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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great Day for a Homecoming!

Woo, everypup! It's me, Dave! Back in January of 2002, someone posted to the Siberian Husky list Mom and a lot of the other bipeds who are owned by Sibes are on about a Sibe right here in our town; he needed bailed out of the slammer and transported to a rescue group's foster home in Oklahoma. Mom heard the call. Here's part of the post she sent to the group:

"Can anyone help us with 'Yodel' ...? He's a cuddler --who out there wanted a cuddler??? He gives soft, low, gentle "woos", loves to be hugged, loves being scratched, especially in that special spot right at the base of the tail......... "wooooo", was his comment on that. Loves to give you a full-body lean. BUT prior to me getting there, he was acting like a caged animal (go figure) and is driving the animal techs nuts. They didn't realize what a sweetie he was until they saw how he was with me. He's lonely. Takes food gently... will sit for food... I'd peg him at 3-4 years but in need of a teeth cleaning. BEAUTIFUL boy. Already neutered. Black and white, blue eyes. Wound on muzzle from another dog healing cleanly. Energetic, bright-eyed, in need of companionship and exercise! Amenable to me inspecting teeth and the muzzle wound, not shy with people, no problem looping a slip-lead over his head..... basically showed no fear of anything. Friendly. Did I mention he likes to snuggle? :) Played with a toy with me, but was more interested in getting OUT of there. Anybody? Please?"

Do you know who that Yodel really was? ME! Dave! Woooooo! And that email was sent 6 years ago today ... the day Mom and Dad brought me home! Woo, it's my Adopt-a-Dave Day! (Mom sure had me pegged in that first email about me, didn't she?) You can read more details about my adoption at this link and see a couple more early pictures here. What a great day! And rather coincidental, given who's coming to visit tomorrow ... and why!

Did you see the comment the D'Azul Siberians left on yesterday's post? They guessed right - and some other Sibes dropped some mighty big hints! Yep - I get to meet the mom of my bee-woo-tiful friend Hollybollyboo and the mom of my Malpal Summit! Woo, I am so excited! They're on a rescue and transport mission this weekend - much like what was scheduled for me all those years ago! Isn't that cool?!? They are taking a gorgeous Siberboy named Thunder from Iowa all the way to Colorado! We wish them safe travels and wish Thunder TONS of happiness in his furever home! I hope things work out as well for you as they have for me! Woo!

The Mala-moms are coming!

I better catch up on my beauty sleep!

I sure hope Summi's and Holly's moms like me! What a great Dave-aversary gift! Woo!



  1. Happy, Happy Adopt A Dave Day!

    I much prefer your name now, Yodel was just not "you"!

    How lovely to read the post your Mum sent out to the rescue group, I did not realise it was you until the very end!

    How wonderful too that you are meeting up with Holly Boo Boos mum and Summit's Ma! Of course they will like you! We all love you so much darlin Dave!

    pee ess I have just finished posting about your Thinking Blogger Award you gave me the other day, thank you again, so much, and so profoundly!

    Mucho love and licks on your Adopt A Dave Day! from Marvin in Cold, and Frosty Scotland!


  2. Silly Dave!

    Why wouldn't they like WOO!!

    I hope you are ready to dazzle 'em!!!

    KHONGRATS on finding such special souls to add woo to their pakhk -

    From what I'm hearing about Thunder, he is very very special and very very lukhky to have pulled on all the heartstrings he's done thus far - another sukhkhessful playing of the bi-peds - Ha Ra Roooo Rooo!!!!!

    Wags and Wuv Handsome - please share SOME with the others,


  3. Happy Day Dave!!!! What a lucky boy!!! And to meet the mala moms!!! So lucky!!!

    Have a great time!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. Happy Dave-aversary Day to woo!

  5. Wow - Today is your special day!
    Hope it is a great one.

    Your mom was real lucky, adopting such a handsome boy like you!

