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Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Time!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Zim! Remember yesterday? Amber showed you a picture of herself just as our snow started! Cool, huh? In addition to all the snow that fell, our temps were in the single digits, about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. For those of you who use the "C" scale, we hovered around -15C all morning. It was about -5F (or -20C) with the wind-chill. And that could only mean one thing - time to go for a WALK!

Here are me and Dave, heading down the street:

We weren't the first to break snow, but it was still really fun. I thought I saw somesibe following us, or maybe a coyote or a wolf! Check it out!

Whoa! Who's THAT?

It was just my shadow, though. I look big in my shadow, don't I?

When we got to this corner, I wanted to turn left and Dave wanted to turn right.

Unfortunately, Mom wanted to turn around and head home. She still had to get the girls out on their walk! Hrumph! I don't know why she can't take all four of us at once!

Here are Storm and Ammy heading down the street. Check out the look on Ammy's face!

You can see her smiling, can't you? She obviously was having fun. I'll bet she was telling Stormy some of her jokes!

Stormy said the little terrier who lives across the street was out in his yard and started barking to them. She stopped to listen for a minute, in case he was saying anything important:

She said he was just saying, "Hey!" Amber gave a quick listen, too.

Amber doesn't understand Terrier, but she thought she'd listen anyway. Doesn't she look cool there?!!? What a great pose!

When the girls got back to our yard, Amber stopped to check on Oswald. We all just saw him on Wednesday, so she thought he might be around somewhere.

Oh, OS-wald! Are you in there!?!?

The other day when we saw him, Stormy play bowed at Oswald, inviting him to play. I just watched, taking my cues from my mentor - Storm. Dave and Amber were more interested in ... how do I say this? Inviting him for dinner. And to play an active role in it.

When Am indicated he might be home, Mom said it was time to go in. Something about these:

having much better traction than these:

Yeah ... I don't really understand that, either!

I've got a new, cool snow fort under construction. I'll try to get Mom to take some pictures of me working on it today! Congrats to everypup else who got some of this lovely snow!

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Oh my dogness! Look at those two handsome furry butts!!! The photo of Amber (with a portion of a house behind her) is very beautiful!!! All of the photos are amazing! I wish I could get snow like that.... ok, I wish I could get just a few flakes of snow to fall. They said there is a SMALL chance of some snow flurries in the morning, but it will turn to rain :(


  2. We have the low "C's" here, but none of that delightful snow! We may get some next week, however.

  3. Woo there Zim~
    I can't wait to see pics of your new snow fort. We got about six inches of wonderful, fluffy snow. I think I heard Mom say we were going to take the sled out and show some Boy Scouts how we "work". Mom wants us to be inside while she talks though. Something about minus numbers and wind chill. It's not ready yet, but my next blog will show one of the dangers that all of us need to be aware of when it gets so furry cold out.
    Woofs out to my pal Dave, the beautiful Amber and the pretty, parti-eyed Stormy too.

  4. WOO HOOS on the dandy pikhs!

    I khan nefur understand this trakhtion issue with my biped -

    She's furever telling me to slow down - she khan't do THAT fast!

    I feel soooo bad fur Sitka - she sooo deserves some snow!

    Wags and Wuv,

  5. I wish we were getting snow to go with this stupid coldness. The weather guy said it might snow next week some time, but it's supposed to get even colder before then. If there's snow, cold is great. If there's no snow, the cold sucks!!

  6. I like the third pic...looks like you guys are looking for something.
    Here in VA snowed yesterday too.
    have a pawawesome weekend!

  7. Hey, team! You look great in your colorful leashes and all that wonderful snow! We're getting rain here today: not nearly as much fun!

  8. woofies Ao4, we got bout 4 inches and dey say more iz comin saturday...me will make a snowdog then....

    b safe,

  9. Your snow looks so pretty and we are soooooooooo jealous! Those are cold temps! Mom won't let us go for walkies if it's below 10 degrees!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Mom's not looking forward to this weekend. We're sposed to get all that cold air here in PA. She said we'll have to snuggle with her. I do not snuggle! She'll have to find Shyla.

  11. You're very welcome to have any snow we might get. We'll be glad to mail it to you. How much would you like - just in case we get any here.

    jans funny farm

  12. Hey buddies,

    You have been nominated for Photo of the Month over at the Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :-)


  13. Wooo, we had so much fun in the snow last night!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  14. Hidy Hi My Kansas Sibes from your fur babies friends in Iowa. We got almost 6 more inches of snow too and my Mom can't catch us running and jumping around the yard. We love it but the Mom says it too cold. And she gets really made when Mr Thor and I started digging in the rose bed looking for critters. Can we put a link to your blog on our little blog?
    Mr. Marco Polo from jillscreatures

  15. Hey! I don't understand why your peoples don't walk all of you at once....I think a sled should be hooked up to you all & then your peoples could get a ride! Enough with the silly walking for them! TAKE THEM FOR A RIDE!

    Love & Licks,

  16. Great snow! I can't believe your mom can't handle the snow. Does she think you're going to pull on the leash or something? Moms can be such fun ruiners sometimes.


  17. I'm laying outside in the cool weather right now just waiting for a tad bit of snow. Mom insists on living down in Texas where snow just doesn't fall very much. So, please keep posting your snow pics. Y'all look super cute! I try to tell Mom we need to move north, but I don't think she's budging. Heidi has been trying for years because she's from Colorado. Maybe if Mom sees all those gorgeous pics she'll change her mind.


  18. What gorgeous pictures!! All that snow...you guys are so lucky. It's cold here but no white stuff yet.


  19. I have to admit that looks KIND OF fun, but I bet that terrier was telling you guys it was cold!

  20. Hi Guys,
    Wow what fantastic photos! You all look great, the snow so white and the sky so blue! But we must say we are happy that we are just looking at those great photos and not out there in -15C!!!! temps! We would be shivering our little beagle butts off - its bad enough with our single C digits here. On our morning walks despite wearing our coats we have been shivering.
    But we guess this kinda weather and all that snow is what you sibes are all about.
    Jazz and Dixie

  21. We got some of that fluffy stuff on Monday!! It was great!

    We love your leashes! They look nice and sturdy.

    You two definitely looked like you enjoyed your walk!

  22. Zim - you are so suited to snow!

    Lovely pics and how cold it is with you.

    We are plus 10 degrees here.

    Snow on the hills across the way, but they are much higher (well hills always are! - silly me!)

    sorry I been late commenting, just been hard to get on the computer.

    We need two puters here you know!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  23. oh Jeannie says to add....we are plus 10 degrees C. cos apparently we are Europeeeeeee un.

    Well whatever, I am quite happy peein..... in whatever language....

    and as I said .....watch out for yellow snow.

    Nasty stuff. love and licks, Marvin Telling it Like It Is!