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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Salute - The Mala-Moms!

It's me - Dave! Stormy is letting ME do the Sunday Salute this week! I'm going to start off with a question! What do this guy (Skyler)...

...and this guy (Thunder)...

...have in common? They were both rescued and transported by the Mala-moms this weekend! That's right! Holly's mom and Summit's mom did a whole lot of hard, hard work, planning, coordinating and driving to get these two pups to their furever homes! And for all those two wonderful ladies have done to make this happen, we Salute them!

First, to understand the length they went to this weekend, a little background. Summit's mom lives in Iowa; Holly's mom lives in Nebraska. I got a little fuzzy on the details of what all was going on, but my very good friend Khyra helped fill me in! (I wanted to make sure she got some credit. Errr... "khyredit". Woo.) The American Mid-West is a very large area, and although all the states I'm mentioning and am going to mention are "connected", I checked with Stormy and these two ladies will have put in over 1400 miles when all is said and done. Woo. (Map to follow, courtesy of Stormy.) [Editor's correction: The whole weekend trip was 2000 miles!!!]

Thunder was in Iowa and a very sweet lady in Colorado Springs, Colorado fell in love with him. She already has a Sibe and two Pomeranians and was ready to add to her pack. If someone could get him to her, she would adopt him. The Mala-moms jumped on it and offered to take the whole trip on themselves! and we're talking one-way of over 700 miles. Woo. When the nice lady in Colorado Springs told her pups they were getting a brother, they started looking for him.

Here's Stormy of Colorado, checking out the window for Thunder! Her pal JoJo is standing by!

Then the Mala-moms heard about Skyler. He was in Salina, Kansas. Not really on the way, but sort of. He was heading to Castle Rock, Colorado. They decided to help that little guy, too!

So the Mala-moms met up, got Thunder, and headed to Salina to get Skyler. The two pups did great together, from what we heard. Thunder even helped drive part of the way - check this out!

Remember, Siberians are working dogs! He's obviously hard at it!

The Mala-moms got Skyler safely to his destination - and last night dropped Thunder off at his new home in Colorado Springs! He has some adjustments to make, but he was settling in nicely last we heard. They spent the night in Colorado and are driving through HERE on their way home! I just can't wait to meet them! We're all excited and plan to put on quite the show for them! I'm going to do my best to get my fur all over Hollybollybananaboo's mom so Holly can get good sniffies of me! And I'm going to hug BOTH of the moms to say "thank woo" for rescuing Thunder and Skyler!

Here's their itinerary. Quite impressive, isn't it?

We wish both of these boys much, much happiness in their new homes. Their news leashes on life would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of Holly's mom and Summi's mom. For all these dedicated pup-lovers do ... we salute you!

The Army of Four (and especially Dave!)

PS: Maybe I should start looking out the window for them!

Are woo out there yet?!?


  1. Oh my DOGNESS Dave!

    Woo have SOOOOO outdone yourself!!

    Just wait until the khrazy khanine kharavan arrives in the Land of Ao4!!!

    Please PLEASE pass along a big KHYSS from me to each of the MalMoms AND one to your furry special SibeMom TOO!!!!

    Wags and WUV,
    PeeEss - thanks fur inkhluding humble little MOI!

  2. Oh Dave what an exciting day for you and the rest of the AO4...you must post all about your visit...with pictures too!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! And most of all yay to the Mala-Moms for their hardwork and dedication and YAY to Thunder and Skylar on their new furever homes - Woot!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. The Mala-moms are both fab-woo-lous. This is the best salute ever!

  4. How exciting! We can't wait to hear how your meeting went. We always think it's so pawsome when humans go out of there way like this to help out a sibe (or any doggy) in need.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  5. What a great salute! The malmoms are okay in my book! I just saw a pic of a one-eared Sibe in Phx looking for a home ;). If mama was home more often, had paid off all my vet bills, was allowed more than one dog in the house, and if I wasn't afraid of big dogs, I'd go take a look!

    Anyway, mama wants to know, Dave, if you all are anywhere near Pittsburg or Frontenac, KS? She's curious cuz her gramma was born in Frontenac.

