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Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday's Snow Walk

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! We had such a lovely, happy weekend! The temperatures were WAY below freezing and all of our snow was still here and it was sunny and bee-roo-tiful! On Saturday, we waited until it warmed up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15C) then we hooked Mom and Dad up and took them for a nice, long walk! It was soooooo wonderful!

Stormy reminded Mom to bring the camera! Here is Zim, about to head down the Hudson Trail. Doesn't it look so beautiful!?!

He waited for us to catch up, and we all took in the gorgeous view!

Zim, Davy, Storm and me!

Doesn't that look so pretty?!!? I wish all of you could have been there!

Dave and I were teamed up. Here we are!

"Hey Davy! Does it snow on Pluto?"
"Umm...Pluto? I don't know, Ammy..."
"Well, it doesn't. Not if Mickey lets him inside! Hee hee hee!"

"Dave? Davy? Hey... wait up!"

Hee hee hee! I still think it's funny!



  1. We had pretty much the same cole weather here too, with a new dusting of snow.

    Ammie, your jokes are soooo funny!


  2. Oh Ammy you're a funny one! I'm impressed with the criss cross design your leashes make. Mom said ours would be "a mess". I don't know what she's talking about. The view on your walk was very pretty. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

  3. Hi Am! It looks so beauuuutiful there! We haven't had any snow yet (a dusting a week ago). Dad promised us snow, and we haven't seen any yet! Well, time to get ready for physical training! Love Rocky, and Mati

  4. What a beautiful walk! Five degrees is COLD!!! brrrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. oh my Amber, that is your best joke yet!

    Your snow looks adorable!

    love and licks, Marvin

    pee ess I have mentioned the AO4 in my Monday post, 'cos I need help from the freakish cat who has taken over my Blog today! Yikes, I.T. is darn scary, it talks hooooooman toooooo!


  6. Oh, I 'WISE' gal eh?

    Knukhk Khukhk!!

    Nice shots AO4 - the fella with the purple leash is pretty handsome!!!

    Wags and Wuv,
    PeeEss: who writes your material!?!

  7. We're so jealous... We thought we were going to get snow here in Georgia Saturday. But it snowed in Atlanta, an hour away from us. We only received a few snowflakes....We even had our paws crossed!

  8. oooh...another Storm! but a dog called Storm! perhaps you could be my Not Of My Species (NOMS) friend? :)

  9. I love the picture of you all lined up. I also think your joke is funny, even if Dave didn't. Boys.


  10. Sounds like you had a perfect Husky day!


  11. That's a great joke Amber, I'm going to tell it the next time I go to day care!

  12. All of you are so brave! Here in Arlington, Va was 12F and I went to the park and I could not stay for more than 20 min.

  13. That snow looks pawsome. I wish we would get some more.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  14. The snow is beautiful! I just love Amber's funnies. They are soooo good! I have to tell that one to Bella.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  15. LOL that is one of our favorites!!

  16. You all look wonderful! What a great walk ---- did you seen any good nature?

    PS- Great to see how well the Durango project is taking off!

  17. Ha-woo-woo, funny joke!
    We're jealous, we have NO SNOW, so please, send us some!!! It's way cold enough, but someone told us it's this stupid ocean's fault we have no snow. (well, ok, we like the ocean too, but not enought to give up snow - c'mon, we're HUSKIES!!!) So please enjoy yours twice as much for us, too.

    Wistful Wooos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack"no snow"-a-roo

  18. I don't get this snow stuff at all. Maybe I'm not really a husky cross at all. Even if I do look a little bit husky and spend all my time shedding and aroorooing. And have Amber eyes.

    And Amber, I don't get your jokes either, so you will have to spend extra special time with me explaining them. Actually I don't think I have a sense of humour. Master doesn't. So I don't.

    Love Pippa