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Friday, August 03, 2007

Morning Walk - Storm and Dave Detective Service

Ha roo, pups! Storm here! In order to somewhat "beat the heat" here, we've been doing our morning walk earlier in the day. As Dave explained back in January, in the mornings, Dad usually runs the redheads, then he and I help Mom find them! It's really cool. Well, as cool as something can get when it's hot and humid outside. Ha roo roo roo.

Here we are from a couple mornings ago, coming down the hill near the entrance to the trail:

Dave on the left, me on the right.

As you can see, my fuzzy undercoat looks great - the guard hairs just haven't come back yet! I sure do feel good these days, though!

When we got to the entrance to the trail, Dave said he thought he saw them coming. I was doing something important, so he was the first to spot them.

Storm! We found them! Here they come!

Great. Hey, look, there's a bug on the sidewalk!

Mom could barely see them, but she has learned to believe us when we say someone's coming. She took a shot down the trail with the camera:

Can you see Dad and the redheads coming!?!?

Here they are!

Zim, Dad and Ammy

We did find them! We're so good at this!

I hope all of you are getting your exercise in while it's (relatively) cool and have as much fun on your walks or runs as we do!

Tail wags,


  1. Stormy you fur looks great! What kind of bug did you find? Our mornings are so hot and humid, we don't want to go out today. We're hoping for a car ride with the a/c on.

    That's good your mom has learned to believe you'all that your dad and the reds are coming. They must send you some sort of doggy signals.

    My mom wants to know how you'all walk with just collars on with your leash? Me and Missy have to wear a harness and we each have a double leash that hooks to the harness and to our collar for double control b/c we pull so much. She is just amazed and she told us to look at the pictures and see how we're supposed to walk.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. It's not cool here at any time of day! You are lucky. But it's cool in the house so sometimes I like to lay in the sun and warm up before cooling off in the AC.

  3. When I go for walks, I have my called and a choke collar or a prong collar. I'm so strong that I will inadvertantly cause MY Human to hurt her shoulder.

  4. That's so fun that you guys can do that! I bet you're really good at finding.

    My mommy takes me out early (for her) but that's my short walk. She's actually taking me for my long walk either much later in the day when it's cooled off quite a bit, or she takes me to the mountain where it's nice and shady.

    By the way, Dave, your purple leash and collar are way cool. My collar is purple too! My leash was, but now I have a new leather leash, so it's just brown. It's really cool that you're all colour coded like that!

  5. It's such a good idea to take a walk before it gets too hot!

    Glad you found the redheads!

    -Kelsey Ann

  6. Storm, your coat looks bewootiful! By the time you really need it, it'll be fluffy again. It's very hot here in PA too. It's nearly 100 degrees right now. BLAH.

  7. We haven't gone on a walk in days, AND the humans are leaving us for the weekend, so it's not like we'll get to go to the dog park or anything. Sigh.

  8. You don't even have detective coats yet you find them every day? You are IMPRESSIVE!

  9. Stormy! Wow, you found the bug and Dad (with Dave's help of course)! Maybe you can help Dad find my car keys? (He's allowed to drive it from time to time). Stay cool! Love Rock.

    Ps. Nana says that 69-70 degrees is too cold inside here and has to walk around in a sweater. What's that all about?

  10. Yes, luckily dad takes us every morning he gets home from work, at about 7 a.m. It's still pretty humid sometimes, but at least the heat isn't bad yet. I still get sorta grumpy though when I've decided I'm done, then I pull him all the way home so I can get a cold drink and lay in the a/c!


  11. Stormy, we're happy that you're getting your fur back. When they shaved my leg, I was worried that all the other dogs would look at me funny. But Momma told me that I was still beautiful.


  12. Sounds like a habit Mum should get into with us! She needs the excersise and so do we!


  13. Maya Marie: Thank roo! Mom has learned to trust our senses over her own. I mean - she's a biped, we're Siberians. Who would you trust!?!?
    The bug was a July - oh, no! Scratch that. It was an August bug. Ha roo roo roo!
    We wear limited slip collars and do a lot of walking and training. We try not to pull too hard unless there's something important, like a loose dog or something.

    Cubby: "Cool" is also a relative term here!

    Lex: You're a VERY big, strong guy!

    Louka: We don't have mountains here, but they sound fun! Maybe after Zim gets the ocean he wants, we could look into getting a mountain!
    We all are color-coded so Mom and Dad don't say, "Here, take Zim" and someone takes the wrong leash and someone gets loose. Does that make sense? So if they say, "Here, take Zim", they know they mean the blue leash! And green for Ammy, purple for Davy, and RED, the power color, for me!

    Kelsey Ann: Some days we have to go at 0530, but we always go!

    Echo: Thank roo! You're right -- a BIG "BLAH" to 100-degree temps!

    Sasha: Can Meeshka file a law suit against your bipeds for that?

    Joe: If we had cool detective coats like you, imagine how much quicker we'd find them!

    Rocky: We kind of wear built-in sweaters all the time, if you think about it!
    I could probably help your dad find the car keys. One time at Ft. Riley, Mom lost the house key while we were on a walk. We re-traced our steps to look for it -- and guess who found it, about a mile from the house!?!? Yep - me! After that, she hooked the key to my collar because I'm more responsible than she is. Maybe you should be in charge of your dad's keys!

    Holly: That's really sweet of your dad! It's been humid here, too. What's with THAT?!!?

    Tasha & Eva! Your mama is VERY sweet! Please give her a gentle lick on the nose for me!!!

    Nugget: Us canines are the BEST work-out buddies a biped could have! We're always willing to GO!
    You changed your profile photo! It looks really cute!

    Tail wags,

  14. Yes, we do get walks. We have started morning walks and very late evening walks. So basically we do our walks when it is barely light outside. It's great because that's when the bunnies are out!!

    Steve and Kat

  15. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Woo Stormy! Don't you just love a good investigation, ha roo! I wish I had a pup pal to walk with mom and I. Humm... one day maybe :)