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Friday, January 04, 2008

Operation BBH P-update and Moose

Woo, everypup! Stormy asked me to post an important p-update to Operation Bring Beau Home. We've seen a lot of your pictures with your helmets on, fired and up ready to go! You all look GREAT!

Our good buddies Charlie and Opy have tasked their dad to do something really cool. They are collecting all the pictures of us guys working on Operation BBH to make a collage for Beau's mom! That's mighty nice, isn't it? And for those of us having trouble putting the helmets on our pictures, they're going to have their dad do it for us! How nice is that? Woo, I'd like to hug their dad for all of this! Surf on over to their blogs for the full details - and send those pictures to Opy at her email address, opy at gruffpuppy dot com dot au. Stormy said to make sure you do it. Now! (It's best not to ignore her when she barks orders like that. Trust me.)

So ... I'm not sure if this is another one of Amber's jokes. Maybe you pups can help me out with this. She said she watched Mom do her hair the other morning and saw her put a moose in it.

Seriously? I find that shocking!

You'd think a guy like this would weigh her hair down rather than help pouf it up!

I'm going to have to check Mom's head more carefully. I don't know how I missed the moose before this.

Unless... you don't think Ammy's joking around again, do you?



  1. Hmmmm...guess we'll have to look into this!

    This is not really related, but my Human has been calling me Puffy & Fluffy a lot lately! Isn't that strange?

  2. Mom can't get helmets on our heads. She is computer dumb. I think Ammy might be yanking your chain Dave

  3. no i don't think ammy is fooling around, i think she is very serious, we are all sure going to try to to first get moose on all of our fur and then find the biggest helmets possible...i don't think ammy can yank our chains, we don't have any...loooves duke sadie.speeding, sandy platoon of four

  4. You are beautiful doggies! I already have put the Beau badge on my site. Come visit me sometime!

  5. Our mom is laughing out loud thinking about a moose sitting on your mom's head! She didn't go out in public like that, did she?
    Charlie's dad is super nice to make Beau's mom a special poster and it's nice of Opy to help everyone get their helmets on! Ruby helped us cause we're computer dummies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Oh that Ammy!!! I bet that mooses name is Alberto too!!! BOL!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Ammy had better watch out!

    A certain MALGAL might just have to khome to Khansas and skhwish her fur pikhking on HER DAVE!!

    Wags and Wuv,


    PeeEss: I'll be sending a pikh to Opy!

  8. I am going to need to see a picture of your mom's hair before saying conclusively whether there is a moose in it. I have discovered an alternative for hair spray though... honey! Ever since I became honey head, my fur with the honey is really staying in place!


  9. I saw all the things Charlie and Opy's dad is going to do. That's great! I'm hoping Mom can get my stuff done on Monday and get it emailed. I think I'll look pretty good in a helmet.
    I hate to say this, but I think a certain huskie is teasing you again.

  10. I think a moose on your mom's head is a great idea! Are the antlers poking out? Check it out and give us a pupdate! I can't imagine Ammy would joke about such a thing!


  11. oh my Dave, I never gave the hair mooose another thought! Amber is so so funny, it took me a couple of minutes to see the joke, and the mooose! But how I laughed!

    My Jeannie cannot do the photo shop thing with the helmet, but she has given about 5 hours of her life trying to do it!

    We have emailed Opy tonight for assistance, so please wait a while till we hear back from Australia.

    What kind people Opy and Charlie's pawrents are?!

    We always obey Opy - cos we are frightened of the famous Can of Whoopass!

    Hold on for a pic of me, in my helmet, very soon.

    Marvn, Loyal Trooper in the Army of Four reporting for duty!

    love and loyal licks from now leaky and defrosting Scotland!

    Marvin xxxxxxxx

  12. I dunno...I think Amber might be stretching the truth a bit here. I believe a Moose is much too large to sit on your Mom's head. I think you would have noticed. A mouse maybe....but not a moose.

  13. Are you sure you aren't Siamese??
    My kitty sister Ming has eyes just like you!!

  14. Oh Dave, you look absolutely breathtaking with your moose! But, I think Ammy was joking with you! Afterall, I know I can't fit onto my mom's head, and she calls me a MINI moose!

    I'm going to have to save a copy of those pics, cuz you just look too adorable for me not to be able to look at that all the time!


  15. woofies Ao4!!! me iz thinkin dat amber has got a thing fur mooseies and reindeers...heehee mama not uses moose, she lets hair go everyware...and thank dog fur opy, charlie and their mum and dad...iffin it wuz left up to my mama gettin me helmet on it wood b 2010...i need help wiff sumthin i will email u about tonite...

    b safe,

  16. woofies again, well poop u not haff a peemail addy on u bloggy... iffin u wood b so kind as to peemail me me wood apreciate it..


    fank u,

  17. I think she's trying to trick you again. Silly Ammy! We'll make sure we head on over to Opy's blog for his dad to help with our pictures.
    Mom was too stupied to figure it out.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  18. We're trying to get our mom to go get our helmets & help us put them on, but she always seems to have something else to do, it's getting close to time for the khlaws to come out! & NOW she tells us we're gonna lose our 'puter for a few days, starting Sunday. THis just isn't right! Can you guys send your mom's moose to our house so we can make it sit on mom's head?
    Bama & the RHP

  19. woofies Ao4, me got it on me bloggy, come check it out sumtime...


  20. Woos there Dave~
    I know this is Navy related but I hope woo don't mind a "service" cross over. USS Summit reporting for Beau surveilance duty but Mom is going to need some help squeezing a helmet on my head. Well, if there is a moose in your hu-mom's hair it must be a really Suave one for woo not to notice it so far. If woo find out that it's Ammy again, just let me know. Us boys will work on pulling one over on her soon. Us guys have to stick together!

  21. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Amber can't be serious - I'm sure you would have noticed a mouse in your mum's hair!


  22. Can't help, mistress doesn't have any mooses.

    But stick at it Dave. And of course it is not an Ammy joke.


  23. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Dave this has to be one of your funniest posts yet!!! Tia and I got a good laugh out of it. Mom sometimes puts a moose in her hair too. HUMM!!!


  24. Well we have come to report for duty and sign up.We got our mission kit frorm Ruby and will report this evening on our site.....Love Agatha and Archie 2 wire fox terriers form Boston Ma

  25. Moose in her hair?? Humans are goofy. We can't wait to see the pic of all of us in our combat gear!