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Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Tee Shirts!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me! Zim! Hey, guess what the mailman brought us yesterday? Our very cool Hike N Howl tee shirts! YEAH! It seems like Mom just ordered them a day or two ago, but here they are already!

She said I could decide which design was for her and which one was for Dad. I checked them over real close.

Ooh, this white one has a grey and white Sibe on it. How cool!

And the blue one has the cool official Hike N Howl logo! (And a little bit of nose art now, too!)

I couldn't decide! They're both so cool! I tried to ask Dave, but he was helping Mom with something.

I'm kinda busy working right now, Zim ...

Maybe we'll let Dad pick. They're both so cool, you can't go wrong!

We're going to get Mom and Dad to wear them the day of the hike, so we can pretend we're walking right along with all our pals! Good luck to the hikers and volunteers!

Play bows!


  1. Those are both really cool shirts!! I like the one with the grey and shite Sibe on it!


  2. Maybe you will go for a big hike the day of the hike while your mom and dad are wearing their shirts. Then it will really seem like you're there!

    Steve and Kat

  3. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Wooo!!! I love both of the shirts. I.. well mom.. really likes the blue shirt with the logo on it!!! Hey.. that reminds me... I need to go put her credit card to good use...
    HUGS handsome ZIMMIE!

  4. Those are cool shirts! I like them both so much, I'm going to have to dig out The Mom's plastic card again..........

    I'll be hiking!!

  5. Cool T-Shirts for a good cause! Do you guys wear T-shirts too?
    Those weather pictures in your last post truely look like they are from another planet.
    Jazz and Dixie

  6. your parents are going to look SO cool at that hike!!! I dont know which one I would pick!

  7. Wow, I missed a blogging opportunity....my humans shirts came when mom was away last week. Dad didn't tell me so I could tell you all about them! I will have to give him the claw later!

    -Kelsey Ann

  8. What cool shirts those are!
    My sister Tashi designed the one with the cartoon husky in hiking boots. She's so talented, but still in rehab.


  9. Holly: They're both so cool!

    Steve & Kat: Yeah, that would be COOL!

    Sitka: Dave likes the blue one a lot, too. Blue is his favorite color. Bee-roo-tiful Sitka!

    Dakota: You get to go to the hike!?!? That is SO cool! We'd love to go!!!

    Jazz & Dixie: Shirts wouldn't last real long on us, I'm afraid. We have more than enough of a coat on already... and we'd try to eat them, I'm sure! Glad you liked Am's weather pix - aren't they COOL!!??

    Joe: Unfortunately, we can't GO to the hike - nor can our parents! It's over 1200 miles from here. We'll all be there in spirit, though!

    Kelsey Ann: Which shirts did your bipeds get?

    Meeshka: I didn't know you have a sister! And a talented artist, at that! We really love that Sibe with the boots --- very cool!

    Play bows,