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Monday, January 28, 2008

Bag Tags

Woo, everypup! It's me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. As some of you may know, Mom has expanded her repertoire of what all we make in the Quilt Studio to include bags. Now she's doing bags from original designs and she decided a while ago that we should come up with a logo and have tags made to sew into those bags. Cool!

That sounds like a great idea, Mom!

But then ... she showed me the tags when they came in! Here's a close up of one she put into a bag for Aunt Janet.

Can you see that!?!? Can you believe it!?!? The logo isn't based on me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind! It's Stormy. STORMY! Here was my reaction!

Oh, no!

She said it was because she couldn't resist the pose Stormy was in and that it would look cute to "doctor" it up a little, run it in black and white, and have her sort of peeking out of the seam or pocket. I guess she's right ... but I thought since I'm her Guide Dog for the Color Blind I could be the model for the logo, too! Woo.

At least she has named a bag after each one of us. Remember the fabs she was looking at when I was busy with my friend Wonky? She picked her own to use (so don't hold me responsible!) and used them to make "The Deeve Bag". Guess who that's named after!? Woo. Here it is.

The little bag hanging on the side is a "Hold the Phone! Bag". I think Amber might have come up with the name. Here's a closer look at it:

I have to admit, I do like the tag. Just don't tell Storms I said that. I wonder what bag we'll be working on today!? I'll be sure to choose the fabrics, so the next bag is more colorful!


PS: We put an update on yesterday's Salute to Nikki! It's a link to more really cool pictures of her in her new home!


  1. That is just a too khool bag Dave. How khute for it to be named after woo!

  2. Oh those bags are totally cool! What an honor to have a bag named after you. I love the Stormy tag too. I know you're disappointed it wasn't your cute mug on that tag Dave but try to be understanding. After all - you are the official color coordination counselor.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Oh Dave... I love this bag. I am very happy that you told your mom to go with that deep red fabric. I think that looked the best from your video with Wonky the other day!!! Nice work! I can't wait to see the other bags!


  4. What a beautiful bag!!! Your mom did a great job, even though you didn't help! And I love the name of it. Deeve Bag!!! Perfect!

    Can't wait to see the others you come up with!


  5. Dave, that's too bad she didn't pick you for the tag. Maybe you were just too cute and the tag couldn't handle all that cuteness!


  6. We just LOVE this one! It has pictures of our wolf friends all over it, that's so cool. And how great that it's named after woo.
    Bama & the RHP.

  7. So many potential bags, so few days to kharry 'em!

    Your mom is something else Dave!

    Leave it to The Deeve!!

    Ha rooooo rooooo rooooo!!!


  8. Oh Deeve, Stormy may have gotten the tag, but we all know that you put a bunch of hard work into helping your Mom! We LOVE the bag!


  9. woofies Ao4...watt pawsome bags u n ur mom make...any of ur handsome or bute ti ful faces wood b pawsome on da tag...

    b safe,

  10. That is a pretty bag. Your Mom is so talented. My Mom wishes she could find someone patient enough to teach her how to sew. She learned to cross stitch on her own though, but she usually just frames her stuff sine that's all she knows how to do. I'll be posting some of her stuff soon. I can't believe after all the hard work you've done for your Mom and the quilts, she didn't use you for the logo!

  11. That bag looks great! Our mom wishes she had more time to quilt but us and the little biped keep her busy.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  12. wow that is a very cool bag, but I think the tag actually looks pretty good too!

  13. hi buddies..
    congratulatios.. your face in the logo is grate...

    you have your fifteen minutes of glory...

    a big hug

  14. What a cool bag! Wooooow ...

  15. It's a great bag, but I have to ask........
    How do I get one for The Mom?

  16. What great bags! Your mom is so talented! Wil you get to help with the next one?

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  17. oh my, so artistic, we would like to "bag" one of those bags and tags, they are so cute and cool!

    You are all beautiful, it must be hard for her to choose you know!

  18. Hi Dave
    Your mum's bags are bootiful. Don't worry, she will name a special tag after you for a very special bag yet to be made.
    Mum received a bag yesterday from a lady who recently contacted her about Beau. The bag has photos of Beau, Jessie and Hobson all over it. I'll get mum to take a photo and post on my blog for you to see. It's similar to these bags your mum is making. They are real cool !!!
    Love from Hammer