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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Salute - Pippin!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our very good friend Pippin!

Just over a week ago marked a rather special 1-year anniversary in Pippin's blogging life -- last year Pippin almost stopped blogging! (Gasp!) As she said, "... I'd been blogging for a pretty long time and never got a single comment. So, my person and me decided that maybe we should focus more time on learning flyball than on blogging about it, so we said sayonara. We'd joined Dogs with Blogs a few months before that--I'm dog #59 (who would have guessed there'd be such an exponential rise in dog bloggers to almost 600 now!). And suddenly all these doggies came to the blog and left me a message and I looked at Chuck's page and his Opy had come up with Paw-It-Forward. I was the dog who was going to quit--sad but true. And suddenly, we had so many friends and we keep getting more. And, that's another way of looking at family." We are SO glad Pippin stuck it out - and so glad the Dogs With Blogs community helped her out! (Way to go, Charlie & Opy!)

We display the Paw It Forward randomizer in our sidebar, but here it is again:

Why not use it to stop in and say "ha roo" to a pup you haven't visited yet? It might be just what that blogger needs to keep going!

We've learned a lot from Pippin and her flock about Border Collies and what makes them so very special! (That link is to one of our very favorite posts!) We love to read about their pack dynamics (to include their interaction with Pippin's extended flock), their everyday lives, and we love to watch how they herd sheep! In fact, here's Pippin in action!

Pippin herding sheep - what a beautiful sight!

Pippin and Miss Tansy having a sing-along! We bet the girls sound great together!

And here's her brother Hamish having a go at the sheep!

Wow! Border Collies are the perfect combination of smart and FAST! Here's a close up of Hamish:

The very handsome Hamish Braeburn Moy

Border Collies work hard, so they need to rest hard, too! Here are Hamish and Pippin, kicking back at home.

Hamish & Pip

Hmm... another picture with Hamish in it. Gee... I wonder who's in charge of photos for today's post?

Did you say you wanted another picture of Hamish?


(Sigh...) I do love a man in uniform!

(Note to self: Put more thought into who uploads the pix for the Sunday Salute.)

We love Pippin's blog and are so happy she stuck it out! Pippin, thank you for sharing the wonderful world of Border Collies with us, the every day antics of you and your flock-mates, and the great stories, pictures and videos of you guys herding! You've taught us so very much about those things & more ... and perhaps the best lesson of all - the power of friendship!

Left to right: Kyzer (front), Renzo, Miss Tansy, Hamish, Rafe ... and PIPPIN!

Pippin, for all you do ... we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. GREAT Sunday Salute Army!

    These Boder Collies are mar-vah-lous creatures. GREAT DOGGIES!

    We Stand and Salute you Pippin today.

    Thanks for keepin Bloggin, we are still new and learning things on it every day. You must be the resident PRO!

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Lab

  2. Hey, hey Ao4--I, and my flock, are quite humbled by your Sunday Salute. Thanks so much and we stand and salute you right back.

    Pippin and the flock

  3. What a wonderful salute to some great working dogs! I would love to herd sheep, but doubt I would do such a good job as Pippin and her flock!


  4. Harrrrrr
    Lisa the Mean said it takes a lot of foucus to heard animals like sheep and other things Great Salute
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  5. what an awesome salute, we are going to spend some time visiting some new dogs today because it is TOO HOT to do anything else but sit inside in the AC.

    hope you guys are having a cooler weekend.

  6. Great salute! We just love Pippin and her pack. But the, we love all of the DWBers.

  7. Great Salute AO4! We love Border Collies like our Neighbor Celidh (she's a cutie too). -Rocky

  8. Hi guys (& girls)!!!

    How do we add the PAW IT FORWARD
    DOG BLOG RANDOMIZER to the sidebar on our blog? Mom had a go adding it as a page element but wasn't sure which of the options she should be choosing.

    Summer xxxx

  9. Haroo A04

    How do we add a link with a picture (logo) to our page elements? Mom knows how to add a photo or a link but not both all in one. We want to add the 'Dogs With Blogs' logo and a few others.

    Woo Woos

  10. Great Sunday Salute. It was interesting to read about the whole flock. We have a couple of Border Collie friends here and boy are they smart!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Pippin sure is a pretty dog. I think border collies are really hard working doggies

    ~ Girl girl

  12. oooooh that was a wonderful Sunday Salute. My Jeannie always feels sooooo sorry when dog blogs don't get any comments, as we know what hard work goes into keeping a Dog Blog!

    We have just been over and said Hi to Pippin! What a lovely Blog, and wonderful pictures of all of them, including Hamish (we liked him 'cos of his Scottish name and handsome Collie looks.....(Blush, blush, and more blush......either my Mum or Dad was a border Collie!!!!!)

    We will try and call in more often to read about Pippin's adventures.

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  13. I love that Pippin!

  14. Hmmm.....would this be the same Pippin that Guinness is so fond of? What a talented pup! Thanks for introudicing them to us.

  15. Frankie & Maddie: Pippin and her flock are so cool, aren't they?

    Pippin: We're so glad you liked your Salute! You all sure deserve it!

    Holly: Herding sheep would be great fun! I'm not so sure about listening to the bipeds and doing what they say ... but running around is fun!

    Mav: BCs are highly focused, aren't they!? And SMART!

    Joe: Great idea!!!
    ... and no, it's been in the "over 100s" here. Yuck.

    Dachsies: Good point! We love all the DWBers, too!!!

    Rocky: You have a BC neighbor? That's cool! We've seen one on our walks, but from across the busy street, so we've never been able to meet her. Or him.

    Summer & Prince: If you go to http://www.dogswithblogs.com.au/pawitforward.htm, Greg's got the code written out there. Then go to "add a page element" and choose the "HTML/Java Script" option. Upload it there. It should come up with the link and the picture! Let us know if it works OK?!?

    Jazz & Dixie: We love learning more about other breeds! We've learned a LOT from Pippin & her flock!

    GG: Pretty and SMART! A great combo!

    Marvin: Yeah... I can see some Border Collie in you! How cool!
    If Zim was a BC, he'd be a lot like Hamish. :)

    Cubby: Me, too! She's so cool!

    Echo: I think Sibes and BCs have a lot in common! And our ancestors used to herd reindeer! Amber is a good herder!

    Tail wags,