  6. Oh my GOSH! What a road trip! LOL!!!! WOW!

    Dave, thank you for explaining and showing us just exactly what the Mala-Moms have pulled off this weekend. Whew! People like them, and Maryann, show just how awesome and caring humans can be.

    Have fun and shed LOTS on Holly's mom, for sure!


  7. We'll read your Sibe story in a minute -- but, having seen your post on the Kapp Pack blog, and having a grandma who was born in New Holland, Pa., we have to say "throw papa down the stairs his hat" sounds just about right!!

    Jake and Just Harry

    Back for more serious comments in a bit.

  8. This is a well deserved salute for sure!! That is a lot of driving, what lucky dogs they are. Too bad Holly couldn't come along to meet you Dave!

  9. That is SO impressive and we're so glad you included that map so we could understand just how far they have all gone. Way ta go ladies! That's what I call a noteworthy rescue. I am so jealous you get to meet everyone! Take lots and lots and lots of pics!

  10. Harrrrr Dave
    Glad to hear everybody got where they be going Harrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. First, congratulations on your adoption anniversary. Then, how fitting that to celebrate the Malamoms helped rescue another Sibe in need.

    You are all the greatest!!!

    Wirey woofs -- and as you all say wooooos!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  12. Very nice work Mala Moms, all that matters is getting more HULA members into their new covert homes!


  13. Happy Dave-a-versary, & congratulations on a wonderful & well-deserved salute! We just got back online after losing our 'puter for a week, WOW! We missed so much! HBBB & Summi's moms deserve a huge pat on the back, and all the husky hugs & kisses they can stand! We're off to check out all the other pups blogs to see what else we missed.
    Kisses (& kisses to the Malamoms),
    Bama & The RHP

  14. Anonymous8:50 PM

    The Mala-Moms are absolutely unreal!! That is so awesome of them to go to all that effort to help out some very needing dogs .


  15. what troopers, how (must be a vast network that involves all dogs, hooly etc that inform you of covert movements of everyliving dog in the universe) do you know /?/ i have my ears to the pavement, but i don't know about malamoms or deaths of dogs, or successes of dog, we only know about when dogs get loose and picked up by someone, or when we need our food dish or water dish filled, it would be nice to have the logistical knowledge of the army...looooovesplatoonoffour...not aramy

  16. What a Pawsome and Inspiring Story!
    We totally salute the tow Mala-Moms!!!!! You are two lovely and beautiful Moms to do this.

    Good Luck Thnuder and Sklar.

    Salute.......to you

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Bunny Labbie

  17. Opps we were so excited we spelled your names Wrong!

    Thunder & Skylar GOOD LUCK

  18. The Mala Moms are doing a great job!

  19. Mala-moms rock!

  20. Hi Dave
    A well deserved salute for these lovely ladies who helped Thunder and Skyler go to their furever homes. It's a real shame all hoomans weren't kind like this.
    Love from Hammer
    PS You guys look very impressive in your A04 Trooper helmets. Thank you !!!

  21. Wow! What a wonderful idea! We love Mala-moms and salute your incredible service. You're fantastic!!

  22. Thanks for stopping by our blog, Dave!

  23. woofies Ao4...now dats watt me calls a plan...sooo pawsome of the mala-moms to give their time and money to help 2 bute ti ful doggys in need...me nos dey will haff a happy happy life...

    b safe,

  24. Oh my goodness! THose are some great peopele! I TOTALLY know where those palces are!! Colorado Springs is only about 45 minutes from my house and Castle Rock is about and hour and a half from my house! That's so cool!

  25. oh Dave I am very sorry to be late in commenting, we have had "technical issues".......

    How lovely that Holly's Mum and Summit's Mums are doing such grrrreat work. We are SALUTING them belatedly!

    What mileage they put in, they drove about four times or more (hey I am a dog, not a maths expert!!!!) the length of the UK, and that is a long, long way.

    My Jeannie liked the map, she says she wants a map like that of where we are going when we go out on a day trip.....she is not good at reading maps so a cool map in that design would really help her. ;0)

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  26. The malamoms are the perfect salute for this weekend!


  27. How absolutly WONDERFUL! Those are some lucky doggies!Gaucho (Alice springs special) sends his love and happy blessings!