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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Eyes Left!

Tail wags, everypup! It's me - Stormy. I called a meeting of the Ao4 the other evening out on the deck. I wanted to brief everypup up on adding more members to our roster of Troopers in the Ao4. I called everysibe to attention, told them to sit, then told them to do an "eyes left" - Sibe-style, naturally. Now ... I ask you ... look at this photo:

Left to right: me, Amber, SGT Zim, Dave

Is it just me, or is a certain Labradave out of synch with the rest of us? Sigh.

We're spending extra time doing drills to get him straightened out. I'll get back to you soon about augmenting the Troopers in the Ao4 list. In the meantime, let me know if you'd like to be added (if you aren't already a Trooper) and if you are .... get in step!

Tail wags,
Supreme Commander, Army of Four


  1. Oh dear. Dave appears to be a bit befuddled. Or perhaps he really IS a Sibe and is exercising his Siberian right to be stubborn. I must ask....are we going on a mission??!

  2. Stormy, I think Steve and Dave must be a lot alike. Steve is never paying attention when I try to give him orders. He's always day dreaming about food or chew toys. I feel your pain.


  3. Dave looks to be about as clueless as Canyon seems to be sometimes. I will make sure Canyon steps into line!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. I think he's just dreaming of me.


  5. I think Dave just has that creative gene in him that kind of makes him forget about that whole authority and listening thing.

  6. Oh, Stormy--Dave just marches to the beat of a different drummer. Sometimes it's important to look at things from different sides

    See ya

  7. Stormy,

    Sibe Suit....Un-Ziiiiiiiiiiip

    Like Nike says "Just Do It"
    then the mystery, errr ah
    "proof" will be in the fur and ears
    beneath, but he is amazing the way he has been able to push up those long hanging labbie ears and made perfect ever so cute triangle sibe ears.

    Frankie Girl, the only Sibe in da house! Then theres the lab.....

  8. Oh you'all Dave is just being Dave. There's more to that look than you realize. He's planning something big. Just wait and see.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

    We still like the group picture.
    All of you together. Your mom is really good.

  9. If I say "Yes", does that mean that I'm in the army? I don't want to be in the army. I am having too much fun pawtying!

    Speaking of pawties, don't forget that all of you are invited to my virtual birthday/Halloween pawty on the 27th at Salem, Massachusetts. Check out my blog for details. Don't forget to come. It's going to be a real big pawty. All the dogs are invited and a couple hamsters, too. No bunnies or squirrels though.

    Koobuss Kisses,

  10. juz try to put a cat on d left side...

    i bet all 4 of u will definately be in sync

  11. woofies A04!!!! i thinkies dave is wantin a treat!!!

    b safe,

  12. Oh yes, Stormy, We definitely want to be inducted into the army. You've probably already got us on the list, but never hurts to make sure...
    The RIver Hill Pack

  13. Hee what was Dave looking at when the photo is being taken?

    ~ Girl girl

  14. i want to be a trooper..but i dont know if you have girl troopers or even if i already am a trooper..i dont know...poor me....

  15. well, us Labs always go our own way, this is why I am nick named "Marvin The Maverick"!

    Dave and I should team up together I think. Probably the poetic dreamy side of us, not suited to too much regimentation perhaps.

    Lovely pic of all of you, including dear Dave of course!

    Marvin xxxxxx

  16. Somebody has to stand watch when the rest of the unit is at a meeting!

  17. Me and Shelby wanna be abducted, too!

    Um, will it hurt?????


  18. Hey - I thought Amber was my girlfriend. Aren't I included in the list? :( She looks very beautiful by the way.

    Pippa. :(

  19. Hey Stormy,

    I want in, what do I have to do?


  20. Echo: Hmm... perhaps. But he should listen to ME!
    Yes, there is a new mission coming soon!

    Kat: They're both from TX, neither one wants to get his feety-feet wet in the dewy grass, and they don't listen. Hmmm....

    Kelsey Ann: But he's so NICE, I can't holler at him!

    Holly: Well... he DOES have it bad for you!

    Joe: That whole "left brain vs. right brain" thing? Could be!

    Pip: A VERY different drummer! Sigh. But I do love the lug!

    Frankie: HA roo roo roo! You crack me up! And you see it SO clearly! :)

    Maya Marie: He IS a Dave ..... that's for SURE!
    And thanks. We tried Mom's patience that night - whatever that means!

    Koobie: We'll stop by to check it out!

    Pacco: Good idea! Or Oswald the bunny!

    Lacy: Davy ALWAYS wants a TREAT! Ha rooooo!

    Bama: Cool! Make sure you email us for the animated gif code!

    GG: I don't know! He SHOULD have been paying attention to ME! I think Holly is right - he was daydreaming about her!

    MJ: You're already on the list, pal! See Ammy's post for how to contact us about the code!

    Marvin: The picture is really "so Dave". :)

    Tucker: Very nice of you to stick up for him! That COULD be it ... but I think the theory of him thinking about Hollybollyboo is more realistic!

    Maddox: You little puppy! You can both join - please see Amber's Wednesday post!

    Pippa: You're on the list now!

    Russell: Email us for the animated gif code! We added you to the list! COOL!

    Tail wags,

  21. So do you know how big our numbers are?

  22. Cubby: We're up over 100!

    Tail wags,