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Friday, October 19, 2007

Woo & Ha Roo from Dave & Storms

Woooo! It's me, Dave! And Storm sends her ha roooos! We were going to make this post together; it got too confusing, so Storm told me to post today and she'll post tomorrow. She's so smart!

Here we are, after she made her command decision:

Me on the left; Storm on the right

Anywoo... guess where we got to go this week? We both had our 6-month check ups in our Senior Care Program! Storm's appointment was Wednesday (yep, the day of the severe storms - it was a challenging day for her!) and I saw the vet people yesterday!

All-in-all, we both got very good results. There are a few little things, but we're in the "just keep an eye on them" stage. We're both very healthy seniors! (I am probably 9, by the way, and Stormy is probably 12.) The 6-month check up isn't as involved as the yearly one, but they're still pretty long appointments (I think we were each there about 4 hours) and the vets and the students really give us thorough exams!

Stormy is going to tell you more tomorrow about what all the exams entail; she said I could sum up what happens there, if I keep it short. She'll expand on it all tomorrow. Here goes; here's what happened at my appointment!

1. Met lots of people; hugged them, got tummy rubs, convinced them I am the most lovable, cooperative pup in all the world.
2. Laid on the exam room floor and got lots more tummy rubs. Hugged by Beth, our Vet Tech. Sort of heard the bipeds talk about things like blood pressure, tumor mapping, and the condition of my teeth, but it all went in one ear and out the other. Even when there was a cone-shaped thing with a flashlight in it stuck in my ear. Nothing really registered because of the tummy rubs.
3. They all gazed longingly into my eyes, and put special drops in them. A few times. Some strips of paper, too. I didn't really care; Beth was hugging me and everyone was saying how good I am. Woo.
4. Massaged by the student and the vet. A little extra attention to one of my back legs. More tummy rubs.
5. Got lots of cookies toward the end and was told not to pay attention to what anyone was doing at my end. Don't really know what that was all about - Mom offered me cookies, so I stood there quietly, chomping away.
6. More hugs, tummy rubs, told how wonderful I am.

That's about it. A pretty good morning, if you ask me. I was exhausted when we got home, though. All that socializing can wear a guy out!

Stormy will tell you more tomorrow - though I really don't think I left anything out. Oh, wait, Dr. Dixon did tell me she read our blog when we saluted our vets! That's really cool; I think she liked it! She also hugged me a lot and I hugged her and she asked Mom a lot about Stormy's recovery from her big surgery. (Dr. Dixon is the vet who helped Mom catch that bad tumor early so we could have it removed and have a healthy Stormy!!! YEA!!!) I really liked her. And my student Taies. I think I spelled that wrong ... she was really, really nice and smart and I should have paid attention to how to spell her name. I was distracted by the cookies and tummy rubs. Woo. I also got to meet Stormy's student Cory and I liked him a lot, too.

Tune back in tomorrow!



  1. Howrroooo Dave!
    Sounds like your check-ups are lots more fun than ours. Our vet is nice and always compliments us and gives us treats, but wow, y'all get bellyrubs the whole time you're there? We need to tell our mom to find us a V.E.T like yours!

    We've all been workin really hard on our mission to dig a hole to China, specially Cracker. It's been rainin here for the last couple of days which makes the job much easier. We'll try to get mom to post some pictures of our many holes soon. (We know one really deep hole would work better than dozens of small ones, but we keep runnin into tree roots, then we have to abandon the hole & start a new one....) We'll keep ya posted on our progress!
    Bama & the RHP

  2. Wooos, Dave & Storms~
    sounds like one heck of a check-up...4 hours???? Your VET sounds very nice. I like the new one I go to, and Sherman seemed to like the other one he went to when he got so sick. But mom said she's not so impressed with the ones that saw Jack. He'll have to stomp his feet next time and demand to see the nicer guy. Glad to hear y'all are healthy. I had no idea you were 9, Dave, you look so youthful! (I'm 10 yrs. young.)

    Wooooos and a-rooos,
    ~Star and the Jack a-Roo

    (PS- I posted a comment to Storm's last comment on our blog, if you care to revisit & read it. : ) )

  3. Wow, Dave, you really don't look your age! I would have said you were maybe five, or something... Storm I knew, since she said how old she was at her birthday (not that she looks it either...), but yeah, I'm surprised.

    Your vets sound really nice. Now if only I could find a way to ship myself to Kansas for my next vet visit...


  4. You are right Dave. Any place you go that gives treats and tummy rubs is a good place to go. I am happy to hear that you and Stormy are healthy seniors.


  5. Your vet sounds as great as ours. I've become a senior this year, so my next checkup will be all those things too. I'm sure glad our parents love us like they do.

    No way I would have guessed your ages. Wow!

    I'll tell MayaMarie you'all are wishing her well. The vet told mom last night that she has to wear the ecollar. I can't wait to see that.

  6. oh I am soooooooo glad your health check went ok, I have mine at the end of this month!

    Although I am a bit worried about one thing you said there, Dave.

    It has me really Marvin Puzzled (and you know well, how easy that can be!)

    You said, if I read correctly, but perhaps I do need glasses after all, you say "your teeth all went in one ear and out another", well that is of grrrrreat concern to me.

    How on earth did you manage that trick?

    Is this a question for Ask Stormy perhaps, or do I need to have a real good eye test at my yearly check up?

    love and licks, and so pleased all went well,

    Marvin xxxxxx

    ps I have been quiet, 'cos my hooooman bruv is studying and needs to use the computer ("Sigh"). We saw your email about Dogster and we will reply when we get more 'puter time! Thanks though!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That is such great news Dave...to look at you I would never think you were a senior siberian...you wear it well.

    Can't wait to hear Stormy's side of the story!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. Glad to hear the vet trip went well.

    I didn't realize that Stormy was that old.

  9. Wow, aroo roo, you guys look good. And you look almost the same (but not quite). And so alert. I always look sleepy. :(

    Waiting to hear what Storm has to say too.


  10. Wow, it's great when you find a good doctor. We used to go to this doctors office we didn't really like but then mom found out one of her schoolmates was opening up a practice. We LOVE our new VET!!!!
    Glad to hear everyone is A-OK.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. what great news that you guys are healthy seniors! I am getting to be a senior now too.

  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Having a vet that you adore makes the visits that much better! Wonderful photos of you and Stormy, Dave!


  13. Wonderful news for both of you!! I have to say I sure was wrong about your ages...I thought you both were in the young pup age! Lots of tummy rubs, lots of cookies and all those exams..you sure have a great vet!!!