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Friday, October 12, 2007

Here We Go, Troopers! New Mission!

Woo, everypuppy! It's me again - Dave. I hope you got some play time in yesterday, because I have two videos for you today - Storm and then me, briefing you in on our new mission! We're about to get busy!

Are all the Troopers in the Army of Four ready? The Supreme Commander is here; a-ten-shun!

That's pretty clear, if you ask me. Storm gave me orders to fill you in on the rest of the mission.

I couldn't remember if I got everything, but SGT Zim didn't have anything to add, so I must have covered all the key points. I asked him a couple times, as you could see. Mom seemed to think there was something else, but there wasn't.

Any questions? Good luck, Troopers!



  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Tia and I heard everything the assignemnts Loud and Clear Stormy and Dave. We will get started on our mission at nightfall! Stormy, the stomping of the feet really drove home the significance of this mission. Nicely done!
    Sitka (and Tia)

  2. Yes Sir!
    China & Madie
    P.S. Mom can't wait to hear the translation!

  3. Greetings, Army of Four!

    Thank you for the new Mission. I will let Miss Pippin know, and she will listen to the Orders as well. I have trouble with the Siberian accent, so I am not Clear on the Details. Or the Primary Part.

    Our Air is cooler, is yours? Very Pleasant. Snow soon.


  4. Wow! That's a really interesting mission! Even though I'm a total and dedicated civilian, I perked right up when I heard those orders!


  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Sigh - I went back and read my first sentence and it makes no sense. I meant to say that Tia and I heard our assignments loud and clear, Stormy and Dave.

    It has been a long week!! Last night was 44 degrees! WOOO HOOOO!


  6. We put a video reply up on our blog!
    China & Madie

  7. Ok, but I really don't understand what rubbing peanut butter on doorknobs will accomplish, but whatever you say.


  8. Oh wow, Commander Stormy, we will get right on our mission! That is really good leadership how you delegated the instructions to Dave. You are a born leader!!

    Steve and Kat

    PS. Your kitchen tiles look like ours. Way cool.

  9. We'll get right on it!!!!!Thanks for filling us in on the details Dave!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. River Hill Pack at attention, and ready to leap into action. We got our orders loud & clear, but we're gonna go listen again....Queen Meeshka heard peanut butter, but we all thought we heard livergreat..May be the difference between a Texas twang and a Florida drawl....We'll make sure we have a clear understanding before taking any action.
    The River Hill Pack

  11. Okay - I've got the khoordinates!

    HBBB's khouch at dawn!

    Then we get Summit The Super MalBoy -


  12. oh I am ready, willing and able!

    ps I loved it when your Mama called you "David", hey that name really suits you!

    Count me on on the next AO4 Adventure!

    Trooper Marvin xxxxxx

  13. Those are very imprtant orders and we are working on our plan of attack. I've filled in my decoy undercover agent, Cheyenne, on how important these missions are. Guinness will hang back and cover our rear flank. Me, I'm supervising! HaRoo!

  14. Sitka & Tia: Great! We're counting on you two! (And don't worry, we knew exactly what you meant!)

    China & Madie: HOOAH!
    Oh... and GREAT video reply! You girls understood perfectly! Your role is crucial!

    Miss Tansy! Please do fill your flock in! We're counting on all of you! I thought Storm spoke in Bark pretty well, but yes, now that I listen again, she does have a heavy Siberian accent. Let us know if you need a translation!
    Much cooler air. We are all FULL of energy and excitement! "Snow soon" are wonderful words to hear!

    Louka: It's exciting, isn't it?

    Meeshka: Mmmm.... peanut butter.

    Steve and Kat: She's a GREAT leader and she's really SMART! But I still don't listen to her all the time. I do better when she delegates like that and lets me do it my own way.
    I love our tile floor - it's so nice and cool to lay on!

    Kelsey Ann: Be careful out there!

    Bama: I forgot about my Texas accent. We tried to get Amber to deliver the orders - since she's from Kansas, she has pretty much no accent at all. She wouldn't do it. We'll work on that, so she can clarify!

    C$: Good luck, Charlie! We're counting on you! Out.

    Khyra: Ooooh... Hollybollyboo! Must ... not ... get ... distracted!

    Marvin: We're counting on you to cover all of the UK! Your part in this mission is VITAL to our success!

    Shiloh: Using Cheyenne as a decoy!!??!! Brilliant! I love it when a plan comes together!

    Good luck, Troopers!

  15. Okay, I'm ready for a mission. I'll be on the lookout.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  16. A mission? Is this hard work?

    We haven't even got round to emailing you to put the thingy on our sidebar.

    Perhaps I need training. With Amber. :)

    Or maybe mistress does.

    Oh dear, exhausted at the thought.


  17. oh boy, Mom played this for us on the patio and the neighbor dogs heard too, I think we have some extra help on this mission from those guys. They are some pawesome mixed breeds so they can do lots of undercover work!

  18. Right away Sir! I'm ready to go. I've been practicing for this moment!

  19. Maya Marie: Keep watch from your window! You're such a key sentry!

    Pippa: Hang tough, pal! We're all in this together!

    Joe Stains: That's excellent! We need all the extra paws we can get!

    Cubby: Roger!

    Echo: I know you're ready! Us freckle-nosed boys need to stick together on this one!


  20. I'm here, I'm here! I'm sorry I didn't not reply until now my dearest Dave and sweet Stormy! I will handle things on my end right away!!


  21. Yes, ma'am! Message recorded.

    (That Dave doesn't say much though, does he?)

    Trooper Koobuss

    (pee ess Do I have a rank?)

  22. Trooper Koobuss reporting in. My mission is complete!! All of the bunnies have been eradicated from this sector of NEPA, and have been relocated across the border to the neighbor's yard.

    Over and out.

    Trooper Koobuss

  23. The Dogs of Jackman Ave reporting for duty! Our mission is clear...we'll get started right away.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  24. Holly: I knew we could count on you guys!

    Trooper Koobie: Good work! We may have to call on you to help with Oswald!
    Dave has LOTS to say normally - too much, in fact. But he was trying to be very specific about the orders!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola: Excellent! You pups play a key role, you know!

    Tail wags,