl

  10. oh I have been in training today for my part as a Trooper in the AO4, I have made a report on it on my Blog Post today, Stormy!

    It was an awful long task which Jeannie set before me, but I completed it with flying colours!

    And met a Donkey in the process!

    love and licks, and whatever Supreme Commander Type Signing Off thingys you say to a Supreme Commander......! ooops, got a bit confused there!

    Marvin xxxxx

  11. Stormy, we've been training hard and we think that Shiloh's recon mission was a success, even if it did scare dad whiter than Shiloh's fur.

    Wait, the Chiefs are winning????? Mom muttered some nasty words when her Steelers were loosing the other night.

  12. We won the battle with mom over taking photos of our efforts in the mission, we'll be posting them as soon as we get dad to load them on our 'puter, (shhhh, don't tell the mom!)
    BTW, is "manykisses" a fitting sign off for an AO4 trooper? I really do give manykisses, mom says she thinks I might have some French in me, whatever that means....
    Bama & the RHP

  13. Tia: Mirrrr-ow! Your videos were excellent! Zim and I understood everything perfectly. Amber and Dave checked them out, too, but Amber went under the desk to look for you and wouldn't come out. Dave got distracted when he saw his dinosaur bone. ???

    Echo: Excellent! We're sending some cooler weather your way, to help you out. Shadow is vital to your part of the mission!
    Hmm... good thinking about the nails, albeit a wee bit sneaky on your mom's part!

    Holly: Can't wait to see your p-update!

    Frankie and Maddie: Hmm... sure... stick up for the Z-man! That's ok, it's good that fellow Troopers cover each other's 6. I appreciate loyalty like that!

    Steve: That is INCREDIBLE!

    Kelsey Ann: You've got your whole pack working hard! That's wonderful!

    Joe: We can trust this cat!
    The Chiefs pulled it off; sorry about the Steelers!

    GG: She was very thorough, wasn't she?

    Marvin: Wow, we were so impressed by all the training you're doing! Pace yourself, man! Don't over-do!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Shiloh's recon mission scared US, too! We're just glad he's back at home base, safe and Siberian!

    Bama: We're anxious to see how you all are progressing!
    Oh, and "manykisses" is fine. It will distract any bipeds away from the fact that we are in the midst of our important mission. Lull them into a sense of false complacency. Or something like that!

    Tail wags!