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Friday, January 11, 2008

Best Friends!

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I just can't believe this, but we've been given another award! This is the Best Friends Award and it comes to us via our most favorite Scotsman, Marvin! Thank roo so much! You're such a sweet puppy!!!

We talked this one for a long, long time and decided together who we'd like to pass the award along to! We would like to present this award to Holly, Sitka, Frankie and Maddie, Tubey, and Meeshka. We had a hard time deciding and limiting our selections, but we've known these Sibes (and Maddie) the longest of anypuppy! Since before blogging days! They're very special to us -- and so are all of you!!!

Stormy said I should also post a picture of which ones of us are best friends within the Ao4 proper. Here we are!

Me (Ammy), Dave, Storm, and Zimmie

We're all best friends! And this is what we'd like to be doing right now! Unfortunately, that picture is from two years ago. Right now, it's almost 40 degrees and most of our snow is gone. Hrumph!

This news flash just in! We're going to meet the moms of two of our fellow bloggers this weekend!!! We're soooooo excited, we can hardly wait! Anypuppy want to guess whose moms we're meeting!?!?


PS: We LOVE all the captions for the picture of Davy and Zim on yesterday's post! Any more ideas???


  1. Thank woo for the award. I appreciate it!

  2. You 4 are sure my best friends too! I have made SOOO many wonderful friends here, and my human woman has too (thanks to ME)! Thank you so much for the Award!

    Hmmmm, I have no idea who could be coming to visit you.......


  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Wow! Thank woo all for the pawsome award. You 4 are so special to mom, Tia, and myself. We love that we have made tons of friends through blogging.

    Oh visitors??? I sure wish it was me... I am gonna guess Holly's mom - maybe Holly too??? Looking at her comment AND knowing how close you are to each other... I can't wait for you to tell us!


  4. Lets see..... The Mom was laughing last night about 'Thelma and Louise'. Hmmmmmmm. Is it possilbe?

  5. Oh another mystery for the weekend! I wonder who you're visiting with?! This has me wondering. You got another wonderful award! 2008 sure is starting out on the right paw.

  6. Great pics of yur furry tails standing up & at attention, hawoo-hawoo. Haven't talked to you in a while. But we're baack to blogging wif you all again. Stops by at our bloggie to say hi.
    Talks to ya soon,
    -Cosmos & Juneau-

  7. My mom is SOOOOOO furry jealous!

    But I did see one of the mom's was made to promise not to take on your brothers when she left!!

    AND please be ready for a thorough chekhking - some of us think woo khan't be real Sibes - I mean - what Sibe SITS AND LOOKS AT KHATS???

    THAT is grounds for a fullexpandoarm tug!

    Wags and KHONGRATS!!!


  8. THELMA AND WEEZY!!! Do you get to meet Thunder too?

  9. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Congrats on the award and we're sorry to hear that your snow is melting already.


  10. Pssst...check our bloggie, you have an award!!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  11. Congratulations on the award. In all the photos you guys always look like the best of friends. In that pic of Dave and Zim we think they are sending your mom a mind meld to hand over the whole box of cookies!
    Jazz and Dixie

  12. oh that last photo is one of our favourites of you all!

    I am pleased you liked the award I gave you and you managed to find the picture on my blog at long last.

    Funny things computers!!

    love and licks from icy, frosty and sunny Scotland xxxx Marvin xxxx

  13. congratulations for the award...

    i wonder who's humans will u be meeting with....


  14. We bet you are visiting with HBBB's and Summit's Moms who are rescueing, and transporting on a road trip this weekend.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  15. That is a great pic of you guys, except the snow, brr. I can't wait to see what dog's humans you met!

  16. MARVIN,that would be my choice toooo.also give him?her/ the scummy pond award from sadie and duke,