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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lots of Firsts!

Hello, everyone, it's me - Cammie!  I got to go to Tuttle Creek State Park for the first time yesterday!  It was so exciting and I can't wait to show you all the wonderful things I got to do and all the things we saw!  Zimmie and I agreed I could take both today and tomorrow to show you.  Today, we'll focus on me and all the "firsts" I had out at the lake; tomorrow, I'll show you all the pretty things we saw!

Back when I lived in Missouri, in the land of Polargold Siberians, I was taught so many wonderful things!  When I was just a puppy, I was exposed to lots of different things and learned not to be afraid of any of it - that's what's made me the confident girl I am today!  Even though Mom asked me to try new things at the lake, I wasn't afraid of any of it!  She and Dad (and my wonderful family back at Polargold) are very proud of how I take everything in stride!  Let's get to the lake and I'll show you!

The first new thing I came to was a wooden bridge!


I crossed it without even thinking about it - no sweat!

We walked down to look out over the water and I had a look around.


I saw birdies flying over us (and a medevac helicopter from Fort Riley) and I smelled billions of interesting smells!

Mom said we had some hiking to do (yea!) so we crossed back over the bridge ...


... and eventually found ourselves at another part of the lake. Or River Pond. Or whatever it is.


Mom spotted a bunch of sunflowers (we'll show you some tomorrow!), so I took a break while she took some photos.


We walked over to another part of the water and had a look around.


I thought we should walk down the steep bank to the water's edge, but Mom thought she might slip and fall, so we decided not to.  I was happy enough just looking at everything from up on the bank, as you can see in the next picture:

"I am having such a great time!"

We walked over to another good look-out point, but didn't see anything too exciting. On our way there, I was charged by a Yorkie dragging a retract-o-leash behind him (I just stood there while he barked at me - Mom was quite pleased with me), so I kept my eyes peeled for him on the way back out.


We found a very peaceful spot to take a break ...


... then we got back into the car and drove over to a place Zimmie had told me about.

First we walked down a dock:


That was my first time on one! It wasn't scary or anything. I've walked on wood before, just not across water! Then we stepped over a 6" gap (no hesitation there, either!) and onto a floating dock or raft or something.

The raft was connected to the dock, but it bobbed up and down in the water. I found it very relaxing, as did Mom. While she took 10 billion pictures of a Great Blue Heron (I'll show you tomorrow!), I sat down and enjoyed the "ride".


She really did take 10 billion pix. Some of them were of me, too, like this one:


Can you tell how happy I was? It was such a beautiful day!

All too soon, it was time to head back up the dock ...


... and head home!

Thanks for coming to the lake with me! Please tune back in tomorrow for some more of our pictures! (Not all 10 billion, I promise!)



  1. Great pics. It looks like it was a beautiful day, and a good time was had.

  2. What a wonderful adventure you had---and you are SO BRAVE!!! Not like scaredy-cat me.


  3. Cam-a-Roo rae such a brave and confident girl. I like that. Bobing platforms can be tricky and a bit scary. Butt you master it like it was nothing. Woo hoooooooo to you.

  4. Better watch out Cammie cause our mommy is wanting you to take your first plane trip to Oregon! We enjoyed seeing all your first there in the Little Apple though. You are a brave girl! Our sisfur Sadie walked across a suspension bridge once without being scairt but our Mommy can't say the same. She sorta kinda freaked out in the middle while Sadie just looked around.

  5. What a gorgeous day you had. The water is beautiful... but you are the most beautiful of all in the photos :)

  6. Gorgeous photo's especially of you and it looked like a wonderful walk you had. Hugs GJ x

  7. we love seeing your park and mom says you look like a very brave hiking partner

  8. I'm glad you got to spend some time on the water this weekend too, even if you weren't IN it like I was! Next year you can come to Texas and splash with us. :)

  9. thanks for taking us along, Camo! what fun! your smile is priceless :)

    PIp, SMidgen, Minnie, Hollie