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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Friend Wonky

Woo, it's me - Dave! I've got some great videos to show you today! Remember yesterday when Zim said Sitka sent us a VERY cool package and there was a really wonderful Rhino in the box that I just love?!?! I named him Wonky, because that's his favorite thing to say. He always says, "Wonk, wonk, wonk!" to me when we play together! I know usually I do the talking on the videos of me ... but here's Wonky!

Isn't he cool? I just love Wonky! Mom let me play with him in the studio yesterday for over two hours! And Wonky talked to me almost that whole time! I just LOVE him!

Mom tried to get me to do some Guide Dog for the Color Blind work (using a really weird voice ... just ignore that, OK?) ...

...but here's what Wonky and I had to say about that!

Woo! And, "Wonk, wonk, wonk!" You know what they say about too much work and not enough play!

Dave & Wonky


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Oh Dave... you are cracking me up with Wonky!!! Isn't he fun??? I love how you totally ignored your mom about the fabric and went back to playing!!! The look on your face was priceless!! I am so glad all of you love your pressies!!!!


  2. I had a wonky that Sitka sent me months ago, but Roo Roo destroyed it!

    I also liked the look you gave your mom.

  3. That was just too khute! It looks likhe you really wuvy your "wonky" What a great toy!

    Thunder & Stormy

  4. Dave wonky is cool. My mom says to tell your mom you can never get any good work out of a dog when they have a toy and she feels for your mom.

  5. I love my Wonky too!!! One of them lost their nose, but the others I try to keep track of.

    I love the looks you give your mom when she is trying to make you choose a fabric!! Way to be a real Sibe, and ignore her!!


  6. I don't know what your Mom was thinking. When a Sibe has a stuffie (especially a Wonky!) a Sibe cannot work! It's in the Siberian rule book.

  7. Wonky looks like tons of fun! I hope your Mom didn't make the wrong choice on the fabric. I'd hate to see he choose the wrong fabric since you were busy!
    My Mom says your Mom must have TONS of patience to listen to you and Wonky for 2 hours!!

  8. I'm with all of them!

    Woo SOOOOO looked like how dare your mom intrude on your Wonky time to do work!!

    Good show there fella!!!

    BUT, what would woo do if a certain MALGAL khame between woo and your Wonky?

    Wags & Wuv,

  9. Wonky is so neat! I got a pink piggy for Christmas and she sounds a lot like your Wonky! She sleeps with me at night so Mitch can't eat her!

    Love ya lots,

  10. You & Wonky are so cute together, but be careful, nopuppy wants to see Miss HBBB get jealous!
    What was your mom thinking, work? When you were having such an important conversation with Wonky? Tell her it's rude to interrupt.
    Bama & the RHP

  11. it's me Mona

    me wants ya to come over anf tell me what breed is Copper

    bet ya can't guess!!

  12. Anonymous3:27 AM

    BOL @ your face when your mum interrupted your Wonky session - I use that look on HM all the time too!!


  13. Hey, Dave,

    Buddy is jealous of your Wonky. He loves toys that talk. You sure look like you're having a good time with your new friend.

    jans funny farm

  14. oh my, I have laughed and laughed at the video - my Jeannie says, that Wonky could get a wee bit annoying after a while, but I thought his noise was fantastic.

    I think you would like to choose Wonky for the fabric - the way you looked at your Mum - was so priceless!

    you didn't care about the fabrics one bit, just make it out of Wonky Mum!!!!!!!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  15. Haha - You know, a Sibe's work is NEVER done, but even hard working pups like you need a break once in a while!


  16. We have one of those rhinos too! Mom likes it because she says it's not annoying like squeaky toys, which I don't find annoying at all! I can't believe your mom wanted you to pick out fabric when it was so obvious that you were busy. And then she had the nerve to use your full name, David! Wow! She must have meant business.

    (Mom, don't call me Steven.)

  17. Dave,
    I don't blame you. All those fabrics were very handsome - I would've had a hard time choosing too!

  18. Oh my dogness! Have you driven your mom insane yet! We love Wonky!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  19. wonk wonk wonk, I mean, that looks like a lot of fun. When tanner makes that wonking noise its usually followed by a terrible smell!