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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Package AND An Award!

Hi everypuppy! It's me today - Amber! I have SO much exciting news to tell you! I better get started NOW!

The first order of business is to thank everyone for joining together for Operation Bring Beau Home! It's exciting to see so many participants! You don't have to be a Trooper in the Ao4 to band with us, but if you would like to be a Trooper, just let us know and we'll contact you! You can click on that hyperlink to the Trooper page and find the secret email address for us there - or leave us a comment!

Next up - a BIG thank rooooo to our dear Beagle friends Jazz and Dixie! Those sweet puppies have given us an award which we will proudly post to our blog!

We love being friends with Jazz and Dixie - and if it wasn't for Dogs With Blogs, we probably wouldn't have gotten to know them! That being said, we'd like to pass the award along to the masterminds behind DWB, Opy and Charlie! The hard part about getting an award is that we'd like to pass it to EVERYpup, but Stormy said that's not how you're supposed to do it... so we're going to limit it to Opy and Charlie, but please know we are SO VERY grateful for all of our blogging friends!!!

Last, but not least ... we got a PACKAGE yesterday!!! I was there when Mom brought it in and she let me sniff it first!

Look, everysibe! A package for us - from the Hollybollybooster!

Oh, it was so exciting! Dave opened the card and just kept wooing over the "bee-woo-tiful" picture of Holly.

Look, you Sibes! It's Holly! My Holly!

Zim helped Mom unpack the box! He found some chewies that smelled REALLY interesting, but he insisted there was something else in the box. Something even BETTER!

Really, Mom! Dig a little deeper. Let me help!

Mom did dig in and found a beautiful box with a coffee mug in it! It has sled puppies on it! Oh, I just love it - I'll bet the sled puppies had so much fun running and running and running in the lovely snow!

Since Zim tricked Dave the other day, I decided to have a little fun with Zim. He saw the coffee mug, but I was the first to stick my snooter in it! It's nice and wide and amply-sized for Sibe snooters!

Oooh, Zimmie! Yes, a coffee mug! And it's full of cappuccino!

Hee hee hee! Zim was skeptical, so I winked at Dave and said, "It's full of cappuccino already, right, Dave?"

It's Hollybollyboo! She's so bee-woo-tiful!

But Dave was ...otherwise engaged. Oh, Davy! So I winked at Stormy and asked her! She winked back and stuck her snooter in!

Oh, yeah, Ammy! Mmm.... cappuccino! Right, Dave? Dave? DAVID!

We both looked at Dave.

Did you girls say something? Look! It's HOLLY!

... but he was still otherwise engaged. You can't blame him! Holly IS the most bee-roo-tiful Malagal! Anyroo, temptation got the best of Zim and he couldn't resist sticking his snooter in the cup!

WOW! I love this cup! I can get my snooter all the way in!
But wait a minute ... there's no cappuccino in here!

Hee hee hee! We couldn't resist! Zim thought it was pretty funny - especially later, after Mom washed it then made some coffee to go in it! It's the perfect size!!!

Holly, thank roo soooooo much for your thoughtful gifts! We love the mug and we'll enjoy the chewies and we just TREASURE the card! Especially a certain freckle-nosed member of the pack. :)

Jazz and Dixie, thank roo soooooo much for the lovely award! We are proud and honored to call you our friends!

And to all of you participating in Operation Bring Beau Home - thank roooooo!



  1. I'm so glad you liked the pressies! Mom accidentally found the cup, but just knew she had to get it for her friends! And since we all love our lamb ears (since it's one of the few chewies we can have) we wanted to share those too!

    Davie, since you like to stare at my picture so much, check out my blog today!


  2. Dave really IS in love, WOW. What a cool mug. We will be posting about Beau this weekend!

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Oh Amber... what a great post!! We love Holly too! She is such a sweet malgal (her mama too). Dave is totally in love with that card from HBBB, oh wait, he is in love with HBBB and the card she sent!!! The snooter photos are awesome. I have to say, yours and Storms were cute, but Zim's was the BEST! What can I say, I really love that redhead!


  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    What great presents!


  5. Holly sends nice gifts! What a pretty mug!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. I khan hear him now 'woo're just too good to be true - I khan't take my eyes AND MOUTH off of woo'

    I want woo you Baby -

    Oh Dave! Will you be taking the khard to bed wiff woo tonight?

    Wags and Wuv,


  7. Great pressies there guys. Watch out you don't drool on that picture Dave.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  8. Thanks an exciting present! We are working on getting Stormy's mission kit up on the blog. I've been busy clawing mom to get my new layout just right.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  9. Great presents!! Zim looks like he really LOVES the mug.


  10. WooHoo!!
    Great pressies for all of woo!!! I'm sure glad that Dave and I are all squared away about my bewootiful MalaSis Holly!! I can see from the pictures that he is snooter over tail for her!!! I do like the plan I see shaping up..just give the card to Dave and the rest of woo end up getting to share his chewies!!

  11. Holly is so pawsome to send those great gifts. And Dave is soooooo in love. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Hi Mates
    DWB sure is a great community.
    We feel so privileged that Stormy is leading the mission to find Beau and we're official A04 Troopers now. We're very grateful to all the new Troopers too. Mum just hopes she doesn't have to fit their helmets
    Your presents are bootiful, and your award too.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love from Hammer

  13. oh Amber, you are so funny!

    I am laughing so much that I cannot think of anything funny to say!

    Congrats on the award from Jazz and Dixie, and I am pleased you gave it to Opy and Charlie!

    Holly's present was just the loveliest thing too.

    I wish I could think of a joke but I am just tired from watching Jeannie wrestle with helmets and photo shop stuff!

    I will rest now and dream that I am wearing my Trooper Helmet, cos that seems as far as I am goin to get at the rate Jeannie is working!

    Love and licks, your friend Marvinxxxxxx