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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Leopole the Bold

Ha roo, pups, it's me - Stormy! Our friend Louka left a comment for us the other day in reference to a certain cartoon character the boys thought I resemble. He was really kind and said, "Oh and Stormy, don't worry about the comparison that Dave made. That other character is really cool! I mean look at him, he's omnipresent! Being everywhere at once is really cool! Oh and I met him in real life too and I wanted to go say hello, but for some reason mommy objected. He looked really nice, though." Isn't Louka sweet? He really helped bail the boys out, if you ask me. And too bad he didn't get to meet the real you-know-who up close and person - uh, Siberianal! I don't know why his mom wouldn't let him!

That story reminded me that a couple Springs ago, we had a little visitor in our yard. I love little puppies and other fuzzy things and have a very strong maternal instinct and I thought he looked like a sweet little kitten or something and please, oh, please, can't I bring him in and raise him as my own? Here he is on the retaining wall by our Snowball bush.

Mom followed him around and took some pictures. Here he is, after he made his way down the wall.

Hi! Do you know Stormy? She said I could live here!

For some reason, like Louka's mom, our mom wouldn't let me adopt or even play with this wee little babe. We named him Leopole the Bold. Sadly for me, Mom and Dad hired an Animal Control Officer who put some humane "live traps" in our yard; he caught little Leopole after a few days and released him out in the country where he'd previously released the mama and other babies he caught next door.

I don't see what the harm would have been to let me raise him as my very own.

Tail wags,


  1. Stormy, you definitely wouldn't want to be close to that little fuzzy fellow. Your family would not want you around them, PeeU!! I can see why your mommy called the Animal Control Officer. I hear tomato juice does not always help.

  2. Wow!! I would have loved to play with that cute fuzzy girl. And two stripes instead of one!! Oh, to have one of my own. :-( Dad never gets me any fuzzy friends like that.

  3. For a second there, I thought that was Kat!


  4. What a cute and fluffy critter! You would have done a great job raising him Stormy! And he looks like he has a Siberian tail, so he would have fit in nicely! Too bad your mom didn't want any more babies for you!


  5. I still think those fuzzy things look really interesting. you would have been a good mom to it, Stormy! My mom doesn't call animal control because she suspects that there's a whole colony in our neighbourhood. She and I are the only ones of the family to have seen them, though. Granny's really mean about it! She says that if we get too close to one, we won't be allowed back in the house and we'll have to sleep in the garage! I think she's a little racist against the black and white things.

  6. ooooh not sure what that fuzzy boy was.....we don't get things like that here in bonnie Scotland.....

    perhaps it was a live Sporran!

    ha ha ha! love from Marv xxxxxx

  7. My papa used a trap like that to catch a baby groundhog once. He said he was very frightened when he first saw the groundhog while we were all out in the yard, but I do not think it would have hurt us.

  8. I like you'all little friend. I bet he would have been fun to play with. I wonder if he had squeaky inside?
    Missy agrees with the wet grass thing. Last night it rained really hard and Missy just would not get her feet wet.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  9. Mom and dad had one of those when it was a wee baby but that was way before me. They're cute but kinda stinky.

    Love ya lots,

  10. It's Pepe Le Pew!! We've always wanted to eat one of them.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  11. Hey Stormy - I haven't met one of those striped guys yet but my Mama Sissy has! Mom said after Sissy tried to play with the little critter last week, she ended up smelling REALLLLLY BAD! Hmmmm.....That's not a nice way to greet someone.

  12. You would have been a good mom to that funny looking cat. But I do hear that they are smelly.


  13. Wow Storm, your Momma got real close to that little critter. I saws one a few months ago, but Mom made me turn away and said I was stinky enough as it is and that I didn't need that guy to stink me up more!!! Hmmm...now that I think about it, that wasn't very nice of her to say that!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  14. General got a mouthful of the spray from one of those critters once. Boy did he ever stink and boy was he ever sick! YUCK! yea, they are cute, very....far.....away....

