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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ivy's Poetry Book and Help in the Garden

Woo, everypup! Dave here, with some exciting news. Have you seen our very dear friend Ivy's blog?!? Check out this post - her new book of dog poetry came in! And guess who wrote it? SHE DID! Isn't that cool!?!?

Poet Paws

And Marvin and I are contributing poets! I'm very flattered that she included some of my Haik-woo. You can go to this link to order one of her books for your very own! It's so exciting!

Speaking of exciting, I was helping Mom with the watering the other day - here I am, helping:

Could you see me? Here's a closer shot:

I'm here for you, Mom!

Yeah, so I was up on the deck helping while she went down to water those Butterfly things Aunt Janet sent. Then I heard her start talking to someone! At first I thought maybe Oswald was out there, but Zim (who was also helping) said no, that he'd know if it was Oswald. Here's Zim, making sure it's not Oswald.

No ... it's nobunny we know, Dave!

Here's who she saw!

A giant toad! Oh, no ... wait. Here's some perspective for you:

That's Mom's finger! The toad (or is it a frog?) was less than an inch long! He hung out and watched Mom water the butterfly thingies.

What a helpful guy! Knowing he was out there, I could relax.

My work here is done!

Have a great day, everypup. And Mr. Toad.



  1. Cool pix Dave. And Mr Toad is very nice.


  2. oh we like Toads, though we dont get many here in our garden but he looks like a real nice guy!

    And isn't it great to be famous in dear Ivy's book! Jeannie nearly cried with excitement when she saw the actual book on the computer screen!

    We are ordering copies for Christmas presents!

    Ivy is a good Pal!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  3. Mr. Toad is lucky you're such a gentle pup! Woof! I love that your Dogster badges are up on your page, that's pawesome!

    Love, Dogster Dog

  4. Hi pups,
    Wanted to say hi and tell you we really enjoyed your blog.

    Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy

  5. Woos up Handsome?

    My WolfPak Dave Khouloured Khollar arrived today - I stylishly strutted it about the neighborhood tonight -

    And I do think Miss HBBB is jealous ;-)

    My hu-mom lives a big plant saucer by the back door for squirrels and khats to have water from BUT some nights there is an escargot in the making enjoying it -

    Have you ever had a slug?

    Do they taste like chikhken OR khat?



  6. Hmmmm....I met one of those toad things when we went camping this summer.....it jumped away and didn't want to play with me.

    Puppy Slurps, Canyon

  7. that toad looks so tiny...

    my garden hd some big n ugly looking ones....n i love to gv them a big pat

  8. Cute froggy. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. it's been a while for Rocky and I - We've been busy to say the least. Dad says hello and wants to send a special hug to Am and thanks for stopping by at our blog. Kisses to all, Love Mati and Rocky.

  9. What did Mr. Toad say back to mom? Rib-it? or Croak?

    We know a famous and published poet! cool!

  10. Mom didn't like this post, sorry guys, but she really doesn't like frogs and toads they give her the willies!!

  11. Great job Davy! I wonder if that frog/toad is tasty? If you aren't going to eat him, maybe he needs a name, like your bunny visitor Oswald?


  12. I can see you up at the deck Dave. What a tiny little froggie. I think he's smaller then me

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Pippa: I didn't get to meet the toad up close and dog-onal, but he seemed pretty cool from where I was!

    Marvin: Do you have tiny ones like this?
    I am totally honored to be in Ivy's book with you! I'm going to figure out how to use my mom's plastic card with the numbers on it this weekend and order one!

    Dogster Dog: Dogster ROCKS! And so does that video! Woo!

    Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy: Thanks for reading and ha-wooooo!

    Khyra: I'd love to see a picture of you in your new collar! Can you email one to me or my mom?
    I've never had a slug, but my mom ate something called S-car-go when she lived in Europe. She said they tasted like slime. They were raw; Mom was less than thrilled.

    Canyon: This little guy let Mom get real close to him! She has a way with little critters.

    Pacco: We have bigger ones out front. Or maybe those are the frogs? I have no idea.

    Mati & Rocky: You guys have had your paws full! Know that we're thinking good thoughts for you!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Amber said she asked the toad how tall the grass was for him and that he said, "Knee deep!" I'm not sure if I believe her.......

    Joe: She can stay up on the deck with me and Zimmie!

    Holly: Good idea! What's a good name?

    Girl Girl: He is LOTS smaller than you! And not NEARLY as cute, either! Woo.


  14. I used to have a big ol' toad living in my kennel - they're pretty good company, so I never bothered him. Your toad is very cute, too!
    we'll have to check out the poetry book - sounds woooo!

    Woos, Star
    & the Jack a-Roo

  15. your helping looks like mine. I don't like the waterhose.


  16. Star & Jack: Did you give your toad a name?

    Steve: WATER comes out of the hose, and WATER could make my feety-feet wet! Woo.


  17. Frogs? Toads? Mama snuffed two of them out of our back yard in recent weeks! I wanted to sniff around, but she was afraid they might have been Colorado River Toads, which come out at the end of the monsoons. And she says they are VERY poisonous, and she doesn't want me NEAR them. She doesn't know if the ones she, er, captured and , um, tossed, were these type, but she didn't want to find out! I hope you all don't get those toads!