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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Salute - Hike N Howl!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes to everyone teaming up for the big Hike N Howl 2007!

The Hike N Howl is a fund-raiser being held on the 1st of September at the Norristown Farm Park in Norristown, Pennsylvania. You may have noticed the logo over in our sidebar! It is sponsored by the Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues: Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, and the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue. They are pulling together (... Northern Breeds ... pulling together ... a little sled dog humor! Hee hee hee!) for this event to help support the dogs assisted by all three groups. They have scheduled a day full of fun, with the hike itself, Canine Good Citizen testing, a mushing demonstration, Northern Breed fur spinning demonstration, and much, much more! Various vendors will be there, plus fooooood booths, and prizes & raffles! They're also going to have a great parade of alumni pups from the 3 rescue groups! Won't that be special!!?!??!

We can't attend the hike, as we're about 1200 miles or so from Norristown ... but there are ways we can participate! This week, we sent our mom and dad a mind meld message about sponsoring somepuppy who is hiking! That's right! You can make a pledge/donation to one of the hikers! You can see some of these great pups at these links, with info about how to sponsor them. It was hard for us to decide who to sponsor, as so many friends of ours are hiking! Indy will be there, and Sasha, Xia will be cheering everypup on from the sidelines! ... and Echo, Shilo, Magnum, Kelsey Ann ... and MORE! How could we choose? We had Mom mail our check to the pup we've known the longest and who has a striking resemblance to our very own Dave. We really wanted to do this for our special pal - Harley is like a member of our own family, since he's Dave's "twin brother of a different mother"! Ha roo roo roo! (Hey Harley ... supersize me! Woo!)

Harley with an award he received after helping his mom with an MS fund-raiser!

We are also going to grab Mom's plastic card and get a cool tee shirt with the Hike N Howl logo on it! Check them out! Aren't they great!?!? You can get one, too, and all proceeds go to the Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues!

Please follow some of the links we posted to learn more about this great fund-raiser and how you can get involved! Good luck to all three of the rescue groups and to the hikers themselves -- and for those of you within driving distance of Norristown, PA, have a wonderful time at the Hike N Howl. Oooh, hey... maybe our friends at Team Husky are going? Hey, Summer and Prince? Would you be willing to pick us up in your jet? Are we on the way from New Zealand to Pennsylvania?

To all of the great volunteers involved in the Hike N Howl - Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, and the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue - for raising funds and caring for pups in need, for putting on such a fun, educational event, and for ALL you do, we salute you!

The Army of Four

PS: Go, Harley, GO!


  1. We sure wish we could be there too! This is such a great event, and it would be so cool to meet so many fellow doggie bloggers! I did already sponsor a "few" of the pups! Hope mom doensn't check her plastic statement too closely when it comes in the mail!!

    Awesome salute!!


  2. That is a great post you Four! I have been supporting you in my own Scottish way....yesterday I was hiking....and today I have been howling!

    "as to Ammy's question ....."how much does the River Earn?".....the answer is......wait for it.......the river earn......ooh I need to think about the darn anser there.....tell Ammy she is way to clever for her head!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the salute. I can't wait for the hike! I am running a close second to Brandi with the MaPaw pledges. I want to win the big prize. I will be taking mom out to go door to door when it cools down a little.

    -Kelsey Ann

  4. Haroo A04!!!

    I've just got back from my big race and I'm so so tired.

    I got your email that said to check your blog.....we so want to be there - Mom said we can't afford to go:( She said something about it costing a lot of money to operate the jet but if we could we sure would fly by your place and pick you up on the way.

    Mom really wants to go too...she hates living so far away from all you cool puppies and MaPaw.

    How long do you think it would take for the tank to get here? Can it swim?

    Woo Woos

  5. Can your Mom drop our Momma an email with the instructions for adding the search button to our side bar? She's been trying to add it and can't get it to function. Sometimes our Momma is a little tech stupid.

    Our email is ep_Tasha_Eva at yahoo.com

    Thank woo,

  6. Woh the hike & howl looks like a great event

    ~ girl girl

  7. Thanks for the great post! I actually am sort of looking forward to the hike, even though they're making me hike.

  8. Oh cool! Thanks for posting about this! Wow, Harley looks a LOT like Dave! I'm sorry you guys are so far away, I would love to meet you!

  9. Holly: Wouldn't it be great to be there!?!? You're so sweet to sponsor some of the hikers! (and you're bee-woo-tiful, too!)

    Marvin: Hiking and howling! Ha wooooo! Good one, Marvin!
    Amber really tickles me with her jokes. She's clever, isn't she?

    Kelsey Ann: Oh, that's a great idea to go door to door! Who could say "no" to a beautiful Siberian??? We'll be there in spirit!

    Prince: Sadly, Storm said not only would the tank sink, but it would take forever to get to New Zealand in it even if we could make it swim. CATS! That would have been so cool!

    T & E: Will do, but Mom had lots of problems and had to go around the back door, so to woo, to get it to display in the sidebar!

    Girl Girl: Doesn't it look cool!??! I wish I could go! I'd love to hike alongside my twin brother of a different mother!

    Sasha: Think of all the homeless pups you'll help with the money you raise!

    Indy: We do look a lot alike, don't we? Except Harley is lots taller than me! It'd be awesome to meet you! (Amber would especially like that! Woo.)

    Good luck to all the hikers!

  10. Woo! Tanks (get it....tanks?) for the shout out guys (and grrrls)! And Woo to You for sponsoring one of us. It doesn't matter who.....the money all goes to the same place and that's all that matters.

  11. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Oh yes, I wish we could go too! What a great Salute!!!

  12. Echo: Tanks for understanding. Wooo, you're a punny guy! :) We wish we could sponsor everypuppy!

    Sitka: That would be so cool, wouldn't it?