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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Rest of Us and the Toys

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I hope everypuppy is having a really happy weekend and had a happy week and is just ... happy. We were all really happy earlier this week when we got the package from Sitka, Tia and their mom! We got to play with some of the toys but then Mom took them into the inner portion of the Quilt Studio so she could monitor us as we played with them while she worked. That was fine, until Dave took all of them. ALL of them! Hrumph!

Here are Zimmie, Stormy and me looking into the inner part of the Studio. Well, I actually was so upset, I couldn't even look!

I really wanted to play with one of our new toys! Stormy looked over and told me,

"Hey, Am. I think he's only interested in Wonky.
Go ahead and play with the others; I've got you covered!"

She's really quite the kind leader, you know! I forced myself to look and saw the other toys all alone!

"I see them, Storm! Can you please make Dave move over so I can play with them?"

I didn't want to make any trouble or anything, and I knew Storm could get Davy to move just by sending him a mind-meld message or something else really smart. And she did! She actually gave up the fluffy bed area, so Dave and Wonky would move over there. Isn't she smart? And really nice? She knew he'd move over there! As soon as he did, I went over to play with the other toys!

"Thanks, Storm! I didn't want to cause any problems or anything!"

Sitka and Tia and your mom, we really love these new toys! Here I am playing with the fluffy brown guy. I haven't given him a name yet, but we DID do a really cute pose together!

Love to everypuppy!

PS: Everypuppy please keep Flurry in your prayers today, as she makes her way to her fur-ever home!!! (Paws up to Khyra for the posts!)


  1. Amber, we know just how you feel! Meeka is the toy hog here. He gets so intense that we can only have stuffies when Dad's around to referee. Those are great toys and that was so nice of Sitka, Tia, and her Mom to send them to you.

  2. Oh, Ammie woo look soooooo beeWOOtiful in your pikhs!

    PLUS, a big tails up to Stormy for keeping Hbbb's main skhweeze Dave under khontrol!!

    Tank woo for the 'wooo's out' on the Flurry postings!!!

    I'll see that my assistant is sure to mention about Flurry being HOME!!!!

    Happy Saturday to all of WOO,
    Wags & Wuv,

  3. toyTOYS, psha, we have to get serious about our mission statements, january is almot gone, soon to be july, and then the year is over and it is january again, we can't talk about toys, phfft, toys, we ca't tlak about toys, lets get busy, platoonoffour redy and waiyinting...

  4. Woo, I'm a toy hog, but I'd never hog toys from somepuppy as pretty as you! I'm glad Stormy could help you!


  5. I can certainly tell by your first photo that you are NOT pleased! In the last photo, you look very happy and beautiful, since you finally got a toy!!! Sounds like Dave likes to take control of the toys just like I do!


  6. Oh wow! You'all share your toys so good. Bella has been taking all my toys. Mom got me a new football, all for me because ate my little yellow one.

    I like how you'all do that mind meld thing. I have to try that with Missy so that I can get some of my stuffies away from Bella.

    Husky Hugs to you'all. MayaMarie

  7. Amber,
    Love your interpersonal skills! I wish more humans thought through communication as well as you do!

  8. You four are so good at working together and sharing toys!


  9. Woo, that Stormy is one smart pup! No wonder she's the supreme commander, she has excellent control, and knows how to get her way without abusing her power. What a gal! You look very beawootiful in your happy pic with your stuffy.
    Bama & the RHP

  10. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Storm is such a fantastic leader keeping you all happy like that!!


  11. OOOOOH Amber - we love that second from the last photo of you on this post, you really look like "laughing Amber".

    Funny how Dave hogged those toys.......it must be a Lab thing!

    My ma is better now, she has made some decisions, and she is staying put!

    love and laughing licks, your pal, Marvin xxxxxx

  12. Stormy is such a good leader and so good to her female partner in crime. Glad to see you got some help getting the toys!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann