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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Salute - Sitka & Tia!

Ha roo, everypup! ...and kitty. Today our Sunday Salute goes out to our dear friends Sitka and Tia! You may remember that we saluted Sitka and her mom (Shelli) just a few weeks ago. Well, we got an email from Sitka's mom over the weekend and just had to share this p-update with you! (Can you do a p-update if a kitty is involved? Or would that be ... cat-ching up? Hee hee hee! That one's for you, Marvin!)

OK. Sorry. Down to business! In the email from Sitka's mom, she said she came home from work Friday with a horrible headache. As she told us, "I got out my (ok 'our') quilt and curled up on the sofa with it to watch some TV. Miss Sitka came over, crawled up on the sofa (being as quiet as possible), curled up by my legs and laid the upper half of her body on my legs on the quilt!" Check this out:

Sitka helping her mom!

Is that not the picture of true love, devotion, and sweetness?!?!? Shelli told us Sitka has a way of knowing when she doesn't feel good. "She just climbs right up and either lays right up against me, or gets (fully or partially) in my lap! Silly pup really thinks she is a lap dog!" That "lap dog" part sounds like the Deeeeeve, if you ask us! Ha roo roo roo!

And do you know how good it made our mom feel to see Sitka and Shelli (well, Shelli's legs ...) snuggled up on the quilt we made them? Incredibly good! We thanked Sitka's mom for sending the picture and brightening our mom's day!

But that's not all! She sent another picture! Sitka decided to get up and move to lay at her mama's feet, so Tia stepped in and curled up by her on the quilt.

Sitka AND Tia helping their mom!

Could it get any sweeter?!? She said they ALL love the quilt!

She continued, saying, "Sitka has tried a few times to 'help it shed' by attempting to pull out some of the frayed denim out. She quickly got a 'no, leave it' command! And she stopped." Oh, hey, Sitka! You know what's even more fun? Digging in it! Really! Give it a try! Sure .... you might get one of those "no, leave it!" things for that, too, but it's worth it! And you might get a cool star on your quilt as a reward!

Sitka and Tia, we're so glad you were there for your mom when she wasn't feeling well! (Her headache cleared up eventually - thanks to the girls, we're sure!) For all you do, especially for helping your mom, we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Howroo Zim!
    Chili here, I made the humom check comments on our page, our peemail, and the comments on your page, but I just can't seem to find your interview questions anywhere! Did you bury them in the backyard?
    Hit me again, buddy!
    The Big Chill

  2. Wow, what a comfy bunch......I need to make more get quilts out for us to lay on more often.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. There's no better medicine than that! That pesky headache didn't have a chance with 2 loving hearts, 8 paws, and a bewootiful quilt made with love. We're glad Mom is feeling better now. Great job Sitka and Tia!

  4. Hi Zim

    Yes we did get your questions. Mom found out how to put the guestbook in our blog instead of being in as a post. She copied your questions & pasted them into a new post then deleted the guestbook post. We answered most of the questions last night....just have one to go so will get it done today:)

    Thank woo for interviewing us!


    P.S. I think you're really cute....I love your eyes and your beawootiful red coat:)

  5. Awww...I love to cuddle. Looks like fun! Glad to hear that Sitka's mom is feeling better. Headaches are not fun.

  6. That is sooo sweet of Sitka and Tia! Sam and I like to snuggle on the couch with dad. He often uses my quilt to cover up with, even though it doesn't cover all of him.


  7. Sleeping under that beautiful quilt would make anyone's headache fade quickly! I think it's great that Sitka and Tia's mom is using it! I'm afraid that my mom would store it to keep it nice forever! Using it is so much smarter and warmer!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Howroo again, Zim!
    I got your questions this time, and I've posted my answers. Mikki wanted me to ask if any of your sisters are doin interviews, she feels left out cause she's the only one that hasn't been interviewed yet. If not, that's okay, I'm sure we can find somepup out there that will interview her!

  9. Sitka and Tia would make me feel better anytime too! That in a nice warm fuzzy huskey quilt!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  10. What a FUN quilt! My mom envies you your quilting talent. Her mommy was a seamstress and though she made my Mom sew pearls onto lace (she made wedding dresses) that is about all she is good for.

    Zim, thanks for the questions--we will get them answered tomorrow and posted tomorrow night. Mom says she is 'taking them to work' whatever that means. Why would she want to take something fun to work? Silly.


  11. I completely agree. Sitka and Tia are both great girls.


  12. Cute pictures! The Human Assistant doesn't trust how sweet kids and animals look when they're asleep. He says it makes people forget what we're really like! Hmmph.

  13. Hi Guys,
    Another great Sunday Salute!
    We have missed reading your blog! Mum went out on both Thursday and Friday nights then went away for the long weekend so we stayed at the pet hotel. Anyway we are back now and had fun reading the posts that we had missed. We really liked the post about the huge box of Greenies!!! How lucky are you guys. We also checked out Ivy's book. Dave you should put all your Haikwoo together like that! It would be a wonderful book.
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. ooooh that was a quite quintinessential and quietly beautiful Sunday Salute that is!

    As you know I have recently swallowed a dictionary, so I am up to the letter Q now.....your post on Sitka and Tia's Quilt came at just the right time for me to practice my Qs!

    I wish we had a Quilt like that, but I think there would probably be a Queue for it.....

    Quite exhausted now!

    I am so glad Sitka and Tia's Mama is better too!

    love and quiet licks, Marvin xxxxx

  15. Chili: I think we're squared away now!

    Kelsey Ann: Oh, there's nothing like snuggling up on a quilt!

    Echo: Those two are a cure-all, aren't they?

    Summer: Oh, cool! And ... you're making me BLUSH!

    Amici: I just think Sitka and Tia look SO adorable, don't they?

    Holly: We MUST get the "no Sibes allowed on the couch" rule around here CHANGED!

    Maggie & Mitch: Mom said this kind of quilt was made to be USED and enjoyed! It makes her really happy to see Sitka, Tia and Shelli snuggled up in it!

    Chili: The girls weren't interviewed - so they aren't conducting interviews. I'm sure somepup would be happy to interview Mikki!

    Ruby: Mom and we got "warm fuzzies" just from the pictures! Ha roooo!

    Maddox: Mom loves to quilt!
    Can't wait to see your answers!

    Steve: They ARE, aren't they?

    Tucker: Stormy said it's part of our defense system. We're total ANGELS when we're snoozing; makes the bipeds forget about some of the "other" things. :)

    Jazz & Dixie! We've missed you! Glad you'll be back blogging!
    Dave thanks you for the compliments on his Haik-woo. :) You are very sweet girls!

    Marvin: Wowzers. You should see Stormy about being a visiting professor at the SZK School of Siberian Studies. You could teach Vocabulary! ha ROOOOOO!

    Play bows, all - especially to Sitka & Tia!

  16. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Wow you 4 - I really am speachless here. The first time you Saluted me, I was very honored. And now a 2nd Salute??? Wow, I am speachless and honored. You 4 (and your mom and dad) are the best. We appreciate your kind kind kind words and LOVE our quilt.
    HUGS and KISSES!
    Sitka (and Tia)

  17. Sitka & Tia: We LOVE you guys! And your mom and dad!

  18. Howroo Zim,
    No problem about the grrrls not conducting interviews, Jack-a-roo of the Ciber-sibes has posted interview questions for our Mikki, she'll be posting her answers tomorrow, she wanted to take some time to think about them before posting. (That's just the thoughtful kind of grrrl she is)
    Tell the grrrls thanks anywoo, & tell Am to keep her eyes open, that ocean must be gettin really close!
    Bama & the RHP