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Friday, August 17, 2007

Guess Where I Got To Go?

Hey pupper-duppers! It's me - Zim. Guess where I got to go yesterday? To the vet's! It was really cool! I saw all the nice ladies at the Admissions desk, play bowed at a cute little girl Pug in the waiting room, then met my senior student, Ami! She was real nice and was patient with me while I got comfy with her. I'm a real friendly guy, but it takes me a little while to warm up to female bipeds. It's because of the rough start I had. Nothing personal!

Guess who came in to help her with the exam!!??!? BETH! We all love Beth - she's a very cool Vet Tech who's really great with us and always asks about the whole Army of Four and she is owned by Border Collies! Here I am, hanging out with Beth in the exam room:

They don't make me get on the table or anything - we just all goof around on the floor. I put about 100 sticky-rollers worth of Sibe fur all over Beth, Ami and Dr. Nelson's black slacks before all was said and done. Ha roo roo roo! I'm a Siberian; sharing my fur with everyone comes naturally to me.

I had to do a couple "holding real still" things, while they listened to my heart and lungs, checked my eyes and ears and teeth, and did other stuff. That went pretty well. They also had to take some of my blood for my Heartworm test and to run a CBC. Mom fed me cookies the whole time, so I held back my blood from my back leg after they found the vein, just so they'd have to keep trying. Eventually they switched to the front leg and hit pay-dirt there. I figure I got about 2500 extra cookies that way. Ha roo roo roo. Pretty good, huh?

Here I am with Ami:

Ooooh, is that a cookie, Ami?

Thank roo!

Do you pups understand now why we all love going to the vet's? They all come down to our level and make us feel so comfortable and give us COOKIES! Dr. Nelson gave me a few, too, just because I was so good. She says we shouldn't have to sit or anything for our cookies there because we have enough challenges. Wow, is she nice! Mom says we should sit anyway. Hrmph!

I got to schmooze the ladies at Discharge, too; I love seeing them! And I saw Dr. Riegel there - he's done dentals on Dave, Storm and me AND just recently on a Siberian TIGER! WOWZERS! (When they put that story up on the website, we'll link to it! What an incredible experience for him! And the whole Teaching Hospital!) Mom asked him which he liked working on best, Siberian Tigers or Siberian Huskies; he said it was a loaded question. He probably didn't want to offend the tiger. Ha roo roo roo!

All-in-all, a great day for me, the Z-man. Everypuppy sure was happy to see me when I got home, and sniffed me over real well. I told them all about it and we played zoomies in the living room for a while. I had fun at the vet's, but it was great to get home!

Play bows, everypup!


  1. Wow! Cookies! My vet doesn't really give me cookies. Well, sometimes. And he makes me get up on the table. But that's ok. I don't mind the vet's, but I find it a bit boring. Now if I had all those nice ladies to pet me and all those cookies, I might change my mind!

    By the way, did any of them smell like siberian tiger? That must have been so amazing for them. And maybe a bit scary! Those things are huge and have bigger teeth than we siberian huskies.

    You lucky dog,

  2. Whew. That wasn't so bad I guess. I have to get on that stupid table that moves up and down. I don't like that at all. Down isn't so bad but up never means anything good. Pretty darn clever making them work for that blood! I'll have to try that one! I wonder if it's the law that all vet's offices have a Pug in the waiting room. There's one where I go too. She teases me alot and then stands just out of my reach and barks at me. She lives at our Vet's house.

  3. Our vet has cookies too! That's the one GOOD think about going there!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Zimmers,

    Your Vet looks like a fun place to visit! It is nice having people come down to you I bet, instead of being on the up/down table. I didn't want to be on that table the other day AT ALL, and starting scooting down off, till my dad scooped me back on full ways. I won't eat the cookies they offer, I just want to go home NOW thank you. No Cookies...Just get the car please. If the vets did come down on the floor and sit, I would be standing on two feets trying to give kisses, they might not get much exam done.

    Frankie Girl

  5. Wow...sounds like you have great vet-people!!! I like my vet too...I just get real scared sometimes.

    Glad you are a healthy boy Zim...

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. .Wow, your vets office sounds really great like the new one mom and dad started taking us to. Mom keeps asking for the frequency discount since we've all been there numerous times and also numerous foster and transport pups.

    -Kelsey Ann

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Wow Zimmers... looks like you had a fun day. I went to the vet today too. Mom had not planned on it however. Maybe I should change to your vet because mine doesn't get on the floor with me.
    HUGS handsome,

  8. I always get cookies at the vets too! Although they always comment on how big I am, they give them too me anyway! Mom reminds them I'm not "starving to death" any more!

    Hope all your tests come out good!


  9. Zimmie, how nice your vet is! All those yummy cookies. They try to give us treats at the vets, but we're just too nervous to eat them. Stupid table is weird. we now go to the same vet that Echo does - we've met the cat there, but not the pug. The cat is a real tough guy who's all white & has blue eyes like Shiloh.