  15. What a cute little guy! None of us here has ever seen one in real life. Are they common around your area?
    Jazz and Dixie

  16. We had one like that. Sgt. Preston took point and dispatched the infiltrator before it had a chance to fire its stink bomb. Sgt Preston should get a medal for that one.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  17. well that guy almost kind of looks like a boston terrier, I dont understand why he couldn't live with you?!

  18. Oh that fellow look furry and cute. Why can't you play with him? If I came visit you Stormy will you keep me too?

    ~ girl girl

  19. I've never seen anything like that before. I have seen porcupines though.

    When I first got to my furever home, we would go to visit my Dad's parents. They had a bichon frise named Baron (he's gone over he rainbow bridge now... sorry, had to grab a tissue). He told me about the litter of those things that had lived in his yard when my Dad was a boy.

    Kelsey Ann

  20. I dont get the hooman, why they always stop us from doing this and that?? why cant we have our own pet???

    Not fair!!

  21. Cosmos: But ... I could have TRAINED him not to be a little stinker!

    Rocky: Isn't Leopole darling? I just don't see what the problem was!

    Steve: Does Kat know you're saying these things about her??

    Holly: Thank roo! You totally understand, don't you!??! He would have fit right in!

    Louka: He would have made a GREAT addition to our pack!! I can't believe your granny is a species-ist!

    Oh Marvin! You silly puppy! That is NOT a live Sporran, that's a skunk! Maybe you don't get skunks in Scotland?

    Magnum: Before we got Leopole, we caught a baby possum (he was cute, too!) and accidentally got the neighbor's cat! The ACO put real stinky cat food in there as bait -- I guess Luke from next door just couldn't resist!
    I'll bet your groundhog was cute - did he know Punxy Phil?

    Maya Marie: I don't think he had a squeaky!

    Maggie: Was it your parents' pet? The ACO told Mom that his wife had one de-skunked and that he couldn't tell her about this cute, little guy, for fear she'd want another one. What would be the problem with that!?!?

    Sherman, Lola & Penny: Eat one!?!? No! Don't hurt the skunk-puppy!!!

    Echo: Ooooh, yes, I heard about Sissy getting up close and Siberian with one. Maybe it just got scared? I'm sure this little guy wouldn't have done that to me! ...would he?

    Tasha & Eva: I could have adopted him and raised him as my own!!!

    Ruby: The nice ACO man taught Mom a lot about how to follow the skunk-puppy around without scaring it and getting sprayed. She was able to get really close to him without any problems!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I could have taught Leopole not to do that to anypup, I think. I mean ... I housebroke Amber & Zim, how much harder could it be?

    Jazz & Dixie: They are fairly common here, but usually don't come around people. His mama had her litter under our neightbors' porch; I think she was looking for a safe spot away from coyotes and other wild animals.

    D'Azuls: SGT Preston didn't hurt it, did he?!?! Don't hurt the fuzzy animals!!!

    Joe Stains: Ha roo roo roo! The ACO said he fit right in with me and Dave!

    Girl Girl: I love little furry things! I would take good care of you -- but I would have to be careful to keep you away from my pack-mates!

    Kelsey Ann: I've never seen a porcupine!

    Ben Ben: I know! It's not fair, is it!?!?

    Tail wags,

  22. Geez, the humans ruin all our fun.

  23. Sasha: I would have taken VERY good care of him!
    Tail wags,

  24. YIKES -

    Your human is brave to be that near a smelly skunk!! Woo Hoo - we give them a wide berth in our neighborhood!

    Have a happy day -

    Dory and Mac

  25. Poor Stormy! You could have had a best friend!

  26. Dory & Mac: Mom is kind of goofy sometimes ... but at least she takes some cool pictures!

    Cubby: I know! I could have raised him to be a very nice little skunkling!

    Tail wags,

  27. You say you have a strong maternal instinct. If you have that fellow around, you would have strong "out stink"!

  28. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Wow! What a find to have seen in your yard. I am glad he did not spray you with their stinky scent!!