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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XXII - Duckies and Lab Tests

Tail wags, pups - it's me, Stormy! I wanted to spend today's post addressing a couple of concerns our dear friend Rocky and good buddy Echo have expressed!

First up - Have you read our pal Rocky's blog lately? He was real worried because he couldn't find his special friend Ducky ... and said he might have to consult our Detective Service! WOW! Before we could fully launch into action, he found Duckie!!! Whew! We're so glad Rocky and Duckie are reunited!

Dave had already started a preliminary investigation and left a message for the Rockstar saying that he saw a duck in the garage and wondered if it was Duckie. Dave showed it to me, and I knew right away it wasn't Rocky's Duckie ... it was our great-brother Booter's Mr. Ducky!!!

It's great-brother Booter's "Mr. Ducky"!

Oh! how Booter loved Mr. Ducky! (He also was also quite fond of Rocky's dad, coincidentally enough!) He liked to carry Mr. Ducky with him - even on walkies! I think it was the Lab in him.

Speaking of Labs ... our second question comes from our good buddy Echo. He asked, "Everyone keeps telling Kelsey Ann they want her to have 'good Lab results'. She's not a Lab....She's a Sibe! What's up with that? I certainly hope the Vet isn't trying to turn her into a Lab because she's pretty just the way she is."

Echo, we agree 100% that Kelsey is pretty just the way she is! Kelsey Ann had a lump removed, and she and her pack were waiting for the test results. (We're thrilled to report the results were very good indeed!) Bipeds often say they're waiting for "good Lab results". It doesn't mean they're trying to turn her into a Lab ... it means that in order for the bipeds to be certain of what they've found, they have to run it by a Lab first. You know, see what the Lab thinks about everything. As we canines are the superior intellect, the bipeds turn to us when there is a serious health issue in question. So Kelsey's parents waited to hear from the Lab, who told them the good news!

Mom runs a lot of things past all of us - like how she always consults Dave about colors. Like the Labs Kelsey Ann's bipeds consulted, he takes his job seriously, and studies hard.

Dave, GDFTCB, doing some professional development reading

Not saying he's a Lab... but well... you know.

Tail wags,


  1. Thanks for clarifying that Storm. The lab thing makes perfect sense! I see Dave believes in continuing education. It is back to school season after all.

  2. Hi-Woo Storm,
    Thanx for the reporting. Oh woo, if my red squeaky puppy ever comes up missing, I'll be sure to call the Ao4 for detective work. We are so glad that Kelsey Ann's Lab said that she was OK. I'll have to go over & talk to her on her blog.
    Till next time,

  3. Excellent explanation Stormy! You are soooo smart.

    I'm glad those Labs gave Kelsey Ann good results. We all like it when that happens!


  4. We are happy that the Labs had good news for Kelsey. WEe will soon be asking the Lab about Misty's lump as well.

    Dave, Echo suggested that you help our mom with her color choices for her stick projects. All she ever seems to choose is black. It looks so good on you and Stormy, she doesn't seem to think that there is anything wrong with it. And it highlights our contributions so very well.

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  6. Y'all are one talented Army, my idea of helping mom to quilt would be to fight her for the fabric pieces, haaarooo.
    I followed all the links in your post and have been reading all about all of you. The heat & humidity are so bad here in N. FL that our humans wouldn't make it a block without collapsing, your slaves must be in great shape to walk you regular like that. Luckily we have a huge back yard to run in, and have daily games of tag, but lately it's even been too hot for us to want to stay out long.
    Happy WOOFs to the Lab that gave Amber such a great report card on her tests!
    I added a link to your page, and would love if you'd all link to us, too. I couldn't figure out how to tell the humom how to put up your cool logo, though...
    Bama & the RHP

  7. Canyon wanted to remind us all he is a lab in a husky costume....I've heard you mention Dave is one of those too. Thank you for all the well wishes....the Labs certainly did a great job this time.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  8. I am a Lab and Momma has to run everything by me. Well, at least I TRY to get her to. I can't quite get her to keep from going to Workie. She says that's how she pays for my foods. Yeah, and I'll wake her up at 6am on the WeekEnds to have her feed me. Hey, I don't know days of the week!

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  9. oh I am so glad you have clarified the "the good lab results", Stormy. I am still waiting on mine, and I must say I was getting a bit worried 'cos I am a good lab already and I just didn't understand why they wanted more results! Phew! That was a darn long sentence there.

    I must go and lie down now to recove!

    I am going over to meet Rocky right now and leave a comment!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  10. Labs must be trained in medicine like Dave is trained in color coordination. At our house, I'm trained in leadership. Steve is trained in goofball skills. Wilbur is trained in athleticism and jumping high objects. Ulee is trained in chewing.


  11. Hi guys,

    I have some comments.

    Dave -- That trick of yours is just brilliant! Does Stormy know what you are up to?

    Stormy -- Wonderful news about Rocky and Ducky!

    I don't know what "good lab results" means. It doesn't make any sense to me, but your explanation sounds good. Whatever that means, I'm happy the lab results for Kelsey Ann were good.

    Dave really likes to keep up on things, doesn't he?

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  12. Echo: Happy to help out! It DOES sound confusing!
    We all try to study hard here!

    Cosmos: Oh, I hope your red squeaky puppy doesn't go missing! That would be so sad!

    Holly: Thank roo! And yes, we LOVE good Lab results!!!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I sent Davy over to your blog to check out what your mom did with the sticks. She's REALLY talented! I think Dave left a color suggestion, but we DO love the black!
    We hope the Lab has good news for Misty, as well!

    Bama & pack: Thanks for adding our link! We added yours, too!
    We've never destroyed anything in the Quilt Studio. I'm not sure why not.

    Kelsey Ann: We are SO very happy about what the Lab said about your tests! Do you think Canyon spoke to them on your behalf?

    Sadie Mae: You sound like you perform invaluable tasks for your mom! In order for bipeds to fully enjoy the weekend, they need to get an early start! Otherwise, they sleep right through it!

    Marvin: Lab results for a Lab?!!? It's enough to make my head spin! I hope you get good Lab results, too!

    Kat: I think you're on to something there! You're SUCH a smart puppy!!!

    Koobie: I TOTALLY know what the big attention-monger is up to! It's OK... Mom and I have our special time, too! He's a big lug ... but so NICE! and very good with colors!
    Good Lab results are always welcome!!!

    Tail wags, all!

  13. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Woo Storm.. as always, wonderful updates and great answers to great questions! We are thrilled about Kelsey's lab results!!!

  14. you are very smart to study your craft. all the literature I can find on stains deals with preventing them or getting rid of them, talk about boring reading!

  15. Sitka: Thank roo! And isn't it fabulous! We're wagging our tails like crazy over Kelsey Ann's news!

    Joe: Sounds like YOU need to write a book! If more poochies were published, it would be a much more interesting world!

    Tail wags,