  6. Happy Happy Adoption Day! Very cool you get to meet the two Mal Mom's. Will you get to meet Thunder too??? Are you having cake today??? My adoption day is going to arrive very soon!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. Oh Dave have a have happy special day! We are so glad your mom and dad found you. This meeting of the moms sounds fun. We can't wait to hear about it.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. Happy adopt-a-Dave day! You're another fine example of how great rescues are.


  9. Happy Adopt-a-Dave-Day, Dave!
    That's pretty wonderful how you came to be with your family.
    And now you get to meet the mala-moms too? wow, what a nice way to celebrate!

    woooos & a-rooos,
    Star & jack

  10. Happy Adopt-a-Dave Day! Hope you've had a great day.... Hugs & Happy Wags,
    Veronica & The Husky Hill Gang

  11. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Wooo Dave... Happy Adpot A Day!!!! We are so excited you get to see HBBB's Mom and Summit's mom! I hope that you get to smell some of HBBB's fur!!! I am sending you LOTS of SMOOCHIES on your freckled Snooter!


  12. That is the greatest! We hope you have tons of fun with Holly and Summit!

  13. Happy gotcha day Davey. It was thanks to your mom telling your story that my people started to think we could keep Ness.

  14. Harrrrr Dave
    Happy Adopt a Dave Day Harrrrr hope ye have fun with holly and summits mom Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  15. Pickle Nose Dave
    Whose name was Yodel
    Picks the hues
    For crafts abode-l.

    He could make
    A cave geode-l,
    Pickle Nose Dave
    Whose name was Yodel.

    Freckle-nose Dave
    Whose name was Yodel -
    He's nearby,
    Not antipode-l.

    Glad he's not
    A white French Podel!
    Freckle-nose Dave
    Whose name was Yodel.

    Pickle Nose Dave
    Whose name was Yodel,
    When he goes
    Siberian mode-l,

    Talks in speech
    All Husky Code-l.
    Pickle Nose Dave
    What's wrong with "Yodel"?

    The Human Assistant thinks one of your humans used to watch too much Cheech and Chong.

    The other human changed your name to stop all the shouting of, "Dave's not here!"

    That's what he said he thinks, anyway!

    Hope you had a good SaturDave!

  16. Happy adopt-a-Dave day! Lucky you, getting to meet Summi's and Holly's mamas! Maybe they'll come this way one day!


  17. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Happy Adopt-a-Dave day!!! We never would've guessed that you hadn't been with your bipeds since you were a pup - sounds like you are just perfect for each other!

    And don't worry about the mums not liking you - I think it's impossible not to like you Dave!


  18. Hi Dave
    We're so pleased your mum and dad found you in time, and it is impossible thinking that no one could not love you.
    I needed a good home too, just like Beau, and we came to our mum. As you know, being a purebred doesn't mean that you get a better chance in life.
    Love from Hammer

  19. Have a great day Dave. I'm four years and a day behind you. I rescued master and mistress four years ago tomorrow.. (I have just made her look it up).

    Hope you enjoy the meet-up.


  20. woofies Ao4....yeahhh Dave, u not lookies like a Yodel to me either...happy late gotcha or gotme day...

    b safe,

  21. Hi, Ao4!! I just stopped here from Sasha's blog. Thanks for helping rescues!

  22. Happy Dave-aversary!!! We are so glad you found your furever home. The army of three just doesnt have as nice of a ring to it!

  23. Happy Dave-Aversary my friend! This most certainly calls for a celebratory cake! What a wonderful and heartwarming story. Thanks for being so charming and melting your Mom's heart.

  24. Happy Adopt A Dave Day (a few days late)!

    Steve and Kat

  25. Happy Dave Day! Let me give this a try, here-ahem,ahemahem:


    You don't look so lean anymore, Dave, you look LOVED! And I'm so happy to know you. That was the bestest day ever! And now you've got a full time job helpin' your mom keep her colors straight!