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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abrush and Aroller

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Zim! I was reading our good friends' blog the other day - Tasha and Eva's blog. It was really cool - they posted about their mission as Troopers in the Ao4, complete with pictures and a video! They did really well, and we're tremendously proud of them!

They also mentioned that they've been going through some home renovations lately - and I had asked if my friend Adrill was there. Sadly, he wasn't, but they had those guys Abrush and Aroller there! I know them, too! The girls mentioned "almost" getting paint on their snooters. Um ... I think I may have done that a few years ago when Adrill, Abrush and Aroller were at our house. Wowzers, did I have fun when those guys were here!

Here are me and Dave out on the deck, after I was in checking on the guys' progress! Storm warned me that Mom might not want me helping them. I still can't understand that!

Mom got it in her head that I had been up to some mischief. Who.... me?

Honestly, sometimes it's like she doesn't trust me or something!

How could you doubt this face? Don't I look totally innocent? Ya know ... except for the paint on my snooter. Ha roo roo roo!

Tasha & Eva - thanks for telling Abrush and Aroller "ha roo" for me!

Play bows, all!


  1. Zim, I agree, you look totally innocent. I trust you implicitly.

    As you say you are a Siberian, what is there not to trust?

    Your photos and captions are very funny and I like to hear news of Adrill, Abrush and Aroller, we had them over here this time last year.

    Plenty of opportunity for snootering! ;0) love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  2. what handsome brave dogs you are, and tough enough for any mission there is strenghth in numbers so don't forget to give an assignment to sandie sadie speedy dukke and jasperbell

  3. ha ha! I trust you too. Who could doubt your innocence?

  4. That's such a small spot, I'm surprised your mom could see it!

  5. I think you were just doing your job and inspecting the work they had done. They should be happy you did that for them! Job well done!


  6. Hey with your cute face I think the paint jumped on YOU! Totally unfair for your Mom to think you did that!
    China & Madie

  7. Zimmie!

    I think you look like the Jeep commercial pup in the last photo,
    was expecting you to break out in song! Waaay cool!
    I didn't get any abrush or aroller
    white stuff on me this last round of paint, Maddie got it all over her tail, guess she wanted to look a little more like me? Or at least try!
    HaRoooooo, Maddie can never look like us Sibes huh Zimmie.!

    You ARE so innocent!!!!!

    Frankie Girl

  8. woofies A04!!! hmmm u lookies likies u can paint good...i gets to help do dat next summers...didya sees on girl-girls bloggy that she been trainin for ur mission...

    b safe,

  9. We are so glad that you approved of our mission! We always try to do our best. Zimmy, that paint on your snooter looks like just hazards of the trade of project inspector. How could your mom possibly think that you had been up to mischief? By the way, Adrill did make an appearance last Sunday. We'll post about that for Few Words Friday tomorrow! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  10. Zimmie, you look totally innocent...how could your mom think you were up to no good??? We like to add brush strokes with our tails when abrush and aroller come over.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. How does your Mom know it was paint, it could be bird poo!!

  12. I totally think you're innocent, Zim. Just about as innocent as I was last night when Mom and Dad were eating supper and didn't notice me eating some of their chicken and noodles out of the pan on the stove.


  13. Hee hee Zim, you still look so cute with that white speck of paint on your nose.
    You sure were nice to offer to help out

    ~ Girl girl

  14. Zimmie, you have the most innocent and sincere snooter ever. We think you were inspecting too. Gotta make sure these bipeds do their missions too!

  15. I believe you Zim. Where was Stormy to clean your nose before your mom saw it?

  16. Hi-Woo Zim,
    Hey buddy, you look totally innocent to me!

  17. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Zim, I think that paint was planted on your snooter! You are 100% innocent.