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Friday, October 26, 2007


Wooo! It's me again - Davy! Sorry for the delay in posting comments and all yesterday. Dad unhooked the whole computer and Mom cleaned everything and then they rewired and changed things around a bit and it took WAY too long! Woo. It exhausted me, as you can see:

Dad... I'm exhausted ... let's hold feety-feet!

Which reminds me ... have you seen our friends Summer and Prince's blog? Surf on over to Team Husky! I am SO flattered - they honored me with a Salute! Imagine that! They voted ME, Dave, as The Ao4's Cuddliest Member. Woo. Mom says they're right on target! Thank woo, Team Husky!

I promised you another video of me and my kid brother Zim. This one is longer and is even more action-packed! Mom filmed us playing Zoomies in the living room and dining room! Please make sure you notice one of my signature maneuvers - seeing how close I can get to the dining room hutch. (That's where all the china is stored.) Isn't it exciting?!!? I know it always gets Mom excited!

Oh, and Amber comes in to referee us. She's really good at that - you know those Calming Signals and all. I think Guinness is really good at this, too. Mom's voice sounds weird; just ignore her.

Here we are:

Hope you enjoyed that. Try out that dining room hutch maneuver and see if your moms like it! Oh ... and no, we've never broken anything. We're VERY good at Zoomies!


  1. I love your Blog. Great videos of your Huskies. We currently have 16...

    2 adult males, 1 very tired adult female, 1 juvenile female, and 12 puppies (4 boys/8 girls). I sent my wife your blog link and I am sure she will comment as well.


  2. I love your Blog. Great videos of your Huskies. We currently have 16...

    2 adult males, 1 very tired adult female, 1 juvenile female, and 12 puppies (4 boys/8 girls). I sent my wife your blog link and I am sure she will comment as well.


  3. Tim: Thank woo! 16 Siberians!?!? That's incredible! Where in KS are you? We're in Manhattan.
    Thanks for visiting our blog!

  4. Oh what a fun video! Can I come play after I get my stiches out?? Love the hutch/zommie manuver.

    I do the sofa/window manuver. I'll have to get mom to videw that when the doctor says I can run and jump.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Oh my dogness! Look at my favorite handsome red siberian and Holly's handsome Dave having a grand ol' time. Zim, I especially love the butt hitting tactic that you try on Dave!!! Fun fun fun video! I wish I was there!


  6. ZOOMIES! They're great fun and Mom would like to know why we prefer to do them inside as opposed to outside. We lie outside quietly. She thinks we're confused but we're really not. Great technique around the china cabinet. Excellent precision.

  7. Dave,

    We are in Olathe. Have am email I can send you some photos.


  8. Wow! That's pretty action-packed and you're not even bumping into the furniture! Great moves, guys!

    Love ya lots,

  9. Wow!

    Great moves, Dave and Zim! You both did the zoomies very well! Even with the swinging tails, you both managed to avoid anything you are not supposed to break!


  10. oh I sooooo wish I could be part of your pack!

    I just love zoomies, and making my Jeannie stressed when I do them!

    But sadly, as yet, I have no pals to zooooooom with,

    Please include me in your imaginations when you are zooooooming.....

    I would so just adore to be there with you all.

    love and sad licks, Marvin xxxx

    ps I put a post on my blog about a GIANT DOG.......I sniffed his nether regions but hey, it was an achievement just to sniff!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxxx

  11. oooops when I said I had no pals, I did not mean I was Marvin No Mates, cos I have lots of pals on my walkies, just no pals in the house here.

    Jeannie says this is strictly a One Dog House.....!

    But I have lots and lots of friends on my walkies......

    No Mates in Da House Marvin xxxxx

  12. Woof! Your fur family is so beautiful! Would you like to enter their photos into Dogster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show? We would love to have you enter! It's free, there's some awesome prizes, and you can vote on your favorite photos. Wooof!

  13. My mom watched your video and can't believe that your house has survived FOUR huskies at ONE time! She can't imagine two more of us being rough and crazy!


  14. Love the video! I hope your knee is alright, Dave.

  15. Howroo guys! That looks like so much fun, we love to zoomie in the house too, but the humans have given up keepin us off the furniture! Just think if we could all get together, 8 zooming huskoids all at the same time! What FUN!!
    Mom says the human members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians must be real gluttons for punishment, she doesn't know how they keep up with 4 of us.
    Dad finally loaded our pics today, so we'll be posting our mission report later tonight or tomorrow.
    Bama & the RHP

  16. Hoowha Supreme Commander Stormy & AO4,
    We've now posted our report on our covert mission as ordered. Please check our page for our report.
    The River Hill Excavation & Chinese Assault Team

  17. So AO4, who are you picking for Saturday night?

    Those KHAT things from the dead center of PA or the RED THINGS from Kholumbus?

    Khould be quite the battle@

    Nice vid - and GREAT moves their Mr HollyBollyBananaBoo!



  18. We've been doin our zoomies in the house lately too, cuz all it's been doin outside is rain, rain, rain. When is it going to snow????

    Wow, 16 Celtic Siberians! There is some serious dog hair there! hee hee

  19. Great video! You need to blow off some steam after a working so hard to clean and rearrange everything. Amber is very good at refereeing you guys! All that is missing is the lovely Storm! Maybe she has to keep her air of authority and not mix it up with the other Troopers! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  20. MayaMarie: Yes, please come on up! Bring Missy, too! We hope you get to play Zoomies REAL soon!!!

    Sitka: We both wish you were here, too! Zim loves to do that butt check!

    Echo: Thank woo! It's nice to be appreciated! Yeah. We like to lay around outside, too!

    Tim: Ah, Olathe! OK! Can you post the pix to your blog? That would be the easiest way to go!

    Maggie: Do you and Mitch do zoomies? We aren't allowed to bang into the furniture, so we work hard not to. It's a skill.

    Precious: Thank woo! It's hard work, as you probably can understand!

    Marvin: We know what you mean! We wish you could come over and race around the house with us!

    Patty from Dogster: Thank woo. We'll look into it! We usually leave contests up to other pups, though!

    Steve: Oh, yeah. Well, usually all 4 of us don't zoom at once. Usually. When we do, Mom really gets caught up in all the excitement!

    Tierre: Thanx on BOTH counts! Great to "see" you!!

    Bama: Wouldn't 8 zoomies Sibes be a bee-woo-tiful sight to see in the house? Wooooo!
    Your pix are great! We'll leave a comment later! You guys have done amazing work!!!

    Khyra: Well, we love our mom and want her to be happy, so we're picking those Nittany Cats. (shudder ... cats.) Who knows WHAT will happen, though!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Amber will know when the snow is coming. She always knows. I don't know how ... but she is always right!
    Does she remind you of Guinness in this vid, Shiloh? Just curious!

    Tasha & Eva: You two sure understand how hard we work and the need to release all that energy! Am is a GREAT referee; she helps keep us out of "trouble", whatever that is! Stormy was busy doing Supreme Commander work somewhere, but sometimes she joins us!

    Luv to everypup,

  21. Oh Dave, you do zoomies sooo well! And to NOT bump into the hutch is very talented indeed! You two sound just like Abby and Samuel when they play.


  22. woo you guys do some serious zoomies! You guys are so tall you could do some real damage if you were such perfect zoomers!