  10. Aslo very good of you to share your fur. We make sure to leave loads of fur everywhere we go - it's a rule for Sibes and we follow the rules - most of the time.

  11. you dogs are the only we know that LIKES the vet! I get so so scared!!

  12. Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 11:26 AM
    Subject: Newfs of Hazmat spilling over Manhattan!

    Hey! I just got a phone call that they "probably" want me to be there this Sunday morning. I'll arrive, put my pups in Wildcat Pet Resort, and report for work. I'll have Monday and Tuesday free until about 11:30 am (I get off after midnight, so I wont be up at 6 am), then Weds I return to KC so I'm more flexible. Monday or Tuesday might be a good time to introduce some pups so that if it doesn't work we still have time later (if you want to introduce dogs at all). Let me know when you're free! Weds am we could meet for Sibe-tinis

  13. oh my dogness! your vet is sooo much better than mine! my vet makes me ride up and down on the slickery-elevator-table-of-doom and i dont get any cookies from her at all.

    i haf to say that you are very brave indeedy to hold back your blood and make them poke you more times just so you got more cookies. i hate getting poked!

  14. Hi Guys!

    My name is Koobuss. I just found your blog and I think it is pretty neat. I love all the stuff you have on it, especially the weather stuff! That is so cool. I'd love to have that on mine!

    Great job at the vet's!

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  15. Did you get to eat lunch after your vet visit? Your mom should have taken you to Sonic or something!!


  16. Sounds like you guys have the greatest vet in the world! Cookies and lots of attention. Very cool, indeed! Makes going to the vet worthwile. Belly rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  17. Oh Zim - I am so pleased everything went ok for you at the V.E.T.s.....

    And they look real kind and nice people there. My V.E.T.s (sorry I have to spell it out, the actual word freaks me out a wee bit!)....are lovely too. So kind and real nice to me, I get biscuits too.

    Love and many licks, your friend Marvin xxxxx

  18. I'm glad you had a good time at the nice vet! I have to go Monday.

  19. Louka: I didn't smell tiger on anyone there, but I DID smell cookies. I know just where they keep them and go stare at the jar on the counter. HA ROO!

    Echo: I don't think I've ever been on the table - except for when I was sleeping for my neuter operation and my dental. Our vets are REALLY cool about that! They know it's scary for us!
    There's a Pug at your vet's, too!? The one I saw was really sweet. I liked her!

    Maggie: From what me and my brother and sisters have seen, all our vets do is give you cookies, massages, and tell you how handsome or pretty you are. And hug you a lot, if you're Dave. It's really pretty cool. I don't have a clue what else they do.

    Frankie: You wouldn't eat the cookies? Hmm. That table must be mighty scary!

    Ruby: I'm glad you like your vets, too! That's the way it should be!

    Kelsey Ann: Our mom has asked for a group discount, too! Hasn't gotten anywhere with it yet!

    Sitka: Your Esophagitis thingy sounds scary!!! Are you feeling better now?

    Holly: Dave says you're just the RIGHT size!
    All my tests were good! At first, they said I wasn't concentrating my urine. Well, no offense, but how am I supposed to concentrate on my urine if Ami is following me around with a ladle? Mom took a "first catch of the day" the next morning at 0415 (I wanted to get an early start!) - and that one was fine. It's easier to concentrate if it's just Mom and Dad. That sample was "normal", which made Mom VERY happy. She gets excited over the strangest things!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Does the cat stare at you? How creepy!
    Stormy told me it's one of the Laws of Siberians to shed like crazy at the vet's. I do EVERYTHING Stormy tells me to do!

    Joe Stains: I'll bet you'd like our vets! They work overtime making you feel at ease!

    Newfies: Email sent to your dad!

    Ivy: When you're eating cookies, you can't even FEEL the pokes! I wonder if they plan that on purpose? You should ask your vet for cookies next time. You're so bee-roo-tiful, I don't see how anyone could resist!

    Koobuss: Hey! Thanks for visiting! We'll stop by your place to say "ha roo" shortly!

    Steve: SONIC! Why didn't I think of that!?!?!? You're smart, Steve! We just came straight home. I should have ha-rooed to you first!

    Tasha & Eva: We DO have the best vets in the world! And they're training future vets to be the best in the world, too!!!

    Marvin: Mom just stands by the door and says, "I'm going to the vets; who wants to come!?!?" and we come running! We love going there!

    Cubby: Good luck Monday! Hope all goes well for you, pal!

    Play bows,

  20. Wow Zim. You guys really do have nice vets. Maybe we should change ours! We don't get anything from the vet for being good puppies only told that we and mum are too fat!! But mum always slips us a little treat for being brave girls.
    Jazz and Dixie