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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Orders for 2008!

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Stormy, Supreme Commander of the Army of Four and all of our Troopers. Listen up - I've got important orders for you for the new year! Two distinct sets of orders. I called the Ao4 together for me to brief them up.

Left to right: me, Dave, Zim and Amber

Once everysibe reported in, I told them what the first mission is: to wish Drill SGT Zim a happy honorary birthday! That's right - it's the day we celebrate his birth! (Not to be confused with his "gotcha day" or Zim-aversary. That's in July.) I can't believe he's 8 years old now! As Mom likes to say, "He's 8 years ... going on 8 months." Ha roo roo roo! I'm sure she means that in the nicest way possible. We all sang the Birthday Song to him ...

Aw, shucks, you guys! Thanks!

...then we got down to business. They knew we had another, extremely important mission.

Here's the other mission. It's a big one, Troopers, and we need your help! To begin, watch this video of me briefing the rest of the Ao4 and yes, our mom. It's that big; get the bipeds involved! Yes, most of it's in Bark. Some is in Siberian. I realize not all bipeds understand those languages, so our very dear friend and dedicated Trooper Charlie the Big Dog had his dad work a little magic. He put subtitles in, so there is no mistaking what you need to do! Ready?

That's right - I'm calling this mission Operation Bring Beau Home! Click that link for my complete set of orders, and to view Beau's video. Do it! Now!

Who's with us? Let's get started right away! Stick together, pups and bipeds, and be careful out there. We will succeed!

Tail wags,

PS: Let me clarify my orders: This mission is open to ALL! I'm urging all of you out there reading - especially fellow members of DWB (Dogs With Blogs) - to help spread the word about Beau! Thank you. Carry on.


  1. We're not official Troopers but want to help too! It makes us so sad whenever we think of Beau.

    Happy Honorary B-Day, Zim! We hope it's great!

    The Brat Pack

  2. Trooper Ruby Bleu reporting for duty!!! I think this is the most important mission yet!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

    P(ee)S - happy barkday handsome Zimmy!!

  3. woofies A04!!!! me nots a trooper either yet...buttt me will most willinly help wiff dis mission...me gots my binulars on and searchin everywhere in NC fur Beau....Happy New Year and Happy Barkday Zim!!!!

    b safe,

    pp's::: Bring Beau home in 2008!!!!!

  4. Very well Woo'd Supreme Khommander Stormy -

    Very well Woo'd -

    Maybe we khan get Beau and Blue BOTH home in '08 -

    Please give Zim some special play bows from me!

    Wags and Wuv,


  5. This will be one awesome mission! We're not official troopers but we'll absolutely help out!
    Happy eighth birthday, Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Anonymous2:23 PM

    We're on board for the mission too - lets hope this one is a success!


  7. Trooper Hbbb is ready to go!! I am off to fulfill my orders! And, like Khyra said, I hope we can find Blue as well, and bring him home to his mom too.

    Happy birthday Zimmie!!! You don't look a day over 2!

  8. Happy Birthday Zim!! We hope you get a giant birthday cake today.

    Stormy, we have reviewed our mission kit and will get busy sniffing and looking and listening.

    Steve and Kat

  9. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Troopers Sitka and Tia reporting for duty! We will download our material, and post the necessary items on our blog and in our community! We have to help bring Beau home (and Blue too).

    Happy Birthday My handsome Zimmie!!! Did you get a cup of joe???

    Awesome mission, AO4! Tia and I are getting started now.


  10. Happy B-day Zimmie! Today is my honorary b-day too! My humans just picked a date when they adopted me based on how old I appeared to be. We will definitely check out the info on Beau!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  11. Happy Barkday Zim!

    I've got my helmet on and Im good to go! We are printing out flyers and putting them up in Vet Surgery's today!

    Luv C$

  12. We are on it, this is a very serious mission!

  13. This is a very important mission. Mom didn't make it through the 2nd video of Beau. She is always so worried that one of us will disappear. She even has nightmares about it she says. We have put the official mission badge on my Blog and will get right on it.
    Happy Birthday Zim! Didya get any cake???

  14. Harrrr Matey Zim
    Happy Birthday Harrrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  15. Hey Supreme Commander Stormy. Got your order. I'm going to get the kit. I really hope 2008 will be the year where Beau comes home.

    ~ Girl girl

  16. Oh I forgot to wish cute Zim a happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you Zim

    ~ Girl girl

  17. how wonderful for you four to remember way back then about beau...i we, remember her owner's plea for her dog and know how much sufferin and pain she expressed, but we just forgot and went on our normal business....now some one wants to help and better yet remembers

  18. HI. We aren't offical troopers, either. But, we will join ranks and put on our helmets, post the badge and start in on the search for Beau! We can't leave behind a missing dog!

  19. Dear Stormy, Zim, Dave and Amber and your pawrents, and also Charlie the Big Dog and his pawrents

    My mum is so touched and crying so much .. but these are good tears, tears of gratitude and hope. Mum is speechless right now. She is going to help me do a post on my blog and we will have to work out how to use Paint Shop Pro to put our trooper hats on. Mum sent your links to Sarah-Jane who created the video for Beau, and Sarah-Jane said what you have done is SUPERB !!! and she is telling all her frinds to become a trooper for Supreme Commander Stormy.

    Happy honorary BARKDAY to you Zim !! You don't look any older than 8 months, so this is good, and who wants to grow up anyway.

    Also, mum is going to find out about Blue. Is he missing too ? Mum is sorry she hasn't been able to help me blog a lot in 2007 but it was a shocker of a year. She's real glad we're in 2008 now.

    Thank you so very much my wonderful friends. My mum is crying again. You have all touched her heart so much.

    Love from Hammer and his mum and their family

  20. Happy Birthday Zimmie. Hope your day was special. Did you get cake and coffee?

    We got your message loud and clear Stormy and put the icon on our blog. We hope that with all the extra circulation on our blogs and on You Tube Beau can be returned to his rightful home.

    Jazz and Dixie

  21. First of all, your blog may be a wee bit wet when you open it up today, cos my Jeannie is typing thrugh her tears.

    Secondly, all good wishes and love to dear Zim, on his honoarary birthday, I too am 8 years old going on 8 months, a good age indeed! Happy Birthday Zim!

    Thirdly, but not at all, thirdly, if you get my meaning.........


    This is the part of your post which made Jeannie cry. This is a such a wonderful mission and I am glad to be a proud trooper in the Army of Four!

    Marvin - Reporting for Duty!

    pee ess the video was wonderful, I understood every bark!

    pee pee ess My Jeannie asks whether she can join as an honorary hoooooman member of your pack, please?

    love and licks, your Loyal Scottish Trooper, Marvin xxxxxxx

  22. pee pee pee ess, oh I really have my legs crossed now.....

    I have put the "thingymejingme" about Bring Beau Home on my Blog too!

    I hope you like my technical language there!

    Well done DWB too for all their help with this mission. Awesome, Pawsome!

  23. We're off to watch the video, as soon as we say....
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Zimmmmmm,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    best wishes for a great 2008!
    Bama & the RHP

  24. Hi Stormy and the A04 Team
    I forgot to tell you that we loved the video too and my mum cried. My mum and Jeannie's mum cry a lot. My mum was wondering if it is too late to become an official Trooper and add the A04 Trooper picture to my blog.
    Love from Hammer

  25. Mack T. Beans, reporting for duty, Sir!
    Anything I can do, just woof me.
    Over and out.

  26. I sent Zimmie birthday wishes via Email, but I'll say it again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIMMIE!!

    Also, my human and I (and Ziggy, too!) are on the mission #2!


  27. Swappers armed and ready!! This boy needs to get home!! My company clerk, who I am fondly going to refer to as Cpl "not even close to" Radar O'Reilly, needs some more blogging training and will hopefully get up my Trooper badge AND the 2008 Mission badge soon. In the meantime, know that I stand ready to do what I can to help both Beau and Blue get home!!

    Woos out to Zim on celebrating 8. Denali and Kiana are both eight and not afraid to smoosh me at any given time. I hope woo got some livergreat...if not, I'll have some fur ya!!


  28. Hi Stormy!
    Happy Birfday Zim!!!!
    Can I be a twoopew to pleez???
    I want to help find Beau too and bwing him home to his loving family!
    I'm only a tewwiew, but i've been pwacticing saying wooo wooo
    smoochie kisses

  29. Happy Barkday to you Zimmy! We're all geared up & reporting for duty. Wouldn't that just make 2008 the coolest year EVER??

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  30. Maya and Kena reporting fur duty!!!
    Come check out our blog, we posted about it! :D
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  31. Koobuss reporting for duty.

    Let's find Beau!!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  32. Count me in. I want to be a trooper and help get Beau home in 2008!
    - Charlie

  33. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Trooper Bruin late but reporting for duty!

    And happy belated birthday Zim!

  34. I want to join the AO4 to help to find Beau, could you add me please!.
    I'm under your orders, Stormy!

  35. Trooper Benjamin reporting for duty!!! Ok...I know Im kinda late....no punishment pls Commander Stormy. Too much wine during the new year celebration.....I promise I will try my best in this mission. Getting ready now!!!!!!!

    pees: Happy belated barkday Zim!!