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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hammer? Is That YOU?

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim! Well, yesterday was one of those bizarre January weather days here in Kansas. It reached at least 62 degrees Fahrenheit (about 17C), winds out of the south/southwest at about 27 miles an hour, gusting to 40 mph. Yep. Nice temp for the bipeds, but a bit breezy. Not the kind of day for certain outdoor activities ... and yet ... a biped showed up to fix a few damaged shingles on our roof! Yikes! Storm said climbing on our roof should be on the "not recommended activities" list!

See... we live on top of a hill and have a multi-gabled house with very steep roof-lines. From the side yard, the area the Roof Guy needed to check is two floors up! You can imagine what it would be like to be up there on a windy day! I thought I should keep an eye on him!

Hi, Roof Guy!

I was all excited at first, because I thought he might have my friend Adrill with him! No such luck, but I knew he wasn't out there alone when I heard all the noise! Mom said it was Hammer. HAMMER!?!? I was so totally excited! Imagine Hammer coming all the way over here from Australia just to work on our roof!

Hey Hammer! It's me - Zim!

But Mom said it wasn't "Hammer" it was "Ahammer". BIG difference! Ahammer just says, "Bang, bang, bang!" the whole time; nothing cool at all!

I decided to supervise the Roof Guy anyway; it was exhausting work, as you can imagine. And truth be told, I was a bit bummed after thinking our pal Hammer might be here then he wasn't.

Me, looking exhausted and bummed

Amber tried to cheer me up by giving me the weather forecast. She was right - it's MUCH nicer today. At 1030, we have a temperature of 14 degrees F (-10C), winds gusting out of the north-west at 25 mph, and a wind-chill of -1F (-18C). Oh, and it's snowing like crazy! Ah... that's soooo much better! It still would be cool if Hammer was here, though!

Play bows,

PS: Please keep our kitty friend Tia in your prayers!


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Wow Zim.. I can't believe you almost met HAMMER. What a bummer that mom told you it was AHAMMER and not Hammer! Oh well... at least you got to do some supervising. That is always important, right?

    Thank woo for the little note about Tia! I want her to come home!!!


  2. Good Job Zim!

    Woo sooooo earned that nap!!


  3. You guys are cards. Too bad it wasn't the real Hammer.

    jans funny farm

  4. We stopped by to say hello and thanks for helping spread the word on Blue. The AO4's post was cute yesterday. Too bad it wasn't the real Hammer coming for a visit. :)

    jans funny farm

  5. Taking care of the house is hard work, especially when you have a big house like your's. Have fun in your snow. It's warm here, but really really windy.

  6. Hi Woo Zim,
    It's crazy weather time in PGH today, too, almost 50 wif yucky rain. Tonight it is spose to get cold again & be in the 20's tomorrow. Our daddy has an Adrill & an Ahammer cuz he has his own home fixer-upper remodeling company & he is a plumber. He also has sum tools called Awrench & a long snakey thingee. My job usually is to keep Juneau from getting underfoot so he can fix & work on our house. I can't wait until it snows again!
    Til next time,

  7. Hi Zim and Mates
    I often get teased about my name !!! Hoomans look at my mum strange when she tells them my name is "Hammer" .. stoopid hoomans.
    I wish I could come over and visit you all. I'd have so much fun playing with you and your pawrents. Maybe the new DWB 747 might be able to bring me over.
    It's a shame the stoopid hoomans won't allow us to travel in planes with our pawrents.
    Love from Hammer
    PS My mum thought your post was funny.

  8. I bet your roof guy felt much safer knowing you were on the look-out!


  9. Darn and was thinking Hammer had visited to tell you some good news.....gld to hear you help supervise for the roof fix!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. Good job of supervision. Sorry it wasn't Hammer coming to visit. That would have been fun.

    Can you keep the snow up there? If it comes down here, we are sending it to Indy Pindy!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  11. Good thing you were there to keep an eye on Ahammer. You never know what those things are gonna do, & they can cause as much damage as a husky, if they fall into the wrong hands!

    Woos & a-rooos.
    Star & Jack

  12. dang, that is so misleading! But at least Ahammer is getting your roof fixed!

  13. Poor Zimmie! I'm sorry it wasn't THE Hammer! I know how much you like visitors!!!

    But, at least your roof is fixed!


  14. Nice work Zim keeping a watchful eye out on that roof tiler. Pity it wasn't Hammer the dog - we all live so far apart - wouldn't it be great if we could all get together in dogson! You are having some ups and downs with the weather there. Is the snow still on the ground?
    Jazz and Dixie

  15. Oh well,It wasn't the Hammer that all we know but still you were thinking on the real Hammer and and that counts a lot.
    Supervising is a cool job.

  16. We may be have dear Hammer here in Scotland. A house a few doors down is being renovated and apparently Hammer is there too!

    Can Hammer be in two places, oh no, you have got Ahammer with you, so perhaps I will meet Hammer later.

    Or may be it is a Hammmerster.....so Girl Girl could be visiting.....

    ;0) Zim - I think that 'joke' is for Amber really.....

  17. ooooh please can you tell your Mama my Jeannie has pee mailed her today.

    She has had good news since emailing, more later.........

  18. How nice of Ahammer to bring a friend along! It's a good thing they had you to supervise. I'm sure things went much more smoothly with you on the lookout. We're hoping the wind doesn't blow Shyla away today! It's blustery!

  19. Hey Zim,
    My dad has met Hammer, he said he is the coolest doggie! He can come to our house any time he wants too, cos he's the best!