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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Fort Construction

Ha ROO, pups! It's me again - Zim! As promised, I took Mom out and let her take some pictures and a short video of me working on my new, cool snow fort! It was flurrying again as I worked; it was great!

I was going to put it down here on the north side of the driveway like I did before, but it's filled up with tree branches right now. Look!


Dad had to cut them down after the ice storm. The City said for everyone to stack them on the tree-lawn and they'd be by to get them. They haven't gotten to our part of town yet.

Anyroo... I thought I'd put it in the main part of our yard this time, just on the south side of the driveway. Here I am, picking my spot!

Yeah... this looks like a GREAT place for my cool snow fort!

My very bee-roo-tiful friend Sitka might get some snow down in Georgia today! I'm sure she's never made a cool snow fort, since it hardly ever snows there, so here is a video of me making mine. I hope she can watch it and get some pointers!

Sorry about the noise on the vid. The wind was blowing!

Did you hear my mom ask, "What if Oswald gets in your fort? Where's Oswald?" I looked around for him. That biggest bush there is one of his main hang-outs. I checked the rest of the AO for him, too. He better stay OUT of my fort! ...unless he's really cold and needs a place to seek refuge or something.

Sitka - I hope you get TONS of snow and can build a cool snow fort! Or at least catch snowflakes on your snooter! That's lots of fun, too!

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Oh Zim, that is a great educational video there!! Thank WOO for posting it just in time for my potential snow today!!! Oh, I hope I get some on my snooter. I am not sure if we will get enough to make a cool fort like yours. Maybe I need to come to KS to get some one on one lessons???


  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I meant to add - your sifting technique is pawsome!!!


  3. I never thought building a fort...good idea!

  4. Great fort building and I'm even more impressed with the way you tried to scout out Oswald. I bet bunnies don't even like snow forts.


  5. oh I am so sorry to be late in commenting.....things have just been busy here what with one darn thing and another.

    My Ma is sharing time on the computer with my hoooooman bruv and his studies, and he is getting more time.

    I loved your snow video.....and I wanted to warn you, look out for yellow snow, not nice at all.

    love and many licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxx

    pee ess our snow is all on the hills now,, we just got boring rain.

  6. pee ess I have been nominated for photo of the month by Amber Mae.....the photo is so sad, me in a silly and far too small outfit.

    Jeannie says we are not allowed to vote for me, cos we are family, so if you want to check it out on DWB website, but have to say I am up against worthy competitors!

  7. I'm with Sitka - khool tekhhnique!

    I've been enjoying my day just sitting in what I've got in my yard!!

    I'm with you on the Oswald thing - when I take my mom fur a walk, bunnies SOOO bother me more than skhwuirrels - although evil khat khritters STILL take the khake!!!

    Warm Wags and Wuv,

  8. Oh Zimmie, you are such a good worker!! I love your technique! And it's nice of you to look for Oswald.


  9. That was so cute the way you looked for Oswald! Good job on the fort, we're envious all your white stuff.


  10. Hello,
    It's Marco Polo and Mr Thor - thanking you for letting us link to your blog - and of course, please link to us! Mom wants to know if it's warming in Kansas because it's really cold here - Us Boys Love it!!!!
    Marco and Thor

  11. Hi Zim
    Digging in the snow looks so much fun. I wonder where that Oswald is ???
    Love from Hammer

  12. Anonymous1:53 AM

    What a great video Zim - I loved watching you looking for Oswald - I'm still chuckling!!


  13. Oh that elusive Oswald! At least with the snow you can see where he has hopped. Maybe he'll come out at night. Or maaaaybe.....he's hibernating. I love your snow fort design. We don't have enough snow for that.

  14. That is one super cool snow fort you are working on!

  15. Oh Zim, woo are so smart! Now if we could just get some snow, I know we learned enough from watching you to build our own snow fort, but I'm afraid we're gonna have ot keep working on sand castles instead.
    Bama & the RHP

  16. Woof there Zim~
    Great work on another fort. Hope this one stays around so you can continue to make improvements. I was just wondering if you have actually seen Oswald since my hu-mom was there? I just about "face-planted" Dad going after an Oswald look-alike here in Iowa. Woo don't think he jumped in the transport behicle while it was in your driveway